What comes to your mind when you hear the word beautiful? A person, a book, a picture, nature ? Many things come rushing to your mind and for everyone their perception of beautiful is different.

You come  across many attractive faces in your life and one cant deny how great it feels when you are called “beautiful” or ” attractive” or ” mesmerizing” . You feel on cloud nine😊😊. And being beautiful is a blessing but it can be a curse too. You are stalked , you get unwanted attention , annoying and flirtatious comments are passed and all this  can get on the nerves😠. But having a beautiful heart along with a beautiful face is an icing on the cake. And not everyone is lucky to have both of these qualities.

By beauty I mean natural looks and not made up with the help of make up and accessories. People of the olden days belong to this category. Their beauty reflected in their behaviour and the way they carried themselves. Their diet,  the physical work they carried out in terms of household chores, and other activities around a huge mansion kept them well toned and this added to their grace and charm. And nowadays , as everything is instantly available and with a  flood of  cosmetics in the market , natural looks are on the decline and everything and everyone looks all made up and artificial 😲.

And as they say ,” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. What you feel beautiful might not look and feel the same for me and vice versa. And then it’s one’s choice how to present themselves in front of others . But if you ask me , a fresh face with good  features , devoid of any make -up is always liked and beautiful to look at.



Film Celebrities

India is a country where films and celebrities are a craze among the public. People look on to them, imitate them, and in extreme cases, worship them! Yes, you heard it right . There are celebrities like Rajnikanth and Khushboo who are/ were worshipped. Khushboo even has a temple dedicated to her name. Now  how absurd is that! But it’s true.

Aren’t they  humans like us? Then why  this obsession over them? They are doing their profession like any other person does but the only difference being they are celebrities and are always in the limelight for whatever they say , whatever they do , whatever they wear and so on! And that’s a pretty terrible life. They enjoy no freedom. They need to weight their words before they speak, they need to go under the knife to maintain their looks even though It means to play with their life and harm their natural looks in the pursuit of staying youthful.

One still hears news of youngsters running away from their homes to meet their desired star or to debut  in Bollywood films which result in getting trapped in several rackets and spoiling one’s own life. Admiring film personalities are all fine but not at the risk of losing one’s own Identity.

And if you ask me , i personally feel these film stars are the biggest hyprocites. They say one thing and do something else. At times of crisises they do not even stand with their own fraternity. They evade taxes and inspite of earning crores of rupees through films and endorsements they do not contribute anything  towards the development of their own country. Only big talks and no action!

And if you talk about acting , better is to say nothing at all! The current generation is a misfit to the industry. And that’s due to nepotism. They are in Bollywood  only and only  due to their connections and due to the fact that their fathers, mothers, uncles , aunts, cousins and so on have made a name for themselves in this industry and so  this makes the entry for these so called ” new gen” easy.

Heroines have no substantial role to play in movies other than being the arm candy , dabbing on make-up and wearing outrageous clothes and are in a ” bare-it-all” competition with their counterparts. A sad state of affairs. Gone are the days of heroine -centric movies like Damini, Sajjan, Chaalbaaz where in the heroes were sidelined by the actresses  performance and the whole movie was known for the work of the  heroine rather than their co-stars and the hero.

Better not to talk about the lyricists of today. One’s ears bleed hearing the songs of today . I mean , how low can you get??But still amidst these crap comes a movie once in a while by stalwart directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali or a Shoojit Sarcar  which gives you hope that good movies can be created if one has the will to. Good songs, good direction, costumes, locations are never compromised under their direction and you know  you will never regret watching their creations.  And a sense of  paisa  vasool, happiness , goosebumps and a worthwhile experience is felt when you go watch their movies. And that’s how it should be . After all Bollywood is all about tamasha, spice , masala and  bits of sorrow, happiness, laughter and a cocktail of various  other emotions.

Actors are mere puppets in the  hands of a director.  And a talented director can make even  the worst actor  bring out the best in them . But sadly , actors choose crappy scripts and mess up with their careers . As a result of which  their downfall is predicted and stardom slowly depreciates.

Hopes of watching good cinema seems to be declining and I can call myself lucky to have been blessed to have watched movies of substance and of talented directors , actors and actresses and I feel  sorry for the generation of today that they get to watch movies of sub-standard  quality which never seem to be improving  now or in the near future.


People amaze me. There’s something mysterious about them. One tends to meet various types of them in one’s life. And each and everyone has something which makes you remember them.

