Its a thought provoking quote. Giving a strong message.

I find it hard to believe when people say they don’t have any hobbies. I mean watching TV and eating cannot be included as hobbies.

Every person, in my opinion, needs to have a liking and a passion for something which should make him/her alive. It’s only then we would feel we are breathing and kicking.

As mentioned in the quote, ‘let it kill you ‘ is not to be taken in the literal sense but it simply means the habit or passion should be such that it develops into an addiction but a good addiction which brings us hope, thrill smiles and utmost satisfaction.

One’s heart and soul should go into whatever one is doing. One should be passionate about it with ofcourse it

not affecting their important duties of life which comes first.

We are given only one life. We should do things that makes us happy and thrilled, however small it may be. The joy one obtains pursuing their passion cannot be described. It’s an exhilarating feeling.

One’s mind, heart and soul should be contented to the core.

Find your passion and pursue it.


Passing on..

A book of knowledge I hand over to thee,

Use it wisely and sparingly.

Let it unravel mysteries,

Of people, experiences and stories.

Let it take you to places,

Where the mind runs carefree,

Where fear and anger exists completely.

Books are treasures,

Beyond measure.

Pic courtesy : shutterstock.

Me and myself.

Ever wondered how do people talk so much and make friends so easily? I could never do that and till today I can’t. I can talk to all type of people but never can/could make any long lasting bonding or friendships with anyone as such. All through my school and college life, I’ve had friends whom I could count on my finger tips. I could never really socialise and become the center of attraction, no, that was never my cup of tea.

I’ve had very few friends all throughout my education phase. Maybe I didn’t put in that much efforts to make friends or could never really relate to most of them. I valued my own time and myself more than being in a large group, gossiping, and feeling totally out of place. I couldn’t just be there for the sake of being there and making everyone happy and cheating myself with the thought that I’m happy being there among them.

Are those traits of an introvert? Maybe yes. And i have always repeatedly told myself that I’m happy with being me and didn’t have to succumb to others pressure to fit in and please them. I could never ever do that. And this has helped me a lot in understanding myself more. I just knew that I wasn’t made to fit in a crowd. I loved my solitude. Being with myself made me a happy person and that realization has helped me till today.

Now, at this age, 41 to be precise, it isn’t easy to go out there and make friends. This stage of life is more of bringing up one’s own kids, the kids need you more, being involved in their studies, helping them out with their own battles of teenage issues and family responsibilities to be taken care of. I don’t have the energy or time to actually roam around with friends or catch up with them, atleast in my case. And now at this age and stage of my life my peace of mind is ‘most’ important to me than some meaningless friendships and banters, gossips and show offs. I rather be alone than put up with all this nonsense. Those who want to stay can stay and the rest can leave. No promises and complaints from my side.

Life gets easier when you really know what you need exactly. And it also helps you to know where you stand in others lives. Less drama, more peace that’s my mantra now. It was always like this but now it’s only progressed along with age. And it’s bliss.

Its very easy to ape others and follow them blindly. Try being yourself and stop following the crowd. Stand out from the rest and see how many people really want to be your friends when you’re different from the rest. You might not find many who like and accept you that way and it’s not a big deal either but even if one person feels and thinks the same way as you then that’s enough. Atleast they too don’t believe in embracing and following the rest like blind.

And then I believe life is meant to travel alone. No one stays forever. People are like tourists . They come and go in your life . Mere visitors. We too shouldn’t have high expectations from anyone. Feel blessed if they hang on inspite of knowing all your ups and downs and ‘try’ to reciprocate the same. And the rest can go.

But always remember, your peace of mind and mental health is of utmost importance. No one should rob you of that. If anyone does so, cut them off immediately cause you don’t need that kind of drama in your life.

And also being alone and in one’s own company is always good. Peace of mind is guaranteed.

Advertising and being responsible.

Came across this on Facebook today while mindlessly scrolling through this site. This is just brilliant. It’s so true to the core and conveys exactly the meaning of the advertisement .

A hoarding which says ‘use electricity wisely ‘ and using just one of the light to convey the message while turning off the other lights. What can be better than this?

Nowadays advertisements means meaningless talks, skimpily clad women models making erotic faces and having no connection to the product being advertised and not to forget the noise generated through these ads which are an absolute nuisance and an annoying factor. Gone are the days when advertising meant sending good vibes to the public in general and we all had something to remember and talk about it for a long long time. But now sadly it isn’t this way.

Even if you take a product like a masala powder, you will find some silly dance and dialogue between the husband, wife and kids which actually never happens in real life. In real life it’s all about sweating in the kitchen alone by the mother/wife while the husband watches TV in full volume and kids bickering, fighting and making noise which either goes unnoticed or awakens the wrath of the parents!

