Life… And it’s problems.

When was the last time you felt relaxed and your mind was devoid of thoughts – both wanted and unwanted. Don’t remember? Many of us have forgotten that kind of life.

It’s really funny when we look back. when we were kids we so badly wanted to grow up and enjoy adulthood. And now when we are adults…..nothing great about it and wish to go back to being kids.

Every stage in life has its ups and downs. When you’re a child you’re pampered by your parents and your tantrums are more or less accepted by them. Then you grow and start schooling. Then slowly the pressure of performing well seeps into you willingly or sometimes forced upon you by parents and relatives. Then you wish to be in college soon to lead that carefree life, to donn those fashionable clothes and impress your crush all thanks to karan Johar movies. And in this process your studies plummet down which comes along with the side effects of your pocket money cut short, your mobile phone not being charged by your ATM parents any more. With eerie silence and those murderous looks given to you by your folks and you in return go on hunger strikes and long evening walks to be alone and some time to be away from all. An escape from everything and sometimes even planning and plotting your own kidnapping. *devilish thoughts of teenagers*. But somehow life goes on and you sail through those hurdles.

Once all this crazy, hot-headed, rebellious teenage years of colleging or professional studies are done with you enter the phase of getting into the corporate world with your degrees and education. There too life doesn’t seem to be so kind. Struggles to prove yourself, competition, targets, meetings, gaining experiences and working your ass off in the hope of getting better opportunities so that you can jump from this organization to another and then another. A kind of frog life. Only jumping around without any clue of what exactly is going on in your life.

Once you’ve realised your aims and goals and that you are fairly and comfortably placed and you need to take a break or wanting to go for that ‘planned for long but never materialized wala vacation’ comes the pre-planned emotional blackmailing part from parents to settle down in life and they are ever so waiting to see your unborn children and they have already registered your name at some matrimonial website and are pleading with you day in and day out to atleast take a glance at those equally pressurized girls and boys whom they have shortlisted for you. Finally you give in and take the plunge of being hooked for eternity.

Happy moods, all going well in life. New marriage, new wife, new husband, romance in the air, stolen hugs and kisses, unlimited sex happening. Life like a fairytale and viola a year passes by. You’re just sinking into the bliss of everything going great and feeling blessed by the way things are around you when suddenly the pressure of, ‘when are you giving us the good news?’ start building up in your parents talk and some dialogues of nosy relatives. And sometimes the horror of not giving them their grandkids in the normal stipulated time of marital consummation finally makes them ask, ‘is everything OK between both of you. Have you consulted the doctor. Don’t delay such things’.

Sometimes too much pressure from parents, society, relatives, and the genuine maternal instincts of the woman in question ends up in her pregnancy and the child is born. Once again everyone happy, pampering in full swing goes on with a silent war brewing up between the mother in law and daughter in- law as who is doing or has done parenting more effectively and perfectly which eventually results in the child becoming a spoilt brat with the son and father in – law watching and ignoring these issues perfectly. Later on, in another some years, another child – planned or unplanned comes along which completes the family picture. Perfect. In all this process the child/children grows and once again the parents face the heat of placing them in the best schools which ask for crazy amounts as donations and school fees which only goes down the drain with the effect being no major change seen in the educational system nor any substantial change in the kids either. All of them still behave obnoxiously in class with no specific efforts taken by the teachers to uplift the child/children’s hidden talents with emphasis given only to complete useless homeworks and projects which is not even looked into and not to forget the never ending series of exams which creates a volatile situation at home and a cross border like scene and any trespasser will be prosecuted then and there.

This cycle goes on for many more years till the child/children reaches adulthood and oh, then too it doesn’t stop there. Then you take the place of your parents and spoiling it further for your kids.

In all this, somewhere we have lost the essence of living our lives the way we want. To laugh away without any inhibitions, to be stress free, to pursue some hobby we were passionate about or to sometimes just sit, relax and breathe forgetting every damn responsibility in this whole wide world that we are committed to.