One such lady comes to my mind while  I write this. She stayed in the same colony where I used to stay back home  in India. She was a very different type of personality altogether . Being a tall and sturdy woman, one couldn’t miss noticing her. Her family comprised of her husband and two sons. The husband was a simple man, doing about his work and not interfering in anyone’s life ( which is very rare quality among Indians) . The sons too didn’t mingle much with anyone. They faced hard times in their earlier days as uncle was the only earning member and aunty did  cloth stitching works for that little extra income . Years passed by and the children got working and became independent and uncle retired from his job but went on to do some part time job as sitting simply at home didn’t suit him and more important was  the money factor .  But later , due to the old age problems of aches and pains , he gave up the job but became a victim of persistent coughs and other problems. And that irritated the family members and they started taunting him for his coughs and one thing lead to another and sons and mother told him to leave the house and he started living with his brother who later on couldn’t keep up and later admitted him to an old age home! The sons got married and started leading their own lives and they too had their share of problems with their parents.

Cutting the long story short, the lady became all alone in her flat and one day she passed away due to cardiac attack and no one knew of this incident.It was only after a week and that too due to the foul smell emanating from the flat that people informed the police and her house had to be broke open . Her family was informed and all had arrived and last rites done. Later , after a month or so, her husband too passed away .

Coming to say, that after all this she died like an orphan. She was of  a peculiar character and in the end  no one was there for her. Her pride, ego destroyed her . She didn’t value her husband and always showed partiality towards her younger child and due to that her elder son had bitter relations with her.  Anyways , it was a sad tragedy . She did not deserve to die a death like that. But then, that was her fate.

So people, you never know when you would leave this world so be humble, love all,  try not to hurt people with your words and actions. And value people who love you .




I personally believe cooking is an art . Not everyone are perfect at this skill. I’m married and for me cooking is something I do so that the family doesn’t go hungry😲😕 otherwise I would always prefer someone  to cook for me!

Though my kids and husband feel I cook quite well and they do praise my dishes, I feel I’m no where near my mother who is an excellent cook. Nothing fancy about her cooking but whatever she cooks up I feel it’s out of this world!😊😊 That’s how moms are. 😍😍  I think its got to do with the love and passion they have for cooking and a feel to cook the best for their family which turns out to be awesome.

Now that my parents are here visiting me , I’m lucky to be tasting all the dishes she prepares and I’m literally licking my fingers 😋and then she feels and says that her cooking isn’t turning out well like before! So I sit and imagine if this itself is lip – smacking then how it would have been when we were younger though I do not remember much during my childhood days. And tasting grandma’s dishes , my daughter, all of 11  tells me,” Amma , you have lots to learn from your mother”😅😅and i wholeheartedly agree with her.  I’m just a trainee in front of the master chef!

It will take years to gain that skill or perhaps I can never match her culinary skills . My mother tells me that her grandmother used to make the most awesome food and no one in the family could match that skill. So I guess it remains that way.  As generations passes, though you might inherit some skill but the culinary skills of our ancestors and then later of our grandmothers and mothers cannot be replicated even though now with all electronic gadgets at our disposal and cooking being easier to do , that taste, that smell, that magic  in  their hands do not seem to come into the hands of the  newer generations.



The most heinous crime that can be done to a human being . The victims or the ” survivors” are left to live a life of death forever. They are no longer the same they used to be any more. No words to express the trauma they undergo.

Be it the Nirbhaya case or the recent Kathua case of an 8 year old innocent child, Asifa. My hands shiver as I write this . I’m a mother of two girls myself aged 11 and 6. And this small little girl ,Ashifa was just an 8 year old. What was her fault? She hadn’t even enjoyed her childhood that such a tragedy took place upon her. The images of her wearing a bright purple dress and pig tails and those big  beautiful eyes must have haunted every single Indian  citizen at least once!

The people involved behind this crime aren’t humans . They are demons and satans existing among the humans . How can people be so monstrous that they can’t understand the pain and suffering of other human beings and she was just a child. I always kept wondering that aleast one  among  them could have had some humanity in them and could have let her go but alas I was wrong and people do not think the same as you do! And now to term this horrendous crime as a matter of religion is all the more horrible.

A dalit is raped

A Hindu is raped

A Muslim is raped

There’s  absolutely no any consideration that a woman or child is raped!!

Where is humanity??? People and media terming it as a matter of religion is just not acceptable. People need to act tough now and do everything possible that these matters get escalated and the offenders are punished and not spared at any cost.

Sometimes I feel these laws are just an eye wash . In cases of rape incidents , there should be no thinking twice . The offenders should be hanged to death . Period.  Evidences to be collected against the person who committed the crime and either leave them to the public to be killed or the concerned officials should act swiftly and hang them without any delay. Only then will the people have faith in justice and  next time think before doing anything.

Sometimes I wonder if democracy have become a punishment for us rather than being a blessing. People aren’t afraid to break the rules. They roam around freely committing the most heinous crimes and laws take their own time to pass verdicts . Ministers, police officials are involved in all sorts of corruption and it takes ages to prove that they are involved in those frauds and they roam scot free coming back to power again.

People fighting against each other in the name of religion is a sad fact prevailing in the country . No one seems to think that they are human beings first and other matters come second.

