Naming the post. (Title)

Sometimes I’m so thrilled to write a post with so many ideas coming running to my mind and I actually sit down to write pouring out everything.

Some posts turn out well and some of them I feel could have been written better but each one of them is written with love, enjoyment and dedication.

With all that hard work that goes into writing a post and also keeping in mind that it turns out not to be too lengthy cause people nowadays show less interest in reading a way too lengthy post due to laziness perhaps or ‘no time’ excuse which is a very common reason to not actually read a well written post.

Once everything has gone perfect the problem for me arises when it’s time to give a suitable title to it. Sometimes I just go clueless as to what title do I give to my post??!! Does that happen to you guys ?

I just sit on my couch /chair literally thinking what best title would suit the post and when absolutely nothing flashes in my mind I put up an emoji symbol as the title and somehow I’ve been lucky that it coincides with the theme and nature of the post.

But at the same time I do not worry much about it as it’s the contents of the post that matters. If the title goes well with the post then your hard work pays off . If not, then too it’s absolutely fine and nothing to worry about. We aren’t professionals!

But, yes, titles are important to a post and that’s the first thing that one notices and reads before actually going for the post. Sometimes the titles of posts are so catchy that it builds an interest and a curiousity in me to read it soon without wasting any further time.

Just by reading the titles one can actually guess what could be the genre of that post. In other words, it can act as a lifeline for the post. And at the same time a no-name post could be lifeless, like a curry with no tadka and masalas to spice it up.

So, I stop now by conveying the message that ‘titles’ to posts makes it more beautiful in all senses and it stirs up a tendency to just start digging into the contents of it as soon as possible without batting an eyelid!

Happy title – naming.




Today’s drawing. A panda.

I love pandas. They are cute, round, cuddly, chubby and lazy.


I enjoyed drawing this one  as pandas are one of my favorite animals.

Hope you all like it.

Animation videos.

I am a fan of animated movies and videos. I just love it if the movie characters are animals. For one, it’s cute and we can relate to it more better and it’s thrilling to watch.

And also kids and adults love it equally and it catches our attention when it’s animal based movies. Like just now I was watching a short Christmas video where in the characters are various animals like a deer, fox and the main character happens to be a porcupine. And the short and sweet story  regarding the video clipping  happens to be based in a school where all these characters  study.

Everyone loves the porcupine but because of his spiky body they stay away from him and keep a distance from him while playing, talking or even sitting together in the class room. The porcupine, let’s say we name him spiky. Spiky too is conscious about the fact that his spikes hurts everyone like needles and he isn’t able to confess his feelings nor play with all of them . He remains sad all the time. Whether it be in the garden, school bus or classroom he’s made to feel alone and he consciously moves away from them all.

There’s also a bus scene shown in the video where in one of his friend smiles and allows spiky to sit with him in the seat . Spiky is happy. But during certain road – turns that the bus takes ,  spiky’s needles like spikes hurts his friend and then he’s never offered the seat again.

Those scenes really touched me and one can relate to it when someone ignores you or makes you feel indifferent from the rest. The spikes reflect a person’s behavior,  color, mannerisms or even a character a person possesses which we do not approve of and how  easily we neglect them.

In the end, as it’s a Christmas themed video, all the friends come together and hand spiky a gift. He is so happy on receiving the gift box and excitedly unwraps it and in the box are many rubber/plastic small shields. Those are to be put up on his spikes so that it doesn’t prick anyone again . All his friends come together and one by one  put those on his spikes and they all hug him and all are seen happy and smiling with a message in the end that goes like,

“Beleive in love, it’s Christmas”.

It was so beautiful to watch and the expressions of all the characters were flawless and cute.

Cuteness of animal characters adds to the beauty of the movie or short films. It also gives us a strong reason or moral to follow which we conveniently choose not to.

I enjoyed watching this little cute and meaningful video.

Cookery shows.

I enjoy watching cookery shows more than ‘actually ‘ trying out the dishes shown. Be it any language while flipping through the channels I subconsciously pause when I see any of such shows.

When you watch these shows one really does not need to understand what they are saying. The ingredients and the method of preparation shown is sufficient enough to understand what’s being cooked.

What I really love is the crockery sets displayed on the cooking table. The spoons, bowls, spatulas, pans and oh how can I miss the oil can which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and also depending upon the budget of the cooking programme.

If it’s a celebrity welcoming cookery show you are bound to see some exquisite sets and the host decorated like a christmas tree and the best trendiest crockery and the guest who drops in telling a blatant lie that the dish tastes awesome and he/she would try making it at their homes. What liars.

Whereas the low budget shows are the actual winners where in the chefs churn out tasty and awesome dishes. Just by the look of it one can sense it would be tasty and they don’t claim to use exotic ingredients which one has never heard of but rather would consist of ingredients that one would find in every household.

