Among the many other days  that have come into existence ( thanks to social media) today is Mothers day!

I wonder who are the people who come up with such  days which never existed till some  years back.  And do we really need days like these to remember our near and dear ones? All marketing stunts !

And people who can’t wish their own people in real , face to face are wishing them on social media where these poor souls do not even have an account on these sites to see these messages! Hilarious yet sad affair. I sometimes feel  the whole world has become a circus and people are making a mockery of themselves.

Good,  informative and touching messages do not receive the  appreciation thats needed and the trashy , meaningless ones are welcomed with wide arms.

To be honest, I didn’t even know the term ,” Meme” till I  came on these social media sites and not that I’m happy now that I know about it. Times have changed and making fun of others is the new ‘ normal’ thing happening around. Coming to the topic of “days”. Its absurd, obnoxious and holds no relevance of any sort if you ask me.

Not far are the days when we would be getting wishes like ,” Happy dog day”, ” Happy feline day” , ” Happy Boobs day” and what not! I cringe even thinking about it. This madness doesn’t seem to be ending anytime near. What are we leaving for the generations to come?  Soon , you could be witnessing your kids texting you wishes instead of physically hugging and cuddling you on your birthday.

If you think back , the yesteryears were so better in terms of relationship building, communication. Manners and values were instilled in us thanks to our upbringing. We knew the value of gifts ,  money  bestowed upon us according to our parents capabilities and we were satisfied with whatever we got . We never wished our parents unlike today which is so artificial and weird. We knew their love for us and they too never had to prove theirs to us.

I watch the generation of today and think to myself that they would be happy in the company of robots, tablets , more advanced versions of mobiles and would talk to them for solace and they in turn  would answer,” your request is being processed. Will reply in some time”.

Poor souls!


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