Life is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham!

Yesterday was just another normal day and as i was scrolling through Facebook, i came across my kids school site and they posted about one of their teacher passing away due to post delivery complications. It was indeed so sad to hear this. A young, vibrant, smiling and cheerful lady who otherwise was healthy passed away giving birth to a baby girl. She had taught my kids and infact she was teaching my elder one this year too and they were sad and shocked to hear this news about their teacher. It is very rare nowadays to hear any lady passing away due to delivery issues in this modern area of medical advancements. Anyways a beautiful life gone too soon!

And on the same day later on, another news intrigued me. A 70 year old lady from Gujrat gave birth to a boy through IVF. They had been married for 45 years and were trying for a baby but were unsuccessful. But she was determined to have a baby and approached the doctor. He explained all the difficulties and complications the treatment could have on her but she was hell bent on having a child of her own, come what may. And she was blessed with a baby boy through C-section. Both mother and child are safe, healthy and doing well.

What a coincidence. In one case a life gone and in the another case, a rebirth due to the same reason of childbirth.

Life is so strange.


Was just reading an incident where two thirteen year old twin brothers fell off their balcony from a high rise building.

The death of kids really chokes me up. Losing lives when their entire lives is just beginning is such a sad state of affairs.

The boys were upto something in their balcony as they had placed a stool on top of a chair to take pictures of the moon and in that process they lost their balance and fell. Some reports even say they were trying to replicate something they saw on social media. Reports state that their mother had told them to go to sleep but they slipped into the balcony to do their activity. When the mother got no response from their side she went to the balcony only to see these stool and chair and a crowd gathered down. It was her sons bodies down there who fell one after the other with a loud thud. So unfortunate.

This really questions the security of the buildings as some properties strictly prohibit installment of grills in the windows and balconies as it damages the beauty of the building. Such incidents can happen to anyone, even adults. A slip is enough to fall down. Remember the case of Muthoot George who slipped from his balcony, being a full grown adult! The news report say there is no foul play but then one just can’t think how can an adult fall off from his private space unless he/she is highly intoxicated on drinks or drugs or it was a deliberate push by someone to eliminate them. No one will ever know!

Grills, be it simple ones or the box types are important with regards to security in case of small or even big kids, for that matter at home. Kids can be adventurous at times and it isn’t possible to keep a check on them 24/7.

The builders who are more concerned with the image and beauty of the building should emphasise more on the security part and that should be given utmost importance in the long run.

Happiness and sorrow go hand in hand.. 😊😔

Today marks two important dates. The first one being my most favorite actor, Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday which falls on this day today. He turned 79. May god bless him with all the happiness and good health ahead. No words to describe his calibre. I’ve grown up watching his movies and till today, in my opinion, no actor can ever match up to his aura, charishma, acting capabilities, brilliant voice, screen presence and Big B is Big B! No questions about that. Till today he is active in the big screen and small screen which is amazing for a person of his age. He’s irreplaceable and God’s gift to Bollywood.

And the other one marks the passing away of malayalam industry’s most versatile actor, Mr Nedumudi Venu. He left for heavenly abode today.

A brilliant actor. Mr Venu’s presence in any movie just adds more depth to the character he played on screen and there is no actor who can take his place. Such actors are rare gems. He was 73. Be it any role, however big or small, he enacts it so effortlessly and the audience does not ever get a chance to criticise his acting skills cause its performed with such perfection by him. Who can ever forget the roles played by him in films like Killukam, Bharatham, His Highness Abdullah, Pokkiriraja, Thenmavin Kombathu, Manichitrathazhu and like these many other masterpieces. A big loss to the malayalam industry and the audiences will definitely miss a stalwart like him. May god bless his soul and give strength to his family to stay strong in these times and bear his absence forever. An irreplaceable loss to the malayalam Industry and we, his fans, are sure to miss a brilliant actor who worked with all the fine actors and then with their kids too with such finesse.

Nedumudi Venu, you will be missed. 🙏

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Why are parents always blamed?

Kids are huge responsibilities of parents. From the day a kid is born to its studies, wedding, then to their kids, its always the parents who are worried and care for them. No parent can just turn a blind eye on their children.

Parents do a lot of sacrifices to bring them up. They bury their desires just to fulfill their kids likes and choices. No parent tells their kids to take the wrong path in life. After a certain age, the kids develop their own thinking powers and decide which path suits them. It can be wrong or right. And every single time the parents cannot be blamed if the child goes wrong.