But thanks to some social media sites like Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, we are fulfilling our dreams to an extent. By buying that DSLR camera or that mobile with the best camera and clicking photographs and posting on Instagram we are showing the world our fascination and love for beautiful things, places, people and an obsession for photography.

Posting our thoughts and writing it out here on this site is a great way of bringing out the writer in us or our love for writing which was dormant all these years or just an undiscovered talent in us that was choking inside us and was looking out for a platform to be expressed. Let it be poems, thoughts, posts, anything for that matter, finally it’s all about you. It’s an extension of your personality and the happiness, satisfaction and joy it brings to you is most important and that shouldn’t die an untimely death. One needs to keep reviving their passions. You need to do it for yourself. Forget about if anyone would read or see your work. Do it for yourself and if anyone appreciates it, thank them wholeheartedly.

Be selfish, live a bit for yourself. Do things that makes you happy even though others might think it’s a waste of time. Finally it’s your peace of mind that matters.

Fall in love, paint a picture, take a goofy selfie, record a song, learn an instrument, try out a new recipe, buy yourself a pet, laugh your heart out watching silly videos, read something good every day, take a walk outside, do ANYTHING but try to keep yourself happy.

Everyone cannot afford vacations everytime when one feels to run away from everything but the above things can be done.

Pick your fun thing and do it.


Fake emotion.

Sometimes I wonder what could be the most faked emotion? Smile. Yes, you heard it right.

Though it looks beautiful and pleasant to the watcher, but behind that smile could be a story. An untold and unheard one. Many people are experts at faking smiles though inside they must be breaking into a thousand pieces. They are very adept to hide the pain and wrap it in a smile and we wouldn’t ever be able to notice it or even get a hint of their suffering.

Have you noticed celebrities ? They are brand ambassadors of fake smiles. As they are always in the limelight they need to put on their best smiles and face the camera no matter whatever they are undergoing.

They need to give interviews, pose for photographs, keep calm yet look glamorous without getting offended by public appearances and interaction, show their perfect cosmetic teeth and put on that 100 watt smile for the world else they would be judged and stories would be cooked up making them the perfect bait for never ending gossips.

Now how difficult can it be for these glamour kings and queens? VERY. To be not able to express yourself in front of the whole world. To always present themselves as super human beings devoid of normal emotions else the fear of always being in the middle of some controversy.

How many of them really smile their hearts out? They too are humans like us. The other day was watching a video of the late actress Jiya khan at a film party. She was smiling away to the camera. Little did anyone know that few days later she would take up her own life. No one knew behind that smile was a depressed, distressed soul seeking help perhaps.

If you take the case of normal people or couples too everything might seem fine from the outside but you never know if they have just had a terrible fight or the lady or man was subjected to some sort of violence at home and now they need to project themselves as the best couple to the outside world.

One can never come to know if that smile that’s been flashed at you is really genuine or just a emotion that’s fake or a cry for help.

But there also are smiles of people that can brighten up your day with their positivity and an unknown magical aura in them that brightens up anyone’s environment. Those are the blessed ones.

So ending this post by saying, not all smiles are genuine but a real smile will shine out among all the fakeness and it would be as bright as a diamond .


Weekends are for relaxing. So today made some bhajias. Onion, potato and chilli bhajjis.

Watched the movie, URI the surgical strike. Awesome movie. Every character was well played by all the actors and actresses. And yesterday watched the movie, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’.

A weekend well spent.

So, how’s your weekend going on guys?

Valentine’s day.

February is that month when lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends become all hyper and charged up and their hormones are doing unexpected twists and turns all because of St valentine in whose name valentine’s day is celebrated.

All over the social media, newspapers, gift shops it’s valentine’s day being celebrated. The town seems to be painted red. Cheesy dialogues, poems, messages from both the genders to each other in full swing. In short, it’s too much of gimmick and advertising propaganda. And what happens after 14 th? All love vanishes??

The week before the ‘D day’ is just more horrific than the actual day as it approaches. Teddy day, chocolate day, promise day, hug day, kiss day! It’s more like the days celebrated during kindergarten where in the kids have something lined up every single day.

