As I extend my hand to help

To wipe away the tears and sorrows of a friend

I get drenched.

And what do I see?

The rains too have a tale to tell

Of pains, sufferings and secrets well kept.

As I hold the droplets in my hand

I’m reminded of who I am.

A human first then a man.

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.


Miracle. Truly it was!

Yesterday was like any other day. The usual routine and mundane chores and stuff. Now that the month of Ramadan is on the only plus point is that husband and children come back early from their office and schools respectively.

The kids or at least one of them goes off to sleep in the afternoon after a good and heavy lunch on reaching home from school and also as they need to leave to quite early in the morning they are tired by the time they reach home.

So yesterday too the same routine followed. Kids went off to sleep and husband reached from office and in the evening as we were watching the news, though all channels were debating the exit polls, we were kind of bored with it when suddenly a noise emerged, ‘boom’. It all happened within seconds. The chandelier from the ceiling in our drawing room came crashing down and landed safely and sound on to the ground. We were in for a shock as all these years whenever and wherever we stayed at different houses or parental houses, this was an incident which was never witnessed by any one of us ever. Even during our stay in this house this is the first time that such a thing happened. I have only seen such instances happening in bollywood films or serials. Those dramatic scenes where in the chandelier drops down exactly when the hero and heroine are dancing at a party hall or some villian clinging on to it and swaying to and fro on it when the hero finally shoots it down and all such drama. 😁😁

Though no damage occurred to the chandelier and the bulbs were all intact I just imagined what a tragedy was averted if in case someone was right below it. Though on normal days my younger child is always sitting on the floor just below that chandelier and doing what she likes best – coloring or writing something or just playing with her toys. But yesterday she was asleep when this happened. And I just thought to myself in my mind that God is indeed great and God exists.

Anything could have happened. Anyone could have got injured. But by God’s grace, no one, absolutely no one was hurt.

First thing today I called up the electrician and asked him to come over and fix it back up there and see to it that such an issue never occurs again and also to check the fixtures of all the chandeliers in all the bedrooms just to stay safe. Thank God we do not have ceiling fans here. Now when I thought about the case of the falling chandelier, ceiling fans crossed my mind too!

So guys, please be careful and stay safe and once in a while do check the fixations of ceiling fans and lights just to avoid any accident. Be it old or new fittings, just get it checked to be on the safer side. This type of incident could happen to anyone and anytime.

Not saying this with any intention to scare you guys but just a reminder to stay safe!

And oh by the way, today my shower curtain rod fell down when I was just preparing to go in for a shower.

What’s happening?? Getting a spooky feeling now.


I stand at every shopping center,

Filling me up is everyone’s way of showing love.

Once shopping is done I’m left here and there without any ponder.

And I wander on wheels and finally I stand to wonder who would next flounder.

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.


They met online. They followed each other. They liked and commented on each other’s posts. They waited for each other to come online. But never messaged one another. Till one day she messaged him.

She: Hi, your posts are fun to read. I really enjoy them.

He: oh thanks. I read yours too.

She: Thanks, I’m honored.

He: So, what do you do?

She: Working in an IT firm. What about you?

He: I’m a writer.

She: That’s great. No wonder your posts are so deep, so well written and articulate.

He: I just jot down what comes in my mind.

She: And that itself is splendid. Your mind overworks and produces wonderful outputs.

He: You sure are proving to be giving your work all justice, I mean talking in IT language. *Smiles *

She: Haha, you sure are a keen observer. Sorry if it’s irksome.

He : Not at all.

She: What do you write on?

He: Life, love, pain and anything which stirs my soul.

She: You writers have a way with words. Writers are never dearth of words.

He: You’re mistaken Aarti. I go for a toss sometimes and also go in for a major loss of words when I see beauty in front of me. Either I shiver or embrace it with full love.

She: That’s so beautiful. See, didn’t I tell you that writers can say a simple sentence in a whole new dimension. I love that in you so much , I meant that quality in writers.

