‘ Compliments’ Aah , the word itself brings about a wonderful smile on our faces.😊 And who doesn’t like receiving compliments??

It’s a beautiful feeling when you are praised. It lifts your mood and a sense of feeling great about yourself does wonders to oneself.  And it’s very necessary that once in a while you receive some! And it’s equally important to compliment others too. Even others have a right to feel good about themselves and if you can make their day special  then why not do it?

But I feel the person concerned should be deserving of it. You need not be a people pleaser. Compliment people for their genuineness, their humble and caring nature. Now, how do we know about these qualities in a person , well,  time will definitely show us their true colors and there’s also something called intuition , which most of the time works!

Till then, speak good, think good and once  in  while  compliment people .




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