There are instances of parents being the compassionate, kind, truthful and good motivator and trusting their child completely yet the kid betrays them and crashes all their hopes and go on to become a pain in the ass. While there are cases where the parents are brash, creating a ruckus types but their kids turn out to be good ones at the end.

As the Aryan khan case is going on and grabbing all the headlines, we all can understand what kind of trauma Shahrukh and Gauri must be undergoing through as parents. Yes he was caught with drugs on the ship during the rave party and he should face the trials and accept the judgements but that doesn’t stop him from being their son and like every parent they must be devastated too. I just read that aryan confessed that he has to take an appointment with his father’s manager just to meet his father or talk to him. Okay, now is that a wonder? Shahrukh is a megastar with no time to breathe. He is slogging to make sure that his family enjoys all the luxuries of life and in this process sacrificing his own time towards his family. These are the downfalls of being rich and famous and everyone knows that and I’m sure his family too is not oblivious to this fact. One cannot expect fame and money without big sacrifices. His children must have felt his absence throughout growing years but that doesn’t mean they need to resort to wrong paths to attain attention, affection and love from other sources just cause they didn’t receive it from their parents. One cannot want everything in life sitting at home. Shahrukh’s hard work took him to places that probably no one can achieve but he had to see this day too in his life and accept it as it is. And his family is enjoying all these luxuries of life purely because of his stardom and at the cost of his time and sacrifices for them.

Every parent wants to give the best to their kids according to their position, monetary status, and Shahrukh too has done the same but in his case it backfired as the son got into wrong company and that took him into the world of drugs. I will never blame Shahrukh as he is the provider for the family, he’s a father, husband, a megastar, he has responsibilities towards his career leaving him no time for his own self. The kids need to understand that and act responsibly. You cannot enjoy everything and then blame your parents for their upbringing when you are caught in your deeds relating to crime or whatsoever. That isn’t maturity at all.

Not every child who has been born with the golden or silver spoon is spoilt. And people digging old videos of Shahrukh and blaming him for having a son like aryan are what the society is actually made up of! Tomorrow your kid too could be involved in drugs or any other type of activity inspite of you calling yourself an ideal parent. So let’s not point fingers at parents and their upbringing. And no family is perfect either.

Parenting is in no way easy. There will be days when your kids will love you without any limits and there will be days when they will hate you. Accept both these types of days and love them back unconditionally cause they are your blood and they need you forever in their lives. Forgive them if they have done wrong. Do not disown them. Give them chances to improve. They are a part of you. If parents themselves do not accept them then where do they go? They will look for affection in other places that may lead them to wrong directions. The world outside is cruel enough. Do not make it more hard for them and for yourselves.

Parenting is a thin line between being strict yet being friendly with the kids. Do accordingly else kids are bound to go astray.

Kids and passion…

Kids are a treat to observe. They are always so full of energy, action packed, smiles and dedication. If one were to tell a child to do a particular task and if it interests them, they do it with such dedication and they are totally focused on finishing it before jumping ahead to do something else.

Yesterday we got our younger kid some art supplies as she said she required it for her art class in school. On reaching home she removed those from the plastic bag and even without changing herself into home clothes, she settled herself on the bed and started painting without a second thinking. The mother in me thinking she would splash some paint on her dress or bed asked her to change her clothes and keep an old newspaper below before starting her artwork. But she wasn’t going to listen to me anyways.

Her focus, dedication, the combination of colors used, everything was amazing. On completion, she kept the work for drying as it was paint based art work. Only then was she satisfied and went on to change to comfy home clothes and started doing her other activities. And she was happy with the end product and we praised her for it which made her smile and double happy. And not a drop of paint soiled her clothes nor fell on the bed. Phew! The mom in me was definitely happy!

Kids really teach us so many things. We as adults generally tend to procrastinate due to laziness or lack of focus. We love to delay things and then in the last minute we suffer due to that.

And on drying, this was how it looked..

Special… Hmmm maybe. 🤔

Another sunday as the week begins here today. Kids need to go to school and husband, to office. The alarm rings and the mother, that’s me, needs to get up before everyone else everything goes for a toss.

I rise and open up the curtains and I’m always welcomed by 1-2 pigeons on my window sill which isn’t quite a wonder for me. But today i was welcomed by the sight of an unique kind of pigeon with purple color variations spread on its body and legs . It wasn’t the typical greyish kind that’s seen normally everywhere. And also i saw number tags on both of its legs, one blue and one red. So i kind of figured out that it must be a special kind.

My curious mind started making up stories as i proceeded to start my kitchen activities of making and packing lunch boxes for the kids and better half.

