Moon… You Celestial Beauty.

Look at the moon,

It makes me swoon,

I consider it a boon,

To view it every night from my cocoon.

Far away from me,

But whenever I see,

I make a plea,

‘Can I stare at you lovingly’.

Can you witness my passion from above,

How do I prove,

Hope these words are enough, my love,

Do you feel the same for me too.

P. S. : The picture is captured by my daughter.


Generally when we humans put on extra weight, what do we do ? Either we start dieting, join gym, watch exercise videos, consult dieticians or go into depression and start eating more.

But it’s in our own hands and we can try many ways to control our own weight if we have the will power ofcourse. But what about animals. Poor things they cannot do anything if they grow overweight but every animal has their own mechanism to tackle their issues and survive.

We admire nature and God in making this world beautiful but sometimes they can be cruel too.

Was reading about a sheep whose own fleece became its burden. The fleece was growing daily and had overgrown so much that it couldn’t walk or see and was on the verge of dying.

It was a wild sheep roaming around in the bushlands of Melbourne. The animal rescue found it and brought it to their animal shelter care and started razing its fleece. It took an hour to get rid of it and it’s fleece had grown to a whopping 35 kgs over 5 years because of which twigs, sticks and insects had got stuck in its fleece. With that weight on its body it could hardly walk and had survived on grass and water from puddles. The rescuer team named it Barrack.

I read that the sheep’s ancestors fleece would shed on its own but now as humans domesticated them the fleece needed to be trimmed annually by humans.

But in case of Barrack as it was wild and no one to trim it, the fleece grew out of proportion and the poor animal had to suffer because of it.

But then the rescue team trimmed it and had discarded the overgrown wool and it was free from its own burden! The team kept it in its shelter home and it was fed properly.

Due to the razing, it developed some cuts and ulcer which would heal with some medicines and proper care.

This is the before and after pictures of Barrack.

Nature and god can be cruel at times! But then as they say, all is well that ends well.

Best out of waste!

Saw a post today where a grandfather made a cushion cover out of his shirt so that his family members would hold it and remember him when he would pass away. Very thoughtful.

I just remembered how talented we Indians too are in this field, especially our mothers and grandmothers, they are pro at it.

No cloth would go waste in our household. When new it might be a shirt, a dupatta or a trouser and once its meant by the owner to discard it our mothers would get a shock of their life and they jump in to the scene to showcase their talent and viola the next thing you know its converted into a rug or probably a tv cover especially the silky dupatta ones in order to protect the tv screen from catching dust or a mat that finds its place in front of the washroom or it would end up as curtains and if nothing can come out of it then definitely its used as a cleaning cloth (pocha in Indian colloquial) but never discarded unless it’s used to its maximum potential.

My grandmother (she’s no more) and mother are also pro at this. I remember my mother telling me that my grandmother would make long skirts for her with left over clothes that were used for some other purpose and how she detested wearing them and sometimes loved flaunting them in front of her friends when they would go to college together. Some of the clothes my grandmother would further cut them into shorter and finer pieces so that they could be used as handkerchiefs. Some of them would end up as sofa covers so that the torn rexin parts could be hidden from the eyes of visitors and relatives. The grinding machine, sewing machine would be dressed up with coverings sewn by her. In short she spared nothing! My sweet grandmother, miss her now and always will.

My grandmother’s talent was somewhat imbibed by my mother and she too had showcased her talents with respect to sewing leftover clothes into frocks and skirts that she lovingly made for me and I, being a child belonging to the age of 7-8 years old loved flaunting it till i realised and saw that it wasn’t that perfect as seen in the retail shops but then i was proud that my mother made those dresses for me and she would praise me that i looked great in them whenever i wore them. Little did i know that she was praising her own stitched up apparels and wanted me to wear them till i outgrew them else her efforts would have gone for a toss if i had ever refused donning them, Haha.

My brother was spared though as she didn’t know to stitch dresses for males. Phew, good for him.

She would stitch up covers for mattresses with those discarded polyester sarees of hers, tiny handkerchieves with some embroidery work on the corners of it. I remember when my first kid was born she had beforehand stitched up tiny cute dresses for my daughter to be worn at home with those cloth strips that served as buttons that needed to be tied at the back of the neck.

Those days and those efforts taken by these wonderful people are matchless. And the happiness on their faces when their ‘stitched up’ dresses are worn is priceless. Though we might find them not as perfect as the ready made ones after a certain time of wearing them but the fact that my mother had taken efforts to make a dress / dresses for me will always be remembered and appreciated till the end cause their enthusiasm and thrill of dressing up their own kids is a different feeling for them altogether and for that one has to be a parent themselves to experience that though i never ventured into making any clothing for my kids as i very well know that they will never like anything that i would stitch when they themselves take a lot of time to select what they like when we go shopping inspite of everything being perfect so leave alone my clothes if i ever made for them.

