Magic.. It exists.

There’s magic

When your thoughts and words coincide,

When your dreams turn to reality,

When love strikes,

When light overshadows darkness,

When you hold the key to your happiness,

When you’re surrounded by positive vibes.

Believe in magic, It exists.

YOU are one of them.

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Vacation time.

So.. finally.. finally the time has come to go for a vacation as kids Christmas and winter vacation begins in a few days from now. So excited because all of us badly need a break! For the kids it’s a break from school, for the husband a break from office and for me from home and boring chores!

I’m visiting my parents and in – laws which means a break for me from cooking, yay!! I’m just dying to gorge on my mother’s yummy food and also my mother in – law’s sumptious preparations. My kids and husband will be the most happiest as they need not have any more of my food preparations for some days from now Haha.

When we are away from our loved ones only then do we realise how much we miss them and how much we value their presence in our lives else we take everyone for granted. They too in turn are happy on seeing us after a long stretch. So overall fun times.

But it has a flip side to it. We start becoming bored after a certain point of time and want to come back to our cosy dens. We need to adjust to their routines which actually isn’t so easy for the kids. We adults can somehow manage and get along but kids have their own set of tantrums and inhibitions at first but then gradually they too adjust but by then it’s time to come back.

A vacation or a change of place is so very necessary to just declutter our minds and feel refreshed and start afresh. Else we just kind of become zombies doing the same routine and mundane works day in and day out. Being with our close ones, good food, communicating and actually just being there makes a lot of difference to them as well as to us.

So it’s packing time now and yikes how much I dread doing that task but got to do it anyways.

So what are your Christmas and new year plan guys??

Comment and reply. Anxious to know.

Nature divine.

Lofty mountains, tall trees,

Crystal clear waters and orange puffy skies,

Mother nature is Indeed kind,

To bless us all with such scenic divine.

The view calms our mind,

A relief from everyday’s grind.

A painting on canvas it looks,

Or is it a postcard or a design in sketchbooks!

Pic courtesy : Realistic Poetry International

Encounter case..

Today it gave me immense pleasure to read about the encounter case in which the beasts got killed in the Priyanka Reddy rape and murder case.

Kudos to the Hyderabad police for taking the initiative and eliminating these unwanted people from the surface of the earth. Reading the overall responses in papers and social media, a section of people are happy about this whole episode and the other section of people are opposing saying why were they not given a fair trial as any one of the rapists could be innocent.

Now my take on this.

Though I would never advocate killing anyone but in this case this seemed appropriate. We all know about the Nirbhaya case. How many years her parents suffered to get justice. An astonishing 7 years! In the Nirbhaya case, two of the rapists took up their own lives while in jail and one walked away scotfree as he was a juvenile at the time of the incident. Does being a juvenile not account to his participation in such a heinous crime, ridiculous! While doing this act should age, profession, gender all even be considered?? A rape is the most barbaric act one endures and the perpetrators are not to be given even one iota of consideration.

No one should be denied justice . It not only demotivates them but the trauma, humiliation and exhaustion they face during the trials as in case hearings, loss of money and humiliating questions are horrendous. And what do we as citizens get by keeping these dreaded ones in jails?? The taxpayers money is wasted in feeding them and bearing their expenses along with delayed justice.

We all know this was a fake encounter and was deliberately done as there was immense pressure due on the government as people came on the streets and revolted against the incident. People are seething with anger, they want answers to the questions that go unanswered, we want security for our girls /daughters/wives to walk freely on the roads.

Hyderabad police have set an example for other states to implement such steps in case of such crimes. A rapist is not an innocent person and any person involved in any rape can not be considered innocent as they are aware of their doings!

The people today who said this was a sad move on the part of the government and police have lost their thinking abilities. Some things like these need to happen giving out a strong signal to the people out there that this too could be your fate if involved in such crimes.

Fear of laws need to be instilled in people. They need to know the consequences of breaking the law. And for implementing this sometimes such actions need to take place. Nothing wrong in this move at all.

I’m sure her parents would be happy that atleast this way they got justice instead of this case too being dragged on for years.

Today is the day Priyanka Reddy can rest in peace in real sense . My mind says she would be feeling happy in heaven and justice (right or wrong) is finally served to her though she did not deserve to die in this way at all.

Being alone is liberating.

If I were to ask you all what makes you excited, I’m sure all of you would be having plenty of answers to reply back.

For me, frankly speaking, nothing excites me much now. Previously, small matters in life used to bring so much of joy to me. Now everything is like a drag. It’s the same usual, routine and mundane life. Talking to people to an extent refreshes me but then after some point I just want to end the conversation as soon as possible. It’s as though even they lack topics to speak on and it’s a kind of struggle to drag on the conversation which leads to nowhere! Finding people with the same vibes and wavelength is next to impossible nowadays.

How do you make oneself exciting? We can’t speak on topics we have no clue about and make a fool of ourselves when speaking with someone and people whom you are conversing with need not share the same interest as you. People on the phone contact list are also just merely names now with no one I could really pick the phone and speak to. Friends list in every social media platform runs to hundreds but again no one that I can really ping and speak to barring 1-2 but they are busy in their own family lives like anyone else.

Is it like this for everyone else around? I wonder who are those people who say they have 5-10 friends anytime to talk to. I mean it’s great if they do have that many number of friends but it kind of startles me, maybe because I don’t have anyone and now to open up to someone and go around making new friends is quite difficult for me.

That’s where music helps me. It’s a form of relaxation and happiness for me. And writing too helps me with regards to not feeling alone . But then it’s fine as long as one doesn’t have any issues being happy with themselves.

As one matures and grows older one is probably left with not much friends and we too want ourselves to be free and away from fake friendships and dramas of any sort. Having even one friend can be a blessing rather than having five or ten fake ones.

This is where one should develop understanding about oneself and learn to be with oneself instead of chasing and begging others to stay in their life. The right ones will stay and understand you and the rest can go. The earlier you learn to stay by yourself and love yourself , the simpler life becomes.

Venting it out here calms the mind a lot.

Thankful to this space which I call my second home that gives me an opportunity to be myself and nothing like it.

A hopeful world..

Amidst sorrows, darkness and haunted memories,

Meet me at places where happiness, light and a tale of thousand journeys freeze.

Where angels guide,

Devoid of pride,

And music becomes a lifestyle.

Where love and empathy lives alongside,

And HOPE prevails at all time high.

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Introspection time.

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday.

I thank you all for reading my blog posts and giving me feedbacks and comments about the same.

I hope you do enjoy what I write. I love interactions cause that’s how one comes to know about how others feel and react to one’s words and writings.

I would appreciate if you could tell me if you would want me to write on any particular topic barring politics. I would try and write on the same.

And also please let me know if I should improve on anything in particular.

Your feedbacks and comments are valuable to me.