Like the moon that passes through different phases,

Our life too moves in its own pace.

The circle of life is completed,

From the stage of toddler to the grave.

The redness of the moon depicting boiling blood of youthfulness,

And the darkness and greyness that of old age.

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.



Saw a tiny bird,

Fluttering its little wings,

In a garden full of flowers and green plants.

A humming bird it was,

With resplendent colors and a beak so sharp.

Small in size but worth a sight.

Nature is abundant with such lovely creations,

how not to believe in God’s existence!

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.


‘ Bottle cap challenge’, the big thing that’s breaking the internet nowadays. Many of us haven’t forgotten the ‘Kiki challenge’ yet that this new sensation came up.

Though Kiki challenge was way more dangerous than this one. For those who don’t know what exactly was the Kiki challenge, well I’ll just summarize it for you. It’s basically stepping out of a moving car leaving the door open, singing and walking along with the car while it slowly criuses along the road. This challenge went viral and many while attempting this got bruised heavily and some even lost their lives.

The bottle cap challenge isn’t dangerous at all when compared to the Kiki one. This challenge is all about opening up the cap of the bottle without using one’s hands but with your legs using one’s martial arts skills be it Taekwondo, judo, karate, kung- fu, whatever.

I really wonder how many mothers and wives would have got annoyed with their children and husbands for spilling all that water in the house if done indoors because the bottle as shown in the videos are filled with liquid and not empty ones as the bottles needs to be heavy so that hitting it would be easy else it would sway left and right. All that mopping would have surely irritated the women folk at home. And not to forget the men trying out these stunts are definitely getting a chance to show off their gym-toned body and six packs through their sweat shirts and sometimes a ‘no shirt’ scene too.

People from all over the world participate in these challenges with such enthusiasm too. The brains of people are differently wired who devise and take part in such stunts.

I wonder when challenges like, ‘jumping from cliffs’ or ‘run along with the moving train’ would come up. I’m sure there would be many contenders for that too.

And many number of people from all over the world would participate and lose their lives and help in contributing to a good cause of decreasing the population to a large extent. Okay I didn’t mean to be mean. That was just a sarcastic statement I made earlier.

But on a serious note, challenges are fun as long as no one is seriously injured and it’s sensible to try out.

People should think about this and do what suits them without actually doing no harm to themselves.


I came across this picture on the internet. Just look at that. Isn’t it a marvel?

Birds and animals belong to that category of living beings that cannot speak, nor have attended school and claim to be educated with degrees but they make the most fascinating dwellings. They survive in the harshest of surroundings, protect their young ones with the same love and attention that we, as human beings shower upon our children.

If you notice a bird making its nest you will understand the dedication and hard work that goes into it. Day in and day out it toils in the hot sun or the cold winters, bringing and collecting twigs, cotton, hair and little pieces of soft things to make its nest comfortable for its family, so that the female can lay its eggs on smooth surface and the young hatchlings are protected from the harsh world outside and also from falling from great heights.

And they are fiercely protective about their nests and young ones that they keep fluttering around it when we try to come in close contact with their nest and even trying to peck at us in the fear of their homes being broken and destroyed by us humans. And once the young ones come into this world then taking care of them, bringing them food to feed their ever hungry tummies and protecting them from the bigger birds becomes a huge task for the parent birds. And once the little ones become big enough to fly and explore the world they are still considered so naive and taken care of from evil eyes by their ever so doting parent birds.

And once the baby birds are fit to fly they leave the nests, they may or may not live with parents anymore and the nests are empty and the whole process of making a home elsewhere in some other tree or roof top or parapet or somewhere safe begins from scratch. Nature is just amazing!

The birds don’t attend any architectural college in order to learn how to build their own homes but they are a master at it. The beauty of every nest, the way its made, the time taken by them to build it before the birth of their babies, the entry and exit of the nest so that other predators do not gain access to it is simply marvelous and also considering the fact that the babies get the exact warmth and protection as they felt in their mother bird’s womb is nothing but nature telling us about their affection for their young ones like any other living being.

