Tv serials…. Argh!!!!

Hello all, hope everyone’s starting day of the week is going on well. So, who are fans of TV serials? Not me anyways!

I’m stuck here with my inlaws , who  are avid fans of tv serials and they don’t miss any of them at any cost . Their viewing starts from 6 pm- 10 pm and before that they complete all  their work just to sit in front of their favorite channels so that they don’t miss a thing even though for the past one week it would be the same thing being telecasted and if that’s not enough, they are well aware of the repeat telecast timings and watch that too 😐😐😐😐 . I’m aware that a tv  remote exists but never got to see it in my hands so forget about handling and changing the channels part 😒😕.

So I decided to sit with them  for a day and watch what exactly happens in these serials ,what’s the storyline and I couldn’t digest it a bit. I contributed my bit by getting up and leaving the room although they didn’t notice my existence in the room in the  first place😂😂 . I mean, how can one be so absorbed in some baseless , no-values, annoying programmes? And then I decided during this peak time, i’m  better off  being  trapped in another room , doing my bit of reading or writing a post which I consider is far more worthy than ruining my peace of mind over some  worthless serial!

I sometimes think maybe watching such serials helps people in becoming more evil , having devilish thoughts and the serial actor/actress  make up and  overall dressing just adds to the irritation quotient. Ugh!!

There’s nothing to learn from such serials , other than how to look overly  made up and trendy and yes, how to backstab others, behave snobbish, think and do evil which I’m sure no one wants to adhere to or do they??

Glad I stay away from such torture and no regrets on that . I’m happy doing my thing rather than the mind  being corrupted by such horrendous stuff . And oh yes, the tragedy part is yet to be be mentioned. By the time all the serial watching is wrapped up , it’s almost 10:30 pm , and then comes my chance to watch something I want  to and  when the remote is handed over to me and I look at it like ,” finally , my love, I got you in my hands”😍 and I begin to surf some exciting channels to watch , comes the announcement from my beloved mother in law stating,” oh, it’s nearing 11pm , it’s late and time to hit the bed”😠😡 and I , having to be that sanskaari bahu , agrees( not at all in agreement with her) and unwillingly returns to my  room so that others are not affected by my late night tv watching!!😠😠

But then , I’m on vacation here for some days so why ruin their daily  routine but when I head back home , I can always watch late night tv shows and movies and a  big relief from these dreaded serials.

Its 7 pm  . In -laws are all  ready and  geared up  and right on time in front of the television for their beloved serials and I , as usual ,  will creep slowly into my den and read some lovely posts by my followers. 😊



Football fever over!!

I’m not a sports fan but today sat to watch the final match of FIFA world cup 2018, all thanks to my brother in law!

And I must say the winning team deserved it all right. But hats off to Croatia on reaching till the finals and making their country proud.

I didn’t see any of  the earlier matches but thought I would definitely not miss  the finals and I’m happy to have seen it  and what a way to end the weekend!

I’m sure Croatia would come back next time with full vigour and enthusiasm and play their best , not that they  didn’t play their best   this time but as they say , there’s always another time .

Hope all of you  loved watching the finals too and had a great weekend.

Rains rains!!

I’m on my vacation and boy oh boy what a place to be in right now! Breaking the suspense , I’m at Mumbai , the city that never sleeps and literally it is that way !

I just love this  city. The crowd, the people, the hustle-bustle, and now  the monsoon season.  While I’m writing this , it’s raining heavily outside from morning and it’s been this way for some days now.  Somehow I consider myself lucky that the day I landed here it didn’t rain and could reach home safely without any issues.

The next day after my arrival, it’s been raining practically everyday and the whole city looks like it’s blessed by the rain gods but then it’s the monsoon season so its obvious it would rain. I  love watching the rains from the comforts of my home with a cup of hot tea/ coffee and as I sip, little drops of rain fall on my face and lips through the open windows  as though I’m being kissed quite sensously on my lips and all over the face and it feels so wonderful.

What I admire about this city is its non -stop  flurry of activities that never ceases to exist , come what may.  People go about doing their activities , be it rain or no rain. There’s no stopping them . I would like to compare them to ants. If you have observed ants, you must have noticed that they are never seen sitting idle . They are continously doing something or the other and always seem to be in a hurry. The same way are the people living in mumbai. Ever so busy ,ever so active and not to forget , ever so friendly. I feel surprised when  people still remember you though you might have relocated to another place/ country after living in this city and when you come back here on a visit, it’s amazing when people still recollect you and greet you with the same vigour and happiness on their faces! And that’s so  appreciateable. Seeing their enthusiasm brings a smile on my face too.  People here are such experts  in  hiding their sorrows and worries with a smile such  that you wonder how do they do it?? Guess, that’s their inbuilt talent and they are a  pro at it.

People complain about the civic facilities here during the rainy season , about the government not doing  this, not  doing that but  having said that , no one really  leaves this city and adores it as their own birthplace and that includes me too!

