Divine Moon…

The moon, a celestial beauty,

Vibrant and unapologetically pretty,

Surrounded by stars,

Yet standing far apart.

A light in darkness,

Propelling away sadness,

Bringing in happiness,

And loads of brightness.

Different phases,

Of an illuminous YOU,

I peek through windows,

To get a glimpse of you.

Adoring you from far,

Sometimes feels bizarre,

Cause you’re a fleeting glory,

That emerges from the dark!

Pic courtesy : Facebook

Resin art..

So finally i decided to make some art using resin by watching YouTube videos. Resin is a chemical which comes along with a hardener liquid. We need to mix both these in 1:1 ratio, stir it and then pour it into moulds and keep it minimum for 12 hours for setting.

Got my supplies ready, bought some pendents as moulds and kick started to doing my art. I was so excited to start doing it as I’ve been watching these videos for quite some time.

So, done with the pendents works yesterday and today i was very excited to unmould it after a long 12 hour wait.

So, finally, the end products, well here’s it.

It turned out okay, not great though but as its a first time attempt trying to do it, I’m happy and satisfied.

Will try getting good at it hopefully.


‘I want to hear’,

‘I want to speak’,

‘I want to see’,

said she….

She was opressed,

She was denied from all of the three,

The rules were different for her and he,

Would she be free?

Would she heal?

The answers to these,

Are yet to be revealed.

Till then a fear,

Lurks in real,

She’s got a lot to deal.

Only if anyone could feel,

Her ordeal,

And her everyday struggles,

To procure one square meal.

Pic courtesy : Google.


Lockdowns going on, people losing their jobs daily, money crunches, covid deaths, if all this isn’t bad enough then what is??

And nowadays the continuous news of people committing suicides on the rise, especially celebrities as only that seems to hog the limelight whereas the middle class suicide cases are brushed off or not given much importance! Whatever it is and whoever it may be, a death is a death. A life is lost.

Its so sad to know that people are taking their own lives. Now please do not say its a cowardly act and all of that, though i too do not support suicide but as long as we aren’t in their shoes no one has a right to comment as to why they took this step. They have their own reasons for taking that drastic step so just pray that their souls get peace wherever they are.

What makes me wonder is that out of a billion people in this planet, didn’t they have anyone they could talk to?? Or was there no one who could just listen to them without any judgment or advising?? Then what are we so proud of having friends whom we call, ‘besties’ or ‘best friends’. Parents, friends, relatives, no one worth talking to???

What are we becoming??? A bunch of self centred, selfish people who prefer to be with others at times of happiness and send emojis that too fake ones. Where are we during other’s sad times ?

Just read another case of a bhojpuri actress who took up her life. What she said in her suicide letter is the harsh reality of today.

‘No one really cares. If you tell anyone about your problems and suicidal tendencies everyone prefers to stay away and have no contact with them further or say not to drag them into any of these. No one is a friend so don’t tell anyone your problems and no one is worthy of trusting . ‘

This was just a gist of the letter but isn’t it true in the real sense? Well she has her own experiences and thats what made her write that. But don’t we all or haven’t we too felt this way sometimes or many times in our lives? We all (mostly all) are hypocrites. We tell others that we’ll be there always and vanish without a trace when they need us. That’s how most of us are.

If you can’t be there for anyone its always better to tell them so that they do not keep hopes on you rather than fooling them by being half there. Yes its not easy and practical to promise anyone anything but atleast tell them beforehand your limitations so that they too understand your situations.

Once again i repeat, do not give people high hopes but be there when they need to talk to someone and if they feel that someone is you. Maybe they just need to talk to feel better and not be expecting anything from you. The least you can do is talk and that’s not that difficult especially in today’s times when all the apps to communicate are present and are readily available at the click of a button.

What will happen will happen for sure however hard we try to talk or be there for some people but in this pursuit of running to grab opportunities we sometimes fail to sit and think of ourselves and others and how important it is to ‘talk or communicate’, no matter what the situation is.

Be humble, be grateful, just be there when someone wants to speak to you.

Have a small circle and ‘try’ to keep in touch with others, it may be in the real world or online world too.

Relationships and communications are crumbling in today’s times. A sad reality!


Holding you,

Feeling you,

Your body next to me,

You’re an intoxicating feeling.

Your fragrance,

Skin on skin,

Your gentle grasps,

My silent moans, your quiet sighs.

Let’s dance this evening,

Like lovers enticed,

Fingers interwined,

And warm breaths to make these moments last.

As the night draws in,

Our bodies become one,

I whisper in your ears,

‘I’m yours and you’re mine.’

