Summers are here and the blaring heat is just killing. Sitting cosily in an air conditioned apartment  feels so good . Having your favorite juices, milkshakes are just heavenly. And all this excitement crumbles when you step out of our house and you feel as though you’ve stepped into a furnace!

Yikes! You start sweating and all that hard work of putting on layers of make-up takes a toss and bless yourself if you don’t turn up looking like a zombie with all that face painting not looking less than a horror movie.

Summers are fun for the fact that you can end up gorging on ice creams and you can forget about your diet plans .😁 And who doesn’t want an ice cream in this slithering heat?🌞😓

Those  beautiful cotton clothes that you have been wanting to get into can finally come out of your wardrobe and oh yes, those bright umbrellas to protect you from the harsh sunlight.

So, go ahead , enjoy your Summers and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated .


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