Every animal, be it small or big, cares for its young. But unlike humans it may not last for a lifetime and that’s why they aren’t us and we aren’t like them. But we can learn a lot by observing them.

My favorite channel is Animal planet. I love watching animals, their habitats, their defense mechanism when threatened and some just by observing them really blows our minds.

But we humans, for our selfish needs and choices, go to the extent of destroying their natural habitats, kill them, torture them and then blame and talk about their extinction when we ourselves are the reasons behind it.

Recently I saw a video of a shark being killed for its fin and it was so disturbing and sad. People love shark fin soup and so for this purpose they hunt and attack the middle sized sharks, cut off their fins and throw it back into the rivers and oceans. Now because it has no fin and cannot swim due to the absence of it, it struggles and sinks to the bottom of the water bed. It struggles to rise up but cannot and because of this other fishes and predators attack it due to its helplessness which ultimately results in its death. How cruel can we humans be. These are just some of the cruelties we do to these innocent creatures which are very important in the ecological balance of nature.

We humans do not deserve to be amidst nature’s lap. Imagine if nature, all the trees and animals revolted back then we humans would have to run for our lives to find refuge and none would offer us due to our wrong doings.

Whatever we face in the name of global warming, climate change and nature’s wrath, are all well deserved by us as its a reflection of our own misdeeds and its just a boomerang effect.

Let sense prevail upon us. When is that going to happen, well, that’s yet to see!


The road looks deserted

It rains but not heavily,

Foggy yet lovely.

Wanna go on a long drive,

With you beside me and music for company.

Let’s go wherever the roads lead us,

Through mystical lanes and forgotten ways,

Just you and me,

And the awesome weather too.

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.


A topic on which I’ve always wanted to write on. Have you ever wondered how life would be if one of your life partner passes away early? However bold and strong you may claim to be life is empty without someone next to you maybe you might not share a thing with them but the mere presence of them in your life is enough!

My mother has no brothers. They are three sisters. All married and settled in different places. My grandmother passed away quite early around the age of 58 due to cancer. My grandfather felt all alone on her demise. Inspite of his daughters calling him to stay with them, turn by turn he never paid heed to them and preferred to stay alone and also the fact that he never left kerala ever (my native place) made him feel more insecure on moving out to another state. And also the fact that my grandfather never did a single thing on his own somewhere scared him as to what would he do now. He didn’t know to cook, clean, iron his clothes or anything related to house keeping. He was so habituated to my grandmother doing everything for him that he didn’t know how to live alone. And this is a story of many people, be it young or old. No amount of forcing, threatening and coercing worked with him and neither could my mother or her sisters come and settle down in kerala with him due to family issues and other reasons. So they made all arrangements for him in terms of a cook, cleaner for the house and a nephew of his volunteered to stay with him as he himself had his tuition center nearby and traveling from here was easier for him and he did not have any other personal or family issues to bother about. So that came as a big relief to my mother and her sisters and they would come down to kerala whenever we children had our vacations or if anything urgent would come up. But whatever said and done, a phone call at any time of the day from my grandfather or the nephew would send shivers down the spine and thoughts would go berserk in these sisters minds. Can’t blame them as only they knew the hazards of knowing that their father is all alone and they couldn’t do anything about it.

I always feel the men folk are always more arrogant and stubborn when it comes to staying with their children when their partner passes away. If it was my grandmother I always feel she would have happily come along with any of her daughters instead of staying in that huge house all alone. Ladies are more adjusting and know of their short comings and they do not want to hurt their children’s sentiments. This is what I feel. My grandfather stayed alone many years and finally my mother settled down in kerala once me and my brother were settled down in our marriages and life. Even then inspite of settling down in kerala my grandfather never once stayed with my parents though they took up a flat elsewhere. I so feel he was so stubborn in his outlook and somewhere just didn’t want that tag of staying with his son in- law or the fear of his routine being upset if he went over and stayed with his daughter and also he didn’t want to get tied down in a flat system and not to forget the issues of using a western commode also didn’t suit him!