And I often wonder when did India start celebrating valentine’s day? It’s all just an influence from the west that we indians are good at aping. And the marketing and advertising industries target the youngsters who under this influence gift their opposite sex with all such goodies and it’s also done to an extent due to peer pressure, to look hep and cool and also indirectly giving a shout out to the world that he/she is in a relationship and we need to do this. Duh!

The sales of teddys, chocolates, flowers and other exotic gifts boom up during these times which makes the shop owners happy and the customer is left burning a hole in his/her pocket.

True love to each other doesn’t need to be proved by doing all these kind of stunts. Giving gifts is fine and to give or not also depends on each other’s capacities and budgets. Only by showering gifts on each other doesn’t make anyone an ideal boyfriend /girlfriend or husband/wife.

And those gigantic teddys after gifting would finally be sitting in some corner of the house accumulating dust and being cursed for taking up lots of space in the house. What a tragedy.

So guys and gals enjoy your days with your loved ones. Give them your time, care and love and it need not be always gifts and things in exchange. Though once in a while who doesn’t crave gifts, right?

Nowadays getting influenced by any trend is easy but acting sensibly is increasingly becoming difficult.

Choose what suits you.

Unsolved Mysteries- Part 2.

Happy Monday to all.

Remember guys I had posted  about some mysterious  and unsolved phenomenon and happenings around the world , well, this is the second part to it.

Hope you all enjoy reading it and think about the amazing mysteries that surrounds us .

Here goes:

  1. Spontaneous Combustion


This phenomenon is exactly what it sounds like. For reasons that are not understood, some people have suddenly burst into flames, and in many cases burned so badly they little was left of them. There are a number of theories, but so far there is no definitive conclusion or any way to determine who is at risk.


2) Extinction of the Dinosaurs


Although scientists are pretty confident about what killed off the dinosaurs, all they have is theories, which may or may not hold water. Since none of us were around when it happened, it is simply not possible to be 100 percent certain how it all happened. The most prominent theory is probably the one that states that a large meteor or asteroid struck the earth and caused a global “nuclear winter.” If that were the case, why did the dinosaurs perish and so many other species survive?


3) Worm Holes



These are theoretic time portals in space. Their existence has not yet been proven, but physicists believe that it may be possible to enter one and emerge many light years away in just a short period of time. It seems unlikely that we will know for sure if they exist until someone manages to get out into space far enough to find one.


4) Ancient Evidence


Experts are unable to explain the discovery of a fossilized human handprint and  a human finger that were discovered in the Arctic and are estimated to be around 100 million years old. This is problematic since the best estimates suggest that humans have been on the earth only for about 200,000 years.


5) Taos Hum


This on-going mystery is one that baffles scientists and researchers to this day. In and around the town of Taos, New Mexico, a strange humming noise is often heard that has been compared to the sound of a diesel engine running. Some believe that it comes from super-secret underground government bases, but no official explanation has yet been offered.


6)Voynich Manuscript


This bizarre text was discovered by a antique book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich in 1912 near Rome. The origins of the book remain a mystery as does the language of the text within. It is penned in an unknown text which even the best code-breakers have failed to decipher. Carbon dating tests indicate that the book originated somewhere between the year 1404 and 1438.


7) The Taman Shud Case


On December 1, 1948 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in AdeLaide, Australia. In a hidden pocket of the man’s pants a piece of paper was found with the words “taman shud” on it. Those words was later translated to mean, “finished” or “the end” in Persian. Despite many years of effort, the man’s identity remains unknown. It is also not known exactly how he died, although it is believed to have been caused by an unknown poison.


8) Stonehenge


Probably one of the world’s most well-known mysteries, the rock structures as Stonehenge continue to baffle experts and laymen alike. Being relatively simple formations, the matter of how they were assembled is not so mysterious. It’s the reason for their construction that remains unknown.