I’m a big fan of the street food here and I think no other city offers you a variety of stuff that fills your stomach  and suits your pocket as well.  Then comes your shopping . Again ,you get a variety of clothing that suits your needs and budget  and if you’re good at bargaining , then mumbai is a paradise ! Then comes the skill of labour class here. You go with any of your stuff that   needs repair and it might be a century old thing but you will definitely get your stuff repaired in a matter of some days ,depending on the thing given . You will hardly listen to a ‘ no, it cannot be done’  wala attitude .

All these sums up the reasons as to why I love visiting this place frequently and our vacations draws us to this place every single time , like an unknown magical pull to this evergreen and sleepless city!!


Delhi mass suicide..

It’s been a week or more since the Burari mass suicide incident took place and it has sent shockwaves throughout the country. A very shocking and tragic end to the 11 members of the same family!

In today’s era of digitalization and modern thinking , this incident proves that in  India people are still so backward and a majority of the population still  believe and indulge in  superstitions and black magic and think that’s a way of attaining salvation.  What’s more surprising in this case is that ,this is a family comprising of the older as well as younger generation and how could not one of them oppose to such abnormal activities taking place in their house. The younger son and mastermind of this tragedy was possessed by his father’s soul and believed he was being instructed by his dead father to carry out all these activities to attain ‘ moksha’!! How ridiculous can this be.

Didn’t anyone in the family oppose to his sick mental mind and convince him to take help of a doctor?? How could this one man influence every single member of the family in committing this mass suicide? Didn’t their  hands and legs shiver when they knew they aren’t going to escape death or is it that  they didn’t know this would be their end? No one can answer these questions cos not one  of them survived to explain.

So many questions unanswered and not going into too much details as all of you too might be reading all the current happenings coming out of this case day by day.  The man in question and his wife are responsible for this entire catastrophe according to the police and evidences found out. How inhumane can one  be.

What surprises me is how this one man could manipulate every single member into thinking of ending their life as a ritual to attain peace . I feel they didn’t know they would die cos the family had prepared some lentils for the next day’s breakfast and the elder daughter ( niece) had arranged and put out her dress ,as that would be the practice always ,  to be worn the next day to office . The only person who knew all are going to die is the youngest son, whom I would want to call,

‘the murderer’. He was sick, no doubt on that and that sickness started spreading to the entire family in due course of time. That’s what it looks like . The entire family  had psychological disorders otherwise a  person  in a normal   frame of mind would definitely talk to some one about this illogical practice going on in the house or seek out for help but none of this happened which shows that they  were all partially or fully hypnotised by their uncle’s beliefs and he too convincingly brainwashed them slowly and steadily into believing these superstitions which ultimately ended up in losing their lives!

Just imagining what would have happened that night itself gives me the shivers so one can imagine their state of mind while executing it.

A deadly combination of superstitions, rituals, obsession and  possession of a dead soul all gone wrong.

Rest in peace to the departed souls and hope they  have united with their long back  expired  father and the children’s grandfather and are happy wherever they are now and have attained salvation according to them!!




So , it’s that time of the year when I travel with kids back home  for  summer vacations minus the hubby and every single time I travel  I get those butterflies in the stomach and at the same time  a feeling of a much awaited break from routine , a change of place , a feel of relaxation and a good feeling of coming back to my own country and that is undescribable.

Yesterday was watching an interview of the famous monk, Gopal das Gaur. And how he explained how necessary it is to take a break from whatever you are doing and reflect on your own self and do things that you like and enjoy  doing  most , be it reading, painting, photography, eating good food or even sleeping! Just do it. By doing these , one finds themselves more at ease and calmer.

Now, some may ask how can you take a break when one is  continously bombarded with travelling for official purpose, meetings, or some other issues. To this , the  monk replied that he too travels 250 flights a year but during those flights , he mastered the art of disassociating  himself with people and concentrating on self, catching up on reading good books , carrying a writing pad and pen/ pencil always  and noting down the smallest things around him that makes him happy or something about his life that needed to be written down and be beneficial for others to follow. So that way , your travel time goes in introspection into your own life and how you can do something to change yourself , not for others but for your own good.  These things can be followed by every one of us I’m sure , not a difficult task.

He says the most beautiful things can be found in the most simplest  of things . And the task lies within you to look around and find out those and for that you need not be a monk  to analyse and understand it.

Personally. I’m not a follower of any of the spiritual gurus or  babas or Mata’s but nothing wrong to bring into practice some of the things they preach rather than  blindly following them as a person. If those words they say bring a difference in your life and  you feel calm, good ,  at ease and has made you a better person in any way  then why not adopt those good things in your life and be happy.

The choice is yours entirely.