I thought what if it was a royal pigeon belonging to the royal family and it escaped when the cages were opened for feeding and cleaning. Or what if it just escaped from any pet shop that houses other varieties of pigeons and birds. Or what if it’s a spy sent by any enemy country with embedded chip somewhere in its body and the numbers being some code which is connected with a bluetooth to pass on information to the enemies or what if a lover has sent this kabootar to his lady love who is kept captive in the house by her over protective and zulmi parents who aren’t allowing them to meet after knowing their affair and the numbers could be his new contact numbers which she’s supposed to note down and call back later. Imaginations have no boundaries, you see!

I mentioned about the ‘special pigeon’ to my younger one and this actually helped me in waking her up early else its a real torture for me to get her ready to school in the early morning hours. The elder one didn’t seem to be enthusiastic about it and just shrugged it off. I could sense her expressions and this dialogue in her mind while gobbling down breakfast, ‘oh its just a pigeon guys. get over it, duh’.

The younger one felt ecstatic and uttered a, ‘wow’ on seeing it. Then it was back to all the chaos and finally seeing them off as they happily went off to school waving a ‘bye’ and looking forward to the first day of the week in school and also that they will finally see all their school friends coming back to face to face classes after being holed up in their houses for a good one and half years due to the online studying mode that they had opted for.

After they left i went back to my window to see if its still there and to my surprise it hadn’t flown away. So i took my mobile and clicked its photo as it’s a special one and i don’t know if i would ever see it again.

It kind of posed for me like a model. I think it knew it was special. ‘So why not show off when being clicked’, probably this thought must have crossed its mind. Perhaps it got nervous and a bit scared watching my antics with the mobile and that explains the poop it let out in its defence.

And tadaaa.. presenting the one and only Purple Paro.

Okay, one more that i clicked. Do zoom in and see the blue and red number tags too. Don’t miss that. The blue one is not that visible but it is peeping in through the gaps though and people with sharp eyes can spot it.

The sunday started with something exciting.


Reverse progress?!

With every generation, we tend to get either better or worse than the before one.

We try to be different but somewhere the remnants of our parent’s thoughts and behaviors tend to stay in us unknowingly.

When i was young, my father would be very concerned if the opposite sex would talk to me very often and in those days there weren’t mobile phones and it was the era of landlines. He would be concerned if i used to get calls from classmates who were boys and so on. He would lecture me to be safe and not really get involved in love affairs but it was just because of the overly love, concern and safety of kids that the parents said so.

Later on, me, after having kids of my own do not actually give them advises as i would want them to use their brains and think how to handle situations and not come running to us for simplest of things.

I used to think this generation of mine would think and be different in their attitude towards their kids and in giving them space and attention as required. But i do not see any much difference and i say this because the other day my daughter came and told me many of her friends and classmates weren’t allowed to talk to the opposite sex. Their parents warned them from too much interacting with their friends of the opposite sex thinking they would get involved in some liking, affection and infatuation towards them and lose interest in studies.

And i thought to myself that if they really felt that way then why did they enroll them in co-ed schools. If you aren’t going to interact with boys-girls and girls- boys then how are they going to have healthy debates, form good friendships with them, how would they know what each other thinks on some topics related to studies or otherwise. Then how can we claim to be different from our parents if our thoughts are of the stone age!

Yes we, as parents are concerned about their well being but not at the cost of curbing their thoughts. Why clip their wings if they want to fly. And even if they do fall in love and face a heartbreak it will only make them stronger and either choose a better one next time or make them stay away from love totally.

We do not need to be ‘hitlers’ to raise our kids. Give them freedom and I’m sure they would not misuse it and they will only be happy and thank you later in life.

Parents House by Khalil Gibran.

Today i came across this on my facebook feed. One of my friend posted it there. Its so beautiful and true.

It’s the only house where you can go to dozens of times without an invitation.
The only house where you can put the key in the door and enter directly.
The house that has loving eyes that stare at the Door until they see you.
The house which reminds you of your care free days, stability and your happiness during your Childhood.
The house in which your presence and look at your mother’s and father’s faces is for you a bliss and your conversation with them is a reward.
The house that if you do not go, the hearts of its owners will shrink.
The house in which two candles were burnt to light up the world and fill your life with happiness and joy.
The house where the dining table is pure for you and has no hypocrisy.
The house that if the food time arrives and you don’t eat, the hearts of its owners will be broken and annoyed.
The house that offers you all the laughs & Happiness.

Oh Children, find out the value of these houses before it’s too late.

Lucky are those who have their parent’s house to go to.