He: You’re making me blush now. ☺️

She: Just telling you the fact, feel free to blush. 😁😁

He: Got to go now, bye, till we meet again, I mean, till we chat again.

She: Ya, bye. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

He: Haha, I love that emoji. Let me put one too in reciprocation. πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

* Both sign off *

They think of the conversation. Re – read it a dozen times. Smile to themselves and wait for the next chat to happen.

He logs in . As usual liked some posts, commented on some but in his mind he was anxiously waiting for her. Waited and waited. She didn’t appear online. He didn’t feel too good. He felt something missing. A part of him felt numb. He never felt this way for anyone ever. He asked himself if he was in love and a voice from within replied, ‘Yes’.

A week passed by when finally she logged in and he too was seen online. The green light next to her name excited him more than anything else ever. She was happy on seeing him too.

He: Hi, how are you? Didn’t see you for some days.

She: Hiii, I’m doing good ya. Was busy with office work. Now got some time to breathe. Phew!

He : I…..

She: What happened? You wanting to say something? Hope all is well with you. 😟

He: I missed you like hell.

She: Awwww, that’s so sweet. Atleast someone said that to me. I needed to hear that badly!

He: Arre, I’m not joking. I meant it.

She: Thanks Sachin. But now I’m back. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€

He: Don’t just suddenly disappear like this. You give me a heartache!

She: Ahem.. ahem. Someone seems to be smitten by someone online.

He: Your guess is correct. I’m smitten by you.

She: Arre wah! A writer is smitten by me. Now isn’t that cool. 😎😁

He: Never thought it would happen but then this one person just comes into my life from nowhere and destroys my peace. And that destruction is beautiful and I have no words to describe that.

She : Then you need to write a poem on me describing your live tsunami, sorry for the bad usage of words. I’m not a writer, you see. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

He: why only a poem? A book on you is what I planned. Well, you did touch the correct chords and turned on the music in me. I’m indebted to you for life.

She: oh my, that’s too much to say Sachin. *blushing *

* Awkward Silence*

He: I really love you. And I don’t just say things like that for fun. I mean every word I say. And after all this if you find me suitable enough then I will be blessed.

She: I like you too. I think you’re just made for me. And then as the saying goes, ‘ if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.’ it’s so true in our case. So I expect poetries, love notes, shayris from you. You better keep up with those expectations. I think that’s not too much to ask for, right Sachin?

He: For you, anything!

A poetic love story erupts . A garden of feelings and emotions bloom.

‘Love is a feeling,

Love is an emotion,

And It causes commotion.

It’s a healing touch

To the depressed and the oppressed.

It gives rise to words,

And puts the demons in us to rest,

It makes you do things that are best.

Love someone for as they are,

Don’t demand, don’t expect.

Love is to share and respect,

Be with someone who makes you forget the rest!


I came across this quote today and thought, ‘ wow, so deep and true’.

We meet people from various sources, be it from our school, college, office colleagues, relatives and so on. And what do they ask you when met, ‘ how are you?’ which I think has become a standard question and we intentionally answer with a ‘ I’m doing good/fine which may or may not be the case always. And no one really checks on your mental health and asks you if you are sad, happy, anxious or panicky? If you do have someone like that who checks on your emotional well being then consider yourself very lucky because such people are rare and worth keeping in your life.

Everyone is only bothered about how’s your studies, job, career going on and the questions only revolve around those topics. If you’re of marriageable age then questions on that topic rise as to when are you getting married, what type of bride/groom are you looking out for. If married then questions on when are you having kids, how many kids do you plan on having and why aren’t you having kids and the worst types are, ‘is something wrong with him/her and is that the reason why you guys aren’t having kids’ and so on and on. And it’s so annoying to hear such questions as well as answer them. And we all have heard these things innumerable times in our lives.

There’s no end to all these non- sensical questions. And how do we know whether the person enquiring all these are really and genuinely concerned about us or are they asking all this just for the sake of asking something. Other than parents and maybe a countable number of friends no one really bothers or cares about our well being. It’s the harsh truth that we need to face and know.