I drool over the sounds of the spoons and spatula that create a stirring sound on the pans, bowls and deep – bottomed vessels. And that gives a chance for the chef to showcase her manicured hands with bright nail paint and the finger rings when the camera focuses on the hands. Sometimes I ponder if that’s the whole idea behind these shows and I wouldn’t be surprised if viewers write in mails to these shows asking as to where would they get those exact rings, bangles and costume the host and chef wore to the programme and nothing about the dish prepared. Okay guys, it’s just my imagination running wild.

Talking about cookery shows every woman would be having this ‘one’ diary where in she notes down the recipes in it neatly, a task she’s been religiously doing from years together but never probably has her family actually enjoyed a dish from that and when asked about when would they ever get to taste any one from it the convenient reply of one or two ingredients not available in the house to prepare the dish would be the answer. 😁😁

For me, watching these shows is more soothing than actually lifting myself from that comfy sofa and getting into the kitchen and churning up a dish that could turn out to be a disaster. No, I’m not wasting my ingredients trying out something new which my family would outrightly discard and I would sadly have to put it into the bin and talk about the efforts put in to make that if it’s finally going to end up in the trash.

So I better stick to what I’m good at making and then why take unnecessary stress, right?

Till then I will continue to watch the experts do their job and be an ardent admirer of those beautiful studio sets and of course not to forget all those classy, elegant, cute, cool and sexy utensils and vessels who are the real show-stealers and worth drooling over.

Be your gender.

I’m just surprised seeing the different trends going on now among the two genders.

Recently I saw a guy wearing a nose ring. I had to look at him twice just to see what was he even wearing.

Have seen piercings on the ears , eyebrows and what not but I must say I find them absolutely weird especially on the eyebrows and lips. But this nose pin was something of a surprise and that too on the males. Are they taking the role reversal thing so seriously????

I’m old fashioned so that’s why I still find a decently dressed guy sexy and handsome.

Now from decently dressed I mean to say a guy who is devoid of tattoos or any kind of piercings, well groomed and away from those horrendous overgrown beards and hair tied into a bun. I wonder when did the males start idolizing the unkempt bun made by the lady folks and accept it as their own and donn it!

Agreed times are changing and we need to move with the times and all of that but some things just can’t be accepted. (atleast by me)

I’m no one to dictate to anyone as to how one should dress up and carry themselves but some things are graceful as they are and should be left that way. That’s the beauty of it.

Not cool when a male almost dresses up like a female and vice versa.

I wouldn’t like to see a female with built up muscles and a gym like body like her male counterparts. A lady is supposed to be graceful, feminine and curvy, of course at the right places.

We dont need alpha looking males either. I’m not even starting to talk about the clothes that the models wear on fashion shows but then that’s only for the ramp and no one really wears such stuffs in real life; just imagine if such clothes would be worn in mainstream life. For a second I imagined and then dropped that thought altogether.

Or maybe some of them are actually worn by the page 3 celebrities and the affluent. Oh whatever that’s a different world altogether.

So at the end, just making my point that beauty lies in accepting our gender as it is and not trying to make weird modifications to it. But then it’s one’s individual choice at the end of the day.

If you ask me what would be my choice of looks in a man. Then here goes :

. Dark black hair

. Light complexion

. Clean teeth and good grooming (clean hair, body, fingernails, clipped toe nails)

. Wearing good jeans (not the baggies, skinnies, just good fitting blue jeans and not wearing those t-shirts with loud prints and obscene messages)

. No jewellery

. Scented (subtle and not overpowering)

. Makes good eye contact

. Smiles a lot

. Treats everyone with respect

. Wears belt with tucked in shirt for formal wear

. No tattoo

. No piercing

. Slight stubble

. Fit but not overly muscular

. Full mustache and not clean shaved

. Good sense of humour

Well, that’s about it. And guess what, I just listed down some of my husband’s attributes up there and not bad, huh! 😁☺️

And then , I ain’t any Angelina Jolie or a Deepika Padukone to ask for a Brad Pitt or Ranveer!  Hehehe.


My day☺️

Hello everyone.

Today’s day, the 4th of December is special for me. Why, you ask? Well, today is my birthday. I’ve turned 41.

It’s 41 years since I’ve come into existence. It feels great. And no, I have no inhibitions revealing my age. And I don’t understand why people hide their age in the first place.

My day was as normal as any other day, now that I’m no longer a kid and have to be hyper and excited about my birthday. As far as I can remember, my parents have always kept us grounded and no extravagant celebrations on birthdays. My mother would make my favorite food on that day which would be sumptuous and lip-smacking. Friends would hand me greeting cards which would make me feel thrilled and top of the world. Father and brother would wish me and that day I would wear my special birthday dress and take sweets to school and distribute to all and that was it . Those were just the beautiful memories I have of my birthday  during my younger days.  Simple and beautiful.

