Chai… ❤️❤️

Morning and tea are synonymous. Tea is a refresher and many a problems are solved by just having a hot cup of tea.

Drop those fancy mugs and cutlery and once in a while indulge in this beautiful gift of mother earth.

Nothing more peaceful and simple to start your day with a cup of tea in a kulhad.



Amidst all the disturbing news surrounding covid – 19, it’s very necessary to stay away from news and negativity that’s around us. Keep calm, read good things, listen to music, basically do whatever brings peace to your mind and heart.

Recently watched a brilliantly made movie titled, ‘U turn’. The original version is kannada made in 2016. It was later remade in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali. The malayalam version was named ‘Careful’ though . The Hindi dubbed version came out in 2019. I happened to watch the hindi version. After a long time got to watch a good movie which was worth the time. It was also remade into 2 foreign languages- Singhalese and Filipino.

It falls in the supernatural /horror genre of movies. Thankfully, you will not get to see scary faces or a woman in a white saree masquerading around. The movie is well made and keeps one on the edge of their seat wondering who is actually committing all those murders of people who take that ill fated ‘U turn’ on the highway. And how a journalist has to prove her innocence and find out along with the help of a police man as to who’s the person behind all the mysterious deaths.

All the actors have played their roles well and it’s definitely worth the watch. And the best part of the movie is that this is a ‘songless’ film, something which makes it stand apart from the rest of the movies and as a matter of fact this movie doesn’t demand a song at any point any which ways.

It stars Samantha Prabhu, Narain, Bhumika.

Pic courtesy : Google

Best out of waste..

Today’s art work. A pen stand.

Not perfect per se but not bad either.

Made it using a pepsi can. Cut the lid and taped the sharp edges. Wrapped chart paper around the can and somehow stapled it up. Phew.

It was kind of looking plain so caught hold of different colors of chart papers and cut them into tiny pieces and stuck it all over the can and just drew zigzag lines connecting the bits of paper thinking it would look a bit artistic and dropped in some stationery into it as its supposed to be a pen holder. 😬 Hope it looks like one. 🤔

This is a part of kiddo’s reuse, recycle and reduce project work for school. Oh not to forget the bickerings and ‘you know nothing about art amma’ dialogues, duh 🙄

Glad that’s done with!!

A Daily Guest…

Be it summer or winter,

He’s an everyday visitor,

Sitting by the window sill,

Looking hale with a tinge of thrill.

He’s free to fly,

In the high blue skies,

He probably tries,

To tell me tales of who, when and why.

But when I sneak up on him,

He’s scared and appears grim,

Flies away to safety on a whim,

Only to come back the next day,

To watch me from far away.

Kid’s project and mummy’s time well spent 😀

Yesterday kiddo got a school project to do. As Ramadan has begun her teacher told everyone to make a chart with 30 things one is grateful for. Quite a nice topic and the fact is that we take everything for granted and this is a way to be thankful and a teaching to the kid that we need to be grateful today and everyday for everything we have.

I was more excited than her to do it as i love doing charts and projects, getting involved with the kids, telling them what to do , how to do it , giving them ideas and they in turn giving their ideas and not to forget scenarios of disagreement but its so much of fun.

I checked on google to get some ideas on how to make it creative but at the same time i didnt want it to be too exhausting either. So many brilliant and beautiful art creations i saw and thought to myself oh boy, I’ll just admire them and in no way am i tiring myself and kiddo doing such extensive work and submission time being tomorrow I’ll just settle for some simple ideas and easy ones. So found one and got onto doing it. Chart papers, scissors, colors, working board, all set and my bed was looking as though a craft tornado just went over it.

Anyways, after all that messy and crazy bickering between me and daughter, here’s the final work 😌👇

Not bad, huh 🤔😅

Now the cleaning part of all the mess created is what i dislike. But then someone’s got to do it, who else, but of course mothers need to do it!!

But enjoyed doing it thoroughly. Bliss 😌😌

The Lonely Bench….

I sit among the rest,

Not knowing who visits next,

Days and time are spent,

Hearing people vent and resent.

Now times have changed,

I feel estranged,

The virus has taken its toll,

And not one person comes for a stroll.

People I knew that once existed,

Death snatched them away from their beloved,

I miss seeing people in abundance,

The garden has plunged into silence.

I sit here feeling lonely,

Reminiscing days that were lively,

Till then, stay safe, wear masks and be wary,

And hope to see you’ll back all merry!

Pic courtesy : Google