9) Nazca Lines


In the Nazca Desert of Southern Peru there are a series of glyphs that have been drawn on the ground that resemble a number of objects including birds, spiders, monkeys, and flowers. Since the glyphs are only visible from high above the ground, it is not understood how an ancient culture could create such precision drawings on such a large scale. Scientists believe that they were created by people of the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 A.D. There are a number of theories as to why they were created and how, but none of them is known to be factual.


Images Credit: Pinterest


Generation Difference.

The other day I was chatting with a guy from the so called generation of today on a social media platform. It was rather interesting as to know how the youth of today thinks, the language they use (actually gross) and the way they care a damn about relations and the ‘4 log kya kahenge’.

The shocking part is when he said that he receives nudes from girls on social media. I was shocked as this was unheard of during my growing up years and thank God for that. I asked him if he was asking for it or are they forwarding it out of their own will. And the answer was the girls were doing it out of their own will. And mind you dear readers, these aren’t the low class, uneducated boys and girls involved in this. These are the new generation, well educated professionally qualified working in MNC’s who do such stuff. Maybe this isn’t something new and has been going on for a long time now among this generation. But I was sure shocked to hear this. And these girls ask the boys to send their nudes too.

Now just imagine the horror of doing such risky and shameful thing. Literally their lives are on stake here. When I asked him quite angrily if he didn’t feel any shame of asking a girl such things and putting her life in danger his answer was, ‘I never forced. It’s the girls who willingly do this’. To this when I asked him shouldn’t he be not promoting such things and advising the girl not to put her life in danger he answers, ‘Maam our whole generation is screwed up and it’s only going to be worse from here’. And he said that I was lucky to be born in the older generation where relationships, friendships, moral values were all respected and valued unlike today’s generation. And since then I stopped talking to him because I could not take it any longer since he wasn’t less of a person involving in such scandalous things than the girls themselves.

I was really surprised and shocked to know all such things are going on in the minds of today’s teenagers and adults.

And girls?? How can they be so reckless with their lives? Nowadays giving out one’s mobile number without even knowing anything about the other person, sharing personal information are all very common now. And how can someone send out their nudes which is something very very private and an intimate part of oneself!? Don’t they fear it being leaked and circulated by the boy concerned in case of some misunderstanding or a fight between the two or just like that! If such a thing happens her life is jeopardized for good.

I wonder what’s happening to this generation. No shame left? no self – respect left? Tomorrow anyone can blackmail the concerned parties once it reaches their hand. Don’t they think of the consequences involved in this and how would they face their parents once they come to know of it. Such a weird situation and generation. I pity the youngsters of today for such doings and also at the same time in awe of their ‘don’t-care about anyone ‘ attitude which somewhere we lacked during our times.

I think we were the resilient generation. We had moral values instilled in us by our parents. Respecting our elders and youngsters were a part of our DNA. Leave alone nudes, many of us lacked the guts to talk or approach a guy or girl for friendship during our times but that shyness and a matured approach had its own beauty and charm to it.

And many a relationships of our times withstood the ups and downs of time and distance without an iota of being vulgar, cheesy and cheating from any of the parties concerned though there were exceptions but it ended not so ugly as nowadays.

Now is the era of screenshots, emails and text messages and exposing it on social media is a fashion and trend where in the whole world comes to know what transpired between both the parties! How ugly it has become now.

No consideration for relations anymore. It’s more of ugly break ups and washing dirty linen in public. And next you know both parties are into new relationships and once again the same story gets repeated.

Tolerance levels going down, divorce rates going up and also ever increasing egos of both the genders doing more harm to the relationship rather than taking the relation to a smooth sail.

And to the girls out there only one advise. Whatever the situation or relation you are in, never ever share your personal details too much. If your boyfriend asks for your nudes, get this straight, he is not the one for you, dump him then and there cause real men do not need your nudes nor will ask for it. And do not do anything for anyone which brings your self respect down cause you are your own savior and do not lose it for any guy how much ever he says he loves you and all of that.

Being careful and respecting yourself is more important in any relationship than regretting later. No boy is greater than your self – respect.