Well.. Ehh.. Umm…

Does it happen to you that you are all charged up, you have thought of some topic to write on, a billion ideas hovering above and inside your head and you think this post would be the best of yours till date and you’re all ready with your mobile in hand or on the computer and guess what, boom! it’s all vanished and gone into thin air.

You are just clueless as to what to write. You aren’t able to get the exact words to type that post which you really wanted to and then you realize you don’t want to write something just because you need to. Aah, that feeling of feeling helpless cannot be described.

And guess what, that zeal, that enthusiasm just doesn’t come back like you felt exactly the first time you sat down to type . I wonder why.

Such moments like these are so common with me. One moment I’m this person, so filled up with topics and things to write down and next moment I’m blank. I just don’t know how to start, when to start and sometimes how to end the post! Weird? Or others too share the same dilemma as me. If yes, don’t worry, you are not alone in this. I’m there for company. *happy smile* and *giving a high five*

But then, I take it lightly

(read *Irritated and annoyed sometimes *) and seize the next moment when I’m on my “self proclaimed author mode” and type down whatever I had thought in my mind and viola, a post is ready.

But after all that uncertainty, the satisfaction of typing it down, reading your own post, feeling good about it and finally clicking the ‘publish’ button is pure bliss.





There’s this news all over the social media of a bhajan singer dating a young girl and no I am not taking their names here cos you all might have heard and read about it.

Now the comments and statements people pass on this are just a true reflection of their thoughts. I agree having fun is all OK but simply passing harsh words and ridiculing people has become a trend now. It was there before too but now it has been taken to another level altogether.

Now the person concerned is famous, have had marriages that has ended up in divorces but then that’s his life. Who are we to comment and judge him?? His life, his rules. And these same people who are ridiculing them seem to be those who themselves have no life or are angered over this person having a gorgeous girlfriend which they failed to achieve ! πŸ˜…

Taunting them over their age difference their looks, nothing about them is spared. Tell me, when you love somebody, does all this matter? For some, yes and for some, no. The concerned people I mentioned maybe falling in the latter category. So what does anyone get out of making fun of them?

And even our parents have married each other with an age gap of 10-12 years cos that was the norm in the olden days and nobody laughed over that during those times. Well, my father and mother share an age gap of 12 years and we have never laughed thinking about it. I’m sure your parents too would be sharing an age difference similar to what I have mentioned and to which we, as children never found it hilarious or something to be looked down upon.

The problem is people find fun in ridiculing everyone and everything nowadays. Having fun and making harmless jokes on something or someone is healthy to an extent but when it crosses all limits it becomes a kind of disease which is incurable. People themselves forget as to how they are, what and where they stand before pointing fingers at someone. It’s easy to make fun of anyone but when it comes to themselves people get enraged and start cursing each other!

Body shaming, making fun regarding someone’s physical features, bullying and many other such evils are increasing day by day and people are taking pride in indulging in the same. I wonder where all this is leading mankind to.

1)If you can’t say anything good, then please be quiet.

2)If you can’t say something good to someone then at least don’t hurt them with your words.

These two lines should be followed by everyone. The world needs more healers and peacemakers.



Blogging. Isn’t it great to get a platform like this to vent out one’s feelings, one’s thoughts. It feels like this is your world, no unwanted noise and chaos. You are your own master and slave. Your words are your own. You are in no competition with anyone here. No one to influence you or get influenced by. And that’s the best part of blogging.

At first, as a newbie here, I really felt the need for a lot of followers but then gradually I never felt the need to gain attention that way. I started writing about whatever made me happy and what I felt to write about, whether anyone likes it or not. And was very happy with the comments and feedbacks I got. The satisfaction and happiness of posting my views and thoughts are more important to me and of course it would be a lie if I said I didn’t want a like or comment on my posts but for me, my posts comes first. Feedbacks and comments are always welcome and I always reply to them happily and enthusiastically.