When would we get to see a corrupt- free India? An India safe and sound , devoid of crimes against women.  If we aren’t able to take care of our  children then what right do we have to talk about women empowerment? If  a lady doesn’t feel safe to travel in her own country inspite of being educated, financially independent , to wear a dress of her choice then what’s the point of talking about equality?

It’s not the ladies and women who are to be taught what to wear , or how to talk or when to come home. Its the men/ boys  who are to be taught how to respect the opposite sex. And that need to start at one’s own homes! Not putting the entire blame on them  but respect should be mutual only then will there be lesser crimes and can harmony co-exist.

And for the departed soul of  little Ashifa, sorry to say we have miserably failed once again as human beings . I hope wherever you are , be  happy that you left this  horrific world where people do not seem to differentiate between their wives and kids!! I hope you haunt these predators and kill them as they did to you . At least this way you could give yourself justice and the whole nation would stand with you without any doubt.

Rest in peace Ashifa. And condolences to the bereaving parents.

Our heads hang in shame over this entire incident. And sad to say that humanity is dying every single day and humans behaving like monsters seem to be rampant . And this is scary and alarming at the same time.


Childhood memories😍

Childhood is the most beautiful and innocent phase of our lives.  We are so much pampered , loved , hugged by our parents and those silly fights with our siblings  ( though at that time it isn’t silly)  make us yearn for all those moments to come back in our lives once again.  But , alas,  It wouldn’t as now we are adults and believe me, being adults really isn’t interesting or great!!

We need to look and act mature and  be responsible . We aren’t supposed to be laughing loudly at jokes , sit in whatever way  or position we want  😥. sometimes I think I shouldn’t have grown up😐.

Right now, my parents are with us. They have come down on a visit to dubai from India. And their presence itself makes us feel happy though nothing extraordinary they do but watching them , their talks with each other regarding small aches and pains, their talks  about  young age experiences makes me think we too would be doing the same at their age.

And when they tell me about some of the things that I did during my young age or school days , I’m just blank cos I don’t recollect anything and they being older remember many things of mine and my sibling and I’m like wow! And I think to myself that me being  younger have such bad memory so imagine me at their age!😨😧 But then they are our  parents and every parent remembers everything about their kids  , if not all, but many things their kids did during their growing up ages.  And tomorrow when we become parents the same applies to us too😊and that’s Parenthood!

Childhood, school memories always stays with us and is never forgotten. And now thanks to Facebook, WhatsApp, we are in touch with our classmates and it feels happy to know that they too haven’t forgotten us after so many years. Now when I see my kids going to school, doing their homework, I so  wish I too could put on that uniform , get my lunch boxes and get  on that school bus and head off to school😁 and oh yes when my kids complain about that homework they get and they don’t feel to do it , I just feel like taking those books and writing and doing it for them. My hands just itch to write on those books with pens and pencils, erasing it and completing it for them but sadly I can’t , sigh!

Time flies but memories are always fresh in our minds cos memories are the only things that are ours and no one else has a right over them. So keep those memories alive , live them and smile thinking of them cos those were genuine , it made you happy at some point of your life and you never get those moments twice in your lives.


Be yourself.

I logged on to Facebook  and  was scrolling through some posts when one particular post caught my attention and  I felt to talk and write about it here.

This was being narrated by a lady and the issues she spoke about was something we all can  relate to. She was a  42 year old , having  some grey hairs and people who were her friends, relatives used to ask her why didn’t she dye her hair and why she wanted to look like an old hag? She was criticised for this. Then she spoke of her body weight , which always kind of fluctuated and made her look somewhat bloated and some times made her look thin. She was suffering from an auto immune disease due to which her jaws made her look like a weird monster in her childhood days and she was always mocked by her class mates which in turn made her lose her self confidence. She was eagerly waiting to grow up so that this defect could be corrected. Then finally the day descended and she underwent surgery and things became fine after that but by then the joy of looking better than before didn’t excite her any more and nothing extraordinary was felt by her and days , months , years passed with hardly any difference felt by her.

Life went on and she got married and then came the biggest difference in her life . Her husband. He was that single person who always made a positive impact in her life. He never saw any flaws in her , be it looks or behaviour . He wasn’t affected by the grey  hairs on her head or her changing body shape or her faulty jawline. He always motivated her , made her look and feel happy and always told her to be “herself “. And nothing else mattered more than that . And literally she too stopped thinking what others thought about her and made herself a priority and started living according to her own beliefs rather than giving importance to others opinions . She felt good and that mattered to her the most.

So coming to the point that  people judge you no matter what you do or say.  People criticise and hurt you and derive some unseen happiness from it. The day one starts ignoring these people and their talks , that’s the day one starts living happily.

You live only once so don’t waste it by getting offended and hurt by  people who can’t see the good in you or have only negative things to say about you or others.

This is your life. You have the right to stay happy and that ability  lies within you. Do what makes you happy and be happy in whatever you do.