Now what is happiness? For different people it has different meanings. For the under previleged it means surviving under tough conditions and having to find means of not going hungry on a daily basis. For the middle class it’s a struggle to survive and go to work daily to earn their bread and butter so that the family life runs smoothly and for the super rich it’s just when, where and how to party and waste money.

I feel no one can be 100% happy. There’s always bound to be sadness in our lives in some form or the other and that’s normal. That’s how life balances itself. And there isn’t any fun being always happy. If that was the case then how would we ever learn to accept and bear failures and heart breaks in life. Every pain teaches you a lesson and makes you a bit stronger than before without you yourself realizing it.

Just today morning at the breakfast table I was discussing a news report I came across regarding a sad death of a certain person. And my husband told me as to why do I read such negative and unhappy news . To which I replied, ‘I am not interested in political or financial news. I read things related to humanity, happenings around the world which may contain criminal news, entertainment, positive information and so on. I can’t close my eyes to the negative things happening around the world and focus only on the positive side of things’. And for some reason he didn’t reply back.

Negativity and positivity is a part of life. You can’t smile and stay positive always. It isn’t possible. One needs to know sadness too. Negative news helps you to stay alert and makes sure that you do not commit that mistake which others did. It’s a learning in disguise. But it has its side effects too. You tend to view everything in its bad side and form which is not to be entertained. But having said that, one must not completely dissociate with negativity. It’s a stepping stone to do better and it’s only when you feel uncomfortable that you want to bring about a change in your life and you work towards it.

With regards to people who bring about negative feelings in you, those types are to be ignored if cannot be avoided completely. But then I feel they too should be a part of our lives cos only then if you feel and embrace the beauty of a positive person in your life. When you compare the two the positive person will always shine better than the negative one, no doubts on that. You will feel the aura of positivity around you when you speak to a person who has good thoughts, who are kind to others, have respect for others and who value human beings. You tend to behave like them slowly and steadily which will always benefit you in the long run.

A negative person only sees the worst in everyone and in every situation. They find faults with every damn thing on this planet and you really can’t do anything to change them.

Now the question, ‘are you happy? as stated in the quote is really a very tricky one to answer. I feel no one can give a definite answer to this because happiness is not constant. And neither will anyone tell you that they aren’t happy in the fear of being judged. Everyone will either beat around the bush or give you philosophical answers or a diplomatic answer to escape this question.

The question is relevant but the answers to it are not definite. If today this second, this hour, this minute you are feeling happy then maybe in the next second all that will go for a toss and you will be sulking and cribbing. That’s what happiness does to us. It has an uncanny way of turning an ecstatic situation to a sad and depressing situation in no time. Amazing, isn’t it?

And also thinking that others are going to make and keep you happy is the biggest foolishness of life. Everyone is temporary, their feelings are temporary, the earlier we realize that the happier we will be.

Don’t ever expect that others are the source of your happiness. People change in due course of time. No one remains the same and also know that you are replaceable. If today someone is laughing along with you and keeping you happy then tomorrow the same person will bring tears in your eyes and you can’t do anything about it. That’s how life is.

The only way is to keep yourself happy first. Share that happiness with others too but not by neglecting yourself. Sometimes make yourself a priority rather than always sacrificing for others. Only if you are happy from within can you make others happy too and try doing that and see the difference.

You hold the key to your own happiness. Expect nothing from others. Have zero expectations from people and see how your life transforms. It will only get better in time.


Nowadays I’m so into writing and thinking of poems. As you all might have noticed that my posts are poetry based nowadays. It’s just a fascination I guess and don’t know how long it would last. But till then I would like to try and explore as much I can with words and feelings.

This is a poem I wrote recently. Here goes :

I stood there

Looking deeply into the woods.

I see colors that mystify my looks.

There’s something that’s beautiful about the dark,

Is it a feeling felt by me or also by someone else?

I see flowers glowing and the skies so mist,

Is it a reality or a myth?

Pic courtesy: Realistic Poetry International.