My hands tremble as I write this post. Many would think  its just any other event but for me it isn’t . Today morning woke up to hear and read the demise of  Bollywood actress , Sridevi.

Didn’t believe and thought ( and prayed) it to be a rumour but it wasn’t. I don’t know her personally , neither have I seen her but have always adored and admired her for whoever and whatever she was.  A lady full of grace, pleasing and mesmerising and suddenly one day she’s no more! As reports state , she suffered a massive cardiac arrest. Her videos and photographs circulating the social media showing her just some days before an event she and her family had attended In dubai. Couldn’t believe this would be her last! Life can be so cruel and unpredictable.

She ruled Bollywood for 50 years and could carry a film on her shoulders unlike today’s heroines who are just showpieces and have no idea of their existence in today’s movies. She was regarded a homewrecker due to her marriage to Boney Kapoor who was already married. She did undergo plastic surgeries on her nose, implants done, and most recently a lip job which was quite obvious in the videos on  social media. But then,  everyone in this world of cinema succumbs to these artificial ways of attaining beauty and age-delaying techniques which are death threatening but the pressures of looking young and being in demand in Bollywood makes them forget  the dangers of these surgeries . But these celebrities do not understand the threats they face in the long run due to these surgeries as they are slaves  to the cosmetic industry and dotes on looking young and evergreen.

Whatever the reason for her death maybe , she will be missed! It’s a dark day for Bollywood and for me too. I was in love with her. She had an aura which the heroines of today couldn’t and never can match. A wife,  a mother, an actress , every single role which she played effortlessly aleast that’s  what’s been projected.

She’s lucky to have passed away without any suffering. Like a beautiful woman dressed in all glory she sleeps and reaches above where she’s to live forever . I wouldn’t even want to post a picture of her under this article cos I don’t want to believe that  she’s no more . I rather want to believe that she’s alive In my thoughts, in my prayers , smiling and laughing , wanting to see her gracing occasions flawlessly and want her to live forever in my heart and she does! Forever! Love you Sridevi…


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