This post just took me back to those lovely childhood memories.

A little diary… ❤️❤️

“Music is life itself”.

A lovely quote and a very true one. Without music, life is bland.

In today’s world, where everything and everyone has succumbed to technology, even singers who appear in concerts sing songs downloaded from the net on their mobiles, Ipad, Tablet, but there’s one singer whom i admire who belongs from the malayalam industry, Mr P. Jayachandran, who brings along his diary and performs his songs glancing through the diary. A very rare sight indeed!

He’s a very underrated singer. His voice is excellent but he has never got his due because of mega singers like KJ yesudas and MG sreekumar who generally usurp all the songs and no one dares to say a ‘no’ to them.

P jayachandran is a very humble man. He’s a very personal friend of my uncle. I still remember i missed a chance to see him when he was invited for my uncle’s house warming ceremony. The singer couldn’t make it as he was tied up with personal commitments of concerts but he called up my uncle on the day of the function and wished him all the best and said he was sorry that he couldn’t attend it.

I have watched many concerts and interviews of his that appears on TV and he would most of the times sing songs from that diary.

This is Mr P Jayachandran.

A wonderful singer with a soulful voice.

I would like to play two of my favorite songs (from many) of his. Its in malayalam.

Ariyathe Ariyathe Full Song (HD 1080p) | Mohanlal , Vasundhara Das – Raavanaprabhu Movie Song – YouTube

Neeyoru Puzhayay | Thilakkam | Audio | HD 1080p – YouTube


Have you heard about a crocodile that’s a vegan? Surprising, isn’t it. There’s a temple in kerala in kasargod district that houses a crocodile in its temple pond and it is fed the temple prasad daily.

Have a look at it and read this piece of quite extraordinary news.

Meet Babiya, Kerala’s ‘vegetarian’ crocodile who lives in a temple pond and loves rice | The News Minute

Yes or No? Difficult choice.

Its evening and i need to get a dose of my energy, which is coffee.

Now generally i prefer my coffee with less sugar and milk which is a bit on the higher end. To sum it up, my coffee is neither too strong nor mild.

I prefer making it with cow milk. Now here we do get camel milk but i just can’t prepare myself mentally into buying it, leave alone preparing my ‘energy boosters ‘with it.

I really wonder why can’t i imagine myself buying it. We are so conditioned right from a young age to have cow milk or Buffalo milk which is more rich in fat and is good for bones during our growing up years. And all the by products that we use are from cow milk.

After coming here i got to see camel milk in all the supermarkets but i just can’t make myself to purchase it while almost everytime it ends up in my shopping basket when i reach the milk aisle and that’s when my kids would gaze at me with that treacherous look and tell me, ‘are you really going to make tea/coffee with that milk, if yes, then you alone have it and don’t make us drink it (especially the elder one says this and the mister too joins in with the warning). And…. like everytime the bottle of milk makes its way back to its section and i make a promise to it to buy it next time. Oh damn, i get no motivation to buy camel milk in my own home inspite of being in a desert country and camel being the national animal out here!

They say camel milk is more nutritious than cow milk in terms of fat and health matters.

And because i am not used to ever having had it anytime before i feel hesistant to make a cup of tea /coffee out of its milk because the image of a camel comes to my mind first and frankly this animal isn’t cute or good looking from any angle. No logic i know but just my two cents.

The same way when we had visited Bali we couldn’t prepare our minds to buy one of the most expensive coffee powder just because it was made out of a specific animal’s poop. And i saw the animal and its poop! So.. I don’t want the poop image coming to my mind while drinking my coffee.

But camel milk.. Well, i’ll just go for it one day and make a cup of tea/coffee for myself and by the way it’s just milk, it has to be healthy else why do they be selling it in the first place and its a favorite animal of the arabs, so I’ll embrace it too, hopefully.

And the bottle looks quite sexy too. I love the color combination and the design. Take a look 👇

One day.. you will be mine.😀

Oh weaver of words, you are music to ears..

‘If a writer falls in love with you, you will never die’.

Sounds romantic, isn’t it? Writers are supposedly people with imaginations, passion and love in them and then if they happen to fall in love with someone, they will keep you alive in their poems or stories, whatever their genre is.

But then as they are quite romantic, they need a muse in order to put their feelings into words. They would be always craving for a love so as to express beautifully.

But then do they stop at one muse? Not possible I guess. Different people give you different ideas of romance and that works as a love potion for writers and poets to pen down their thoughts.

So if you think and you are told that you are one of their muse, don’t believe those honey laced tongues as they are gifted with words to woo you though you might get swept off with their poetic wands which they sway at every beautiful being!

But then, who doesn’t wish to be admired and praised by gifted people who can weave words and turn them into pure magic?

Be the muse, atleast it doesn’t blow off your fuse!