And I genuinely read my followers posts and give my feedbacks too. But a genuine request, do not just press that ‘like’ button without reading. It’s absolutely fine if you didn’t or couldn’t read their post due to lack of time or any other personal reasons but it’s like sending a false hope to the person of having read the post when you actually haven’t.

Thank you so much for all the love and support that my dear followers have always given me and it always has been a motivation factor for me to write here and I really love you all for it. Isn’t it strange yet beautiful that none of us have ever or never would see each other in real and these posts that we share here are the only medium by which we know each other yet we all share a bond of closeness that we express by liking each other’s posts and that matters a lot and that’s the true essence and meaning of blogging. But I do not receive any notifications via email of some of my followers whom I follow here regarding their posts. I’m sorry for that.

You all have been great and I hope I have touched your hearts in any little way I could through my posts. So, please continue with all your support and love and once again, thanks a ton.

Keep writing. Let those words, expressions, feelings and thoughts flow. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Share positive vibes and hope we all can make a difference in someone’s life in our own way by way of writing and usage of words.

Words are powerful. Use them wisely.

Thank you!

Weekends–comes like this🐒and goes likeπŸ‡!

What’s it about weekends that you love? I’ll tell you about mine. For one, I’m a late riser. So I prefer to get up when I feel like while the rest of the days I’m up by 5 am cos of kids school timings and the whole process of tiffin making which is then followed by breakfast.

Weekends, as they say, comes like a turtle and goes away like a hare. I just want to feel lazy, do absolutely nothing, catch up on some good movies, indulge in some junk food and just chill while rest of the days i give lectures to my kids and am explaining the benefits of eating healthy food while they just happily ignore it but I got to do my job as a mother you see. And on weekends those very rules are all broken and everyone happily eats whatever they want and no classes on healthy eating😬😬.

Then we get bored of sitting and watching each other and make plans of getting more bored by visiting some malls and do some grocery shopping which acts as an escape of doing some household work which has been pending for some daysπŸ™„πŸ˜’.The plans of stepping out from home starts from afternoon and finally materializes by evening with everyone taking their own sweet time to get ready and some not interested to go, while some are in half minds whether to go or not while others want to go no matter what happensπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Once we are out, we are cursing the climatic conditions. Obviously what else do you expect out of a city located in a desert? And oh, not to forget the crowd in the malls and thinking as to why are there so much people out there in numbers when we are out on the same day, same time? πŸ˜•πŸ˜’β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜

After all that walking around, window shopping and our legs hurting to the core, and shopping for things that we actually don’t need, we just want to reach back home and drop dead on the beds. But then the job of keeping the things ( grocery stuff) back in their respective boxes and containers doesn’t look less than a herculean task and after all this we realize that we haven’t got “that specific ” thing that was urgently neededπŸ™„πŸ˜’. Argh!!!

Well the weekend comes to an end like any other holiday and we sit hoping for some exciting thing to happen the next weekend and the same cycle repeats. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

So, how does your weekends go by? Post your replies.

DD Days

Today felt refreshed and went back to the past while watching some photographs of news readers of the Doordarshan days. Rini Khanna, Geethanjali Aiyer, Neethi Ravindran, komal GB Singh and many such gems unlike today’s screaming anchors who look like they gonna come out of your screens and accuse you of something you haven’t done. And not to forget the ever screaming guests coming on the debate shows who are competing with each other to prove who is capable of stooping low and the poor anchor who is helpless in trying to calm and tone them down and the show ending abruptly and we, the audience is left thinking as to what exactly was the outcome of all this shouting and energy draining exercise all for??

Have you all noticed the news anchors of yesteryear wore the traditional costume of India, the saree whereas now it’s all western attire and not to forget the tons of make-up to match it. Well, can’t blame them. That’s how it is nowadays. All commercialized, brand image, accent matters and also the ruling and opposition party favoring channels on the rampant.

