A Leafy Love Story…

The winds were blowing. It was a breezy, wild and maniac day. Roaring noises of the winds brought in eerie feelings into the neighboring households.

Plants in the pots swayed away to the tunes of the mini hurricane. Some were swept away and broke down onto the ground, crushing every dream of a leaf on being a beautiful part of a well flourishing plant.

Tippy was blown away from her family.

She wept thinking what to do. She felt homeless and naked. Whom would she bare her soul and narrate her woes to. She flipped helplessly to reach a safe place fearing and escaping the dangers and clutches of four legged animals around. She found solace from the gusty winds that seemed to bestow their wrath on mother earth for no known reasons. Her family worried for her safety and prayed she would be able to live her fate.

Just then another survivor reached her place. She was happy to find a friend who shared her same conflict. He introduced himself as Dimpy.

He too was blown away from a kind soul’s nursery. He missed his master and prayed for his long health but was sad he couldn’t be there till his last breath. Tippy and Dimpy got on well like peas in a pod. It wasn’t late till sparks flew and Dimpy confessed his love, which was pure and felt like the first showers of rain on her.

Tippy, without second thoughts said ‘yes’ and their love blossomed in due course making them proud parents of a fresh and tender leaf named, ‘Teeny’. 🥰

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The Life Of A Leaf..

Crossing rivers, lakes, mountains and skies,

I’ll fly till i dry,

Will count my last days,

As the warmth falls on me by the sun’s rays,

And the darkness of the night still amaze.

Soon to be absorbed in mother nature’s lap,

To be one among the hundreds in a heap,

There’ll be others to fill in my gap,

I’ve lived enough and its time to take a long nap.

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The Saviour…

You left,

I wept.

No one to water,

Felt homeless in this hot weather.

Days went by,

I prayed with a sigh.

Waiting for your return,

As wasn’t sure i would die or survive.

Till one day i heard the door open,

And by now i was totally broken.

My friends had all lost the battle,

Their passing away left me rattled.

Your soft touch then resurrected me,

And those words, ‘I’m back, you’ll be fine’ eased my pain,

And never have i felt lonely ever again.

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A Well Spent Sunday..

Weekends should be lazy, fun and just moments of slow fleeting.

Families should see to it that they don’t exert themselves, go out unnecessarily cause all this hampers everyone’s spirits for the following day, Monday.

Yesterday was one such beautiful evening. Husband and myself were istening to songs of kishore kumar, Mohammad Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor and just blurting out, ‘wah wah’ on every song on hearing. I’m so glad that we both love songs of yesteryears and my better half is absolutely clueless of songs of nowadays, a blessing in disguise i would say!

I must say he had a fine taste in woman too. Be it Yogita Bali, Madhubala and lastly, Leena Chandravakar, all these women were gorgeous and it was said that he used to sing songs through the phone to win their hearts but then which lady in her right senses wouldn’t fall for such voice!!

Though all the above mentioned singers are stalwarts in their fields, i just feel Kishore kumar stands out for his renditions and the songs he had sung were timeless. If he was alive today he would be 93 years of age and still hopping around with his quirky smile and attitude perhaps.

Though he looked very extrovert in his mannerisms and on stage while performing , in real he was a total introvert in life. He kept away from people and hardly trusted anyone and in matters of money its said that he was not less than an uncle scrooge. He hardly gave any interviews through his entire career as a singer and actor.

It is said and i remember reading that he had kept away his money hidden somewhere and no one really knew about its whereabouts, don’t know how true this is but i won’t be surprised if this is true either. No one could really predict his nature and behavior. At times he would behave like a child and sometimes he would not speak a word and just be by himself the whole day.

In a rare interview given to Lata Mangeshkar he had mentioned that he always felt lonely and never felt happy though to the outside world he looked like a man full of life and excitement. Guess, some people just know how to camouflage themselves beautifully without revealing their self identity to the world and Kishore Kumar was one such person.

His songs and his voice will never be forgotten till eternity along with his personality which always projected a man having a happy-go-lucky demeanor and attitude but what lies beneath that mask no one could really tell, not even his close ones perhaps.

Kishore Kumar, you will forever live in our hearts and no one can ever take that place from you. ❤️

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This song has to be one of the greatest romantic songs ever!

This song came out in the year ’83 and i was just a six year old then but i remember hearing this more seriously in the 90’s when i was a teen. It was a chartbuster and remained as the top song for so many years. Fast forward to many years later, i heard this recently while travelling and felt so ecstatic and memories of this song came running back in no time and put a smile on my face instantly.

So wonderfully written lyrics, the passion involved, the eye contact that the singers make while singing the song, soothing music and not to forget the intensity with which the singers have rendered it makes it even more beautiful that one would love to hear it till eternity. I believe great songs are not made and sung everytime, they come once in a blue moon and for me this is one such song!

Renee & Renato – – Save your love..


School vacations are nearing. A full two months. A respite from the scorching heat.

My elder daughter has decided to give her friends these friendship bands knitted by her with their name initials on each one of them. These will be a gift for them before they part for their vacations. Nothing fancy but simple and sweet things matter a lot.



When you haven’t done art in a long time, even drawing a straight line seems so difficult.

I was going through my art books and thinking to myself, ‘wow, i did these??’ And now my little one tells me to start drawing and I’m quite motivated when i watch her as she picks up her pencil and does her art at any time and during any part of the day and comes and shows me and my better half with so much of excitement in her face and i exactly know that feeling of how much effort goes into drawing and coloring that picture however small or insignificant others perceive it to be. And when your kid does it you better appreciate it cause he/she has moved those tiny fingers into creating a masterpiece that she /he is proud of.

Children motivate you unlike adults. Kids do not have any motive and whatever they say is purely out of love for you and what they liked and observed in you.

So, i would be picking up that pencil of mine and doing something that would make her happy and definitely make me happy too in return. Hopefully that day arrives soon!

People who draw or are masters in craft, GUYS and GALS, I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


At a restaurant, a man sitting all by himself, listening to a song on loop and humming along to it and not bothered about the people actually present there.. caught my attention too as the song he hummed along to was and is one of my favorite songs till now. It so prompted me to hear it myself after a long gap of time.

The movie.. Jab We Met, the chocolate boy shahid kapoor and the chirpy Kareena kapoor stole everyone’s heart by their performances in this movie.

And the songs of this movie were awesome and till today it’s a delight to hear them any time and any day!

Aao chale.. Wonderfully sung by Shaan, beautiful picturisation and a treat to the eyes.

Har Har Mahadev.

Yesterday while watching a news report on Draupadi Murmu, the BJP’s candidate for president, they showed her visiting a Lord Shiva temple and whispering into the ears of Nandi. I found it fascinating cause i have never seen such a practice being done back home in kerala when visiting shiva temples. When I read about it, it turned out to be a custom followed in many southern states specially in Tamil Nadu.

On further reading about this practice which is followed by many devotees, it is said that one whispers their prayers or wishes in the ears of the bull, Nandi, which is lord Shiva’s best friend and aide and Nandi is present in every temple of lord shiva. They say that Nandi then conveys these messages to shiva once he steps out of his meditation.

This is what i read on the net..

Very interesting, isn’t it? Well, i didn’t know about this but atleast now became aware of it.

Everyday one comes to know something new and significant, hence shared this here for people who didn’t know about it!

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