Pic courtesy : Google


Came across this picture and these words seems so powerful.

There’s a phase in everyone’s life where we feel that we are attached to nothing or anyone and life just seems to be going on but at the same time  we are connected to something and someone on some levels too like our family, some friends, our colleagues and so on.

Attachments are very destructive especially when its concerned with people. Not everyone rather no one will behave exactly the way you want them to or speak with you when you really need them but neither can we leave them as they may be a part of your life or a part of some unknown bond that exists between them and you which cannot be really given a name yet you feel connected to them at some level.

But in a strange way it feels so good not to be attached to anything or anyone as expectations are minimum or next to zero and its liberating that way to an extent. People wouldn’t hold much high hopes from you and neither do you have to keep anyone happy always for that matter by not actually being you and ‘pretending’ to be someone else in front of them to keep them happy. Its quite a drama to do that.

If you think of it, this sentence does seem contradictory too as in either you are in it or not at all, there’s no in between.

Have seen people getting so attached to others and later getting disappointed as in being neglected and ignored by the same people they were attached to. They lose faith in relationships, feel low and regret putting lots of efforts on that one person only to be finally avoided by them. But as they have kind hearts they would do all that again for another person all over again. The point being, we humans crave communication with others, we need to talk as in human to human but many of us forget where and when to draw the line, our expectations from others rise and the other person may/may not reciprocate the same feelings as we wished and want them to and its utter foolish to expect that from them but YET we do it, not once but many a times. Very few of us learn lessons from communications !

Each and everyone needs space in any kind of relationship and we need to realise that not all are like us as in behavioral traits and we should be open minded to accept that fact however hard it may be.

One should learn to be alone cause one day people whom you thought would never leave you will go away without a trace or explanation and that shouldn’t affect you so much. Easier said than done because people are capable of doing everything possible to hurt you. One should never invest too much emotions on  people. Be good, talk but never get  attached in any way which destructs your mind and takes away your peace.

And also train yourself to be accepting of people if ever they come back in your life. If they left, they must have had a reason for it. Do not hold grudges against them for leaving you. If they have come back, be good  as you can be and always think that  they have thought of you and consider you worth coming back to. Not everyone has agendas. You too must have left abruptly from someone’s life, so it neither makes you a saint to preach to others.

The best one can do and try is become like a flowing river, not causing havocs, accepting stones along the way and flowing along quietly.

Neither attached nor detached, just connecting with many or few accordingly is the key to be happy.

If disconnected too, its okay. You have you always.

Make yourself strong enough to be alone in any circumstance. That way, you wouldn’t be hurt or take anything  to heart.



Steep and winding,

Like serpents crawling,

Where to its heading,

Seems neverending.

Beautiful sunset,

Hues of orange and gold,

Promising to unfold

Another day of hopes and goals.

Darkness and silence,

Creeps in with utmost balance,

From a night of brilliance,

To a morning full of radiance.

Pic courtesy : Facebook.

Mother Nature…

She’s nature,

Captivating and an eye catcher,

In her dwells,

Seeds of goodness,

Freshness and brightness.

Inhaling the good,

Exhaling the bad,

Whiffs of fresh air,

She’s the core,

With lots to adore.

She’s witness to many a seasons,

She accepts all without any reasons,

She withers and blossoms,

She’s mother to all,

She enthralls.

Pic courtesy : Facebook.

Animals and feelings.. Wonderful ❤️

Today read an interesting fact about a fish.

The fish is called Mahi – Mahi. It’s found in the tropical waters and its a surface swimming fish.

It swims along with its partner and now comes the wonderful yet tragic part .

If one of them is caught then the other partner stays there, at the exact place, waiting for its partner to come back, which sadly would never happen.

Isn’t that sort of romantic yet sad?

And also when its caught and dead it’s skin begins to change color.

Every animal shows emotions in its own ways so i guess its high time we change the dialogue, ‘stop behaving like animals’ cause they too have feelings and aren’t numb!

We, humans, too can learn a lot just by watching them and mahi mahi fish gives us the lesson of being romantic and pining for its partner long after its gone unlike humans who keep on searching and jumping from one relationship to another, haha.

So, aren’t you all curious to see our Romeo /Juliet, well, here goes,

Okay, they might not look the beautiful and impressive types but then they have a heart of gold.

What say???


The hands that have been hurt

Have given a lot,

Have fixed others,

Have nurtured,

Have fed many,

Have helped in crises,

Have prayed for others,

Have held broken souls,

Have healed damaged people,

Have loved,

Have cared,

Have motivated,

Have lost,

Have inspired,


Have asked nothing in return!

Pic courtesy : Facebook