The vacations are on for my kids now. A full 2 months. So that means 24×7 on their call, cooking whatever they like so that their hunger is kept under control.  Stocking up the house with eatables so that they munch on and off whenever they feel the need to do so . And me ,  on my part,   ignoring their runs and tip toe walks to the kitchen every now and then to check out if anything new they can lay their hands on.

Welcome to parenting!!  It’s  tough,  annoying , irritating and mind -boggling  at the same time.  I’m not believing you if you tell me it isn’t. Parenting is all about, ” get up”, ” did you brush?” , ” eat your food” , ” is your homework done yet?”, ” take your bath” ,” have your dinner”, ” go to sleep”,” don’t stay up late” and so on and on …. Even the kids know what’s coming next! So predictable parents become.

Vacations nowadays are just name- sake  holidays . Lots of homework to be done , exam portions would be sent during these holidays so that the kids prepare themselves for  the upcoming exams when the school re-opens , then where’s the fun of vacations??? And if you ever having a younger kid  in the age group of 4-6 yrs , then the whole house looks like a crafts shop with paper cuttings, colors, crayons, things like leaves, ice cream popsicles , and other things which you thought are waste suddenly becomes precious and are   all needed to make a project as a part of the homework , where in the child only helps in being grumpy and wanting to do it his/her way , making it a  total mess and throwing tantrums  and the parent ( mother of course) trying to be good and lovable , at the same time  grinding her teeth yet keeping herself in full control so that the damn project is done peacefully!! And oh yes, with numerous taunts in between from the kid to mother reminding them ,” you’re mean”  , ” you always scold” , ” you’re always getting angry” , AND and you accept all those complaints telling the child   you didn’t  mean to be that way when  actually you did behave that way .  Kids don’t lie , you see.

I remember our days when we anxiously waited for those days of total freedom from studies, from that daily wear of uniforms and tying up of hair in a particular fashion to school with mother , in the mornings, struggling with it  while you , in half sleep, tend to tilt  your head in one side while your mother pulls it to her side and there’s a war going on between you both! Ha ha. Freedom from that torture. Hair issues!

Homeworks were very less compared to now what is given. Even if there would be , the excitement to get it all done before leaving for holidays motivated us to finish it off . The happiness and joy of meeting our grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles were so interesting and gobbling up all those delicacies prepared by grandmother was beyond description. And playing favorite grandchildren to  grandfather  just to receive some gift like an ink pen, some extra coins from his money box was just an experience which the kids of today don’t seem to understand nor do they want to.  And  not to forget those teary situations , group crying at the  time of  farewell , those were just moments of  pure love we had for each other , those moments spent together having  fun and excitement and when everything comes to an end and it’s time to go  , it’s always sad but yet again come back next vacation with the same vigour, happiness  and love for all.

Now when I tell my kids  we leaving for vacations to grandparents place , the first question they ask is, ” is there internet at their place?” ” Do they have cartoon channels at their home?” Else it’s going to be so boring and what do we do there?? Somewhere it’s a reality now. Can’t blame them either when they are the generation born into the digital era. And their happiness lies in these gadgets.

Oh well, before that I   need to  make them finish off their homework so that I don’t drag all this  work as a part and parcel of  the vacation and  make  it more cumbersome for me and them and don’t want myself worrying for the work not completed!



Simple things in life……

The other day wrote a post on some annoying things in life which we all face in our everyday lives. Well, today , it’s the simple and fun things in life that we all love to do or rather enjoy doing that brings a smile on our faces.

This is my list .

Here goes:

1) Climbing into a bed with freshly washed and good smelling bed-sheets and blankets.

2) Popping a bubble- wrap! I still do this..

3) Cooking up a delicious meal and being appreciated for the same.

4) Watching a child smile and making goofy faces  back to see them giggle more.

5) Finding something from somewhere  that you thought had been lost . Priceless!

6) The smell of the first rain on dry soil.

7) Sipping tea/coffee first thing in the morning.

8) Smell of old books, nail polish, petrol, kerosene, phenyl. ( I love these odours)

9) Getting an unexpected reply/ message / call  from an acquaintance after many years.

10) When you’re dead tired and drop  on to the  bed . That sleep is the best , uninterrupted and deep .

11) Listening to songs . Mostly the same ones which are my favorite. The more I listen , the more I fall in love with it.

12) Drawing a picture and when it comes out perfect , THAT satisfaction and happiness can never be expressed and described in words!

13) When damn hungry and I  know my  mother has prepared my most favorite dish , nothing like it and I  just hog without minding who’s watching .

14)  I just love the fragrance of Jasmine flowers . So enchanting.

15) Having a good laugh.

16) Lighting scented candles in the house . It’s so therapeutic.

17) Receiving an unexpected compliment.

18) A relaxing shower.

19) When a favorite song plays on the radio.

20) A walk in beautiful weather. Refreshing!

21) Sitting by the beach, with not much crowd around , and watching the sunset.

And many more….


What’s yours??