Today, husband and kids wished me early morning with a lovely hug. And they left to office and school respectively. I just relaxed and husband had told me while leaving to office that he would come early and we would leave for dinner. But guess what. I said no cause as it was a long weekend this time and we did have food many a times from outside and I just didn’t want to go out again and order the same old stuff.

I decided to make my favorite food and payasam (kheer) for dessert rather than the usual cake and as today’s day belongs to me I get to decide what to make and all would have to dig in without much complaints and tantrums. ☺️

Well, I made vegetable pulav, vegetable salad in youghurt, carrot stripped and sautéed with ginger and chillies as a dry accompaniment and which can be eaten as a side dish and some fry-ums to go with these dishes. And some vermicelli kheer for dessert as that’s the usual tradition we follow at mine and in laws house for birthdays.

Got up today morning to lovely birthday wishes from few dear friends and close relatives. And of course wishes from my brother and sister- in – law who wished me today morning at 12 am, which they always do every year without fail. And birthday wishes are incomplete without the wishes of my parents who brought me into this world and are the main reason for my existence!

Feeling blessed.

Another year, another birthday has gone by. Birthdays are reminders of how old you have turned. But then age is just a number and for those whom you matter they wouldn’t mind you getting older cause you are always dear to them however ‘young’ you are! 😉

So my lovely followers, keep those beautiful wishes pouring in and wish me a happy birthday as another wonderful year has passed by reminding me of my lovely times and life spent till now and I wish for myself that every year brings happiness and joy as I step into another year and another journey called ‘life’.

Thank you. 🙂

Weekend finally getting over!!

As I mentioned in my earlier post we had a good 4 days holiday here because of the country’s national day. So today finally the holidays get over and then tomorrow back to business.

Yesterday we decided to go and waste our time in some mall. Normally this isn’t a crowded mall but yesterday it was packed and we thought to ourselves that these many people lived in Dubai?? But then it could be people from the other Emirates who visited Dubai because of the long break and Dubai is the ‘happening’ emirate of them all.

Food courts were just bursting with people, footwear shops offering discounts (a ploy to lure customers and nothing else) were packed with none other than the ladies while their poor husbands stood outside but thanks to the mobile they didn’t seem bored cos all were into them while the kids were enjoying running around and playing with the other kids of other couples.

Hypermarkets especially the grocery sections were buzzing with couples buying provisions as though this was their last day on earth!! And some of them doing their Christmas shopping with a huge list along with them which would take them the whole day to finish.

There were fire works on display which were awesome to watch. And Led balloons on sale which were selling at double the rate but we had to succumb to buying it due to our younger one’s demands. Oh well, she was happy and that smile on her face is dear to us and oh yes some toys too went into the kids kitty as we had promised them we would buy and they were happy though kids went crazy selecting what they actually wanted in a toy store. And I too felt like a kid and wanted to throw some tantrums watching other kids do that in the store to get what they wanted. 🤭

And at the end a visit to our favorite Italian restaurant to slurp down some spaghetti and pasta. Had a chit chat with the manager as we are regulars there but saddened by the news that the restaurant would be closed down by January due to lack of business and losses incurred. And that indeed wasn’t a good news to us. It’s a sad feeling when your favorite restaurant would close down and you really miss that ambience, the hospitality, the food, just about everything about that place would be missed. Sigh.

And at the end of all this leaving the mall was a big challenge as there was no way we could take out our car from the parking lot as it was choked with people already in queue to take out their vehicle. And the line of people waiting for taxis was even more longer.

So we needed to wait till the traffic clears up a bit and then start our way back home. Till that was done we enjoyed ourselves in the open porch with cool winds blowing through our hair and faces and watching our kids playing a game of running race and other kiddie things they were upto.

And finally we could leave the place only by 12 am. But a day well spent with laughter and loads of fun. And we headed back home with our favorite music in the car.

Back home, kids were astonishingly excited and hyper while the both of us were dead tired, with our legs aching with all that walking around the mall and a heavy tummy of course. We just wanted to hit the bed and drop dead.

I just remember turning off the lights and drifting off to sleep with husband snoring away already which is an indication of sound heavy sleep😁.

And I could hear the kids still laughing and playing in their rooms while I was too tired to check on them and tell them to go off to sleep while I slept off like a baby and had no clue what time they dozed off!

And my eyes opened today, later in the day after a good sound sleep.

Tomorrow, back to routine, with husband and children off to office and school.

I’m attaching a picture of the led balloon which I’m more excited about than my kids are. ☺️☺️

Small things make me so happy. 😃😃