Every advertisement shown nowadays do not really have any meaning and sense in it. You see a Varun dhawan sporting a scented baniyan (vest )and a wrestler getting hypnotized by the smell of it which in turn makes him overpower the opponent and win the match. If you think about it which man really needs a scented baniyan which in reality is an inner garment and any which ways a shirt would be worn over it and the wearer of the shirt would immerse himself in a bottle of perfume then what’s the point of the baniyan being scented?? Weird, isn’t it?

Sensible ads seems to be a thing of the past. Such meaningful ads have reached a point of extinction. The above ad which I posted cannot get more sensible than this. The message of conserving electricity by turning off unwanted bulbs and lights, be it at your homes, offices, schools or anywhere else for that matter is depicted so well. The concept of ‘saving electricity’ is the need of the hour. Without being responsible about it our things can’t get through and done. We need electricity and to achieve it is by saving the electricity we already have for better and more production of it for future consumption and for future generations to come.

Such ads evoke responsibilities in every citizen’s minds. Such huge hoardings cannot be missed while driving and one cannot but stop and stare at the brilliant message conveyed through such ads and we too tend to put it into practice in our daily lives as it’s going to affect us too in the long run and saving electricity is equal to saving money on one’s bill too.

Brilliant minds conceptualize brilliant works and this is a proof of it.

Though simple and nothing complex about it, it gives out a strong and inspirational message to the public on the whole and that’s the beauty of such advertising and advertisements.


Alone stands a tree,

With mist and fog as company,

Bereft of leaves,

A feeling of sombre and melancholy.

Shades of grey and dullness,

Like life in its pure rawness.

Time seems to have ceased,

With everything gone into deep slumber,

Only to awaken,

To a fresh and bright summer.

Pic courtesy :Realistic Poetry International.


How many of us are daily undergoing traumas of various types. Office trauma, home based trauma, personal life trauma, child bearing and rearing trauma and like these so many.. Everyday is a struggle for many of us out there. Some of them come out and talk about it while others bury it deep in their chests and do not open up and talk about it. And I think the latter suffers more.

We don’t know what goes on in everyone’s life. Everyone shows us only the happy and bright side of themselves. Maybe they are really happy or they are experts at hiding their sadness.

Just recently came across cases of two friends who have come out and talked about their personal issues and these are online people and I don’t have anything to do with them personally. I know only one side of the story but the point is they aren’t happy. The first woman is a peppy, jovial, fun-loving woman who seemed to be full of life. She used to post pictures about small pleasures of life and nature that we encounter in our daily walks of like. She was very creative, did stone painting like a pro and many of us appreciated it too on social media. But then just a day back she vented out that she could not take it any longer and she was being subjected to emotional abuse by her husband in her married life and she was helpless and couldn’t do anything about it and her parents too weren’t supportive of her. Leave the husband but I can’t understand this kind of attitude of one’s own parents towards their own child. It’s their daughter! a little solace and maybe a shot of counselling with their son in – law and daughter could help them both get back on track. She admitted that she had been trying her best to cope up and trying to patch things but it wasn’t helping at all. It was a surprise that many of us never actually knew till that point of time that she was married even. Many people suggested getting a divorce and coming out of such a traumatic marriage. It’s easy to utter the word ‘divorce’ but what it actually does to oneself is equally saddening especially if kids are involved and if one isn’t financially independent. Divorce should be the last resort for anyone undergoing this sort of trauma. Maybe a session of counselling would help a lot provided both (husband and wife) agree to it.

The second case being of an educated, financially independent lady who is a doctor and her husband too a doctor. His temper tantrums, no support from in- laws, his way of constantly putting her down, belittling her for everything and demeaning her was turning her into an emotional wreck. They were blessed with a baby recently after 6 years of marriage and through IVF. Right from day one her mother in law’s taunts, not helping her out much with handling of the baby, constantly nagging about the nitty – gritties and supporting her son of his wrong doings and obnoxious behaviour cause obviously it’s her son and he can never be at fault! Dragging daughter in law’s family for every silly matter and finding ways and means to insult her. I wonder what is the point of having money and education if one can’t stand for oneself and put their foot down and express their concern over issues which emotionally drains them in their personal life. Is it a fear of things blowing out of proportion and relationships going to go more sour that one takes a step back and maintains silence?!

We all need to live in peace and let others live too. We all want respect and should give back others the same respect back. No one likes to be treated like a doormat. When will people understand all this?

If one can’t treat everyone with the same attitude atleast they should try ‘not hurting’ them. One’s words and actions are like instant reflexes. Once told and done they cannot be retrieved back and it remains in our minds for a lifetime. It’s easy to say forget, forgive and move on but it’s not possible to do so. We might forgive but can never forget.