DD was that innocent child-like Channel which had no evil vices and one had to make do with 2 main Channels and regional channels. The programmes, as you all might know were of good quality and excellent actors /actresses to boast of. Whereas now, with the oncoming of innumerable channels, we aren’t watching any particular programme rather just scrolling the channel list in the hope of finding something worth watching and even if we did find something then comes the turn of other family members to yell and fight over the remote with the end result of no one watching anything!! Doesn’t this happen at your homes and the peak time are evenings and I often wonder and pray that no murder takes place at any house of people I know of due to the never ending war over the remote 😁😬. People are crazy nowadays you see and would go to any extent to prove it tooπŸ˜“πŸ™„.

Even now while watching news in different channels becomes a toxic affair and when the noise reaches decibel levels of unbearable mode, I switch to DD news and the instant feeling of peace and tranquility one feels cannot be described. It’s like coming back from a crowded noisy fair (mela) to a quiet place where you can hear your own voice without shouting.

Hoping for those golden days to come back is near to impossible so till then enjoy the madness of today and pray that you stay sane amidst insanity. And to people of my generation, I would like to say we were the lucky ones to have witnessed those days where everything and everyone seemed normal and peaceful. Cheers to us.



I was going through some photographs of different places on the internet and thought to myself so many lovely places exist in this world and this one birth is not enough to travel around the world.

Talking of places, I remember my visit to Ooty this time during the summer vacations. It was a big respite from the heat and monsoons of Mumbai. And the wonderful toy train trip from Coonoor to ooty, passing through the picturesque landscapes of tea plantations and the happy faces of people waving at you as the train passes and them clicking photographs of the train and I enjoying the natural winds that blow on my face that are devoid of pollution and blessing myself to be enjoying and being amidst nature.

The resort we stayed in was named, “Gateway hotel”. A beautiful, serene place and the room we stayed was cozy and comfortable and on top of it the climate was just heavenly. The staff, room service attendants were all friendly, helpful and simple people and not to forget, the food was awesome too.

The best part of our room was, OK hold your breaths guys, the Washroom!! Yes, you read it right. Now you must be at your wits end thinking as to how can anyone love a washroom. Well then, you all are mistaken. We, as a family on the whole just fell in love with the washroom. For one, it was huge and i mean huge! It had this steps that you needed to climb down where the actual bathroom was located. If you have visited ancient houses of the south (keralites would be really familiar with this ) where in there would be a pond or rather private swimming area in the house which was used by the family members only and it would have lot of steps leading to the pond. This was similar to that. It was just beautiful. It had a separate area for bathing with a glass partition and a tub attached to it. And after all of this there was enough space to do whatever you wanted to do like break into a dance or just walk around the washroom 🀩🀩. Of many resorts I have visited, this one takes the prize and that too the washroom stands out rather than the other aspects of the room! I know that’s kind of weird but then I dont mind being weird for loving this washroom.

Me and kids were just looking for reasons to visit it every now and then. It had huge mirrors in them so we even did our dressing up in the washroom and for me climbing and getting down those steps was not less than a feeling of being a princess visiting a ball every now and thenπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ. Just loved every moment of it.

Well then as they say, good things come to an end soon, so did this visit and it was time to leave. We loved our stay here. The place, people, ambience, everything was a lovely experience but leaving the beautiful, cozy, sexy, comfy and whatever adjectives exists to describe beauty goes to this exquisite washroom.

We still remember this trip to this day and lovely memories of the washroom still haunt us. And actually while writing this post my younger daughter suddenly out of the blue was telling me how she enjoyed the ooty trip and how much she misses the washroom and I without any further thoughts agreed with her wholeheartedly . Sigh.

Just to remind you all, we aren’t a strange family but sometimes strange things do happen and this is one of them where in a love affair developed between us and a washroom.

The title, ‘Toilet- ek prem katha’ suits us alright! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

My drawings..

A very happy sunday to all my followers.Β  Apart from writing on my blog I draw and would like to share some of my drawings on this platform. I hope you like them and please do give me your feedbacks.




The rest of my sketches , some other day.

Thank you!