Years passed, he got older and older, the three daughters frequency of visits increased till one fine day everything got over and he breathed his last in that house..

My mother and her sisters always had that guilt of not being with him throughout his old years but somewhere he too was stubborn of not thinking about their issues and adjusting with them which would have made all of them happy than somewhere living in that guilt of neglecting him which is not actually true. They all tried their best and did whatever they could in their capacity but then life has its own ways of snatching people away from their loved ones.

Sometimes I think and feel that if he had remarried things would have been so different. My grandmother passed away at 58 and my grandfather was around 68 around that time when she left him. They had an age gap of 10 years between them. If the daughters had initiated and agreed to get their father remarried again life would have been better and easier for him too. He would have had a person to take care of his personal needs like cooking for him, taking care of the house if he had to travel somewhere or just someone to talk to him instead of sitting alone and look into the darkness. And, NO, 68 is not an old age. In such cases when the children are not able to actually cater to the needs of parents due to stay in different parts of the world or family and personal issues a re-marriage can help provided the person is ready for it mentally. Remarriages not only give another person a life but also a sense of not being alone is cultivated in each other’s minds. It’s not only about physical security but mentally too a person feels he/she is not alone in this world. Children may/may not understand what’s going on in their parents mind when one of their partner passes away. Some things cannot be described and conveyed to children even if they are your own blood! I remember telling my mother to get grandfather married again and she would say finding a person to tolerate him was difficult and we would laugh over it.

But somewhere we are still tied up with what the society would say about getting the old parents when it’s time to get spiritual and not think all such things. As children definitely it’s our duty to take care of our parents but if they are widowed quite young is it wrong to get them married so that they too can have a life of their own other than only thinking about their kids and worry about their loneliness?!

Another such incident I remember is about a far off relative whose wife passed away early leaving behind him and two small daughters. Uncle was young during that time, was working and a father to two children who were of school going age. What could he do? But because he was into a government job those days he could come home early while the children would sit at the neighbour’s house till he came from office. But how long would that continue. He decided to keep a lady servant who would do all the work and leave once he reached home. It was a big relief for him as she did everything right from sweeping, swabbing, cooking and then left. She stayed nearby so even if uncle came a bit late she would adjust and stay back till he came. She was a married lady but had no kids of her own. So she literally took care of these two children as her own which is a very rare quality one gets to see nowadays. Time flew, kids grew and she still continued to work in their house.

During those years her husband passed away and she had nowhere else to go so she continued her work in uncle’s house. She became like a family member for them. Though nasty things were always spoken about her and uncle by worthless relatives not a single so called relative turned up to see how he suffered to bring up the kids or offered any help to him in terms of emotional support or atleast in a kind way. Such people or these relatives are not even worth mentioning.

The girls grew and got married and left their home . That’s when uncle really realized the vacuum they left behind. He felt lonely. Aunty (the servant) also realized their absence in his life. After all they were his children. That’s when uncle decided to marry aunty with ofcourse his children’s permission. They were only happy for him as they didn’t want him to stay lonely as they couldn’t always visit him. Not bothering about what the society would say he decided to marry aunty and give her a life in turn as she had no one either to call her own. They had a register marriage with the kids as witnesses and some few relatives who wished well for them and all were happy that they both ended up being there for each other.

The daughters were also happy for their father and their ‘new mother ‘ was never a stranger for them as they knew her right from their young age as she took care of them as their own mother.

Both uncle and aunty got a life of their own and gave each other too a life to live. Everything ended well and for those who wagged their tongues did so as usual and no one cared about them either as they were not the ones living uncle and aunty’s lives!

Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam Hai kehna!

Every one deserves to live a dignified life and be bereft from loneliness. We all crave for love at the end of the day.