People amaze me. There’s something mysterious about them. One tends to meet various types of them in one’s life. And each and everyone has something which makes you remember them.

One such lady comes to my mind while  I write this. She stayed in the same colony where I used to stay back home  in India. She was a very different type of personality altogether . Being a tall and sturdy woman, one couldn’t miss noticing her. Her family comprised of her husband and two sons. The husband was a simple man, doing about his work and not interfering in anyone’s life ( which is very rare quality among Indians) . The sons too didn’t mingle much with anyone. They faced hard times in their earlier days as uncle was the only earning member and aunty did  cloth stitching works for that little extra income . Years passed by and the children got working and became independent and uncle retired from his job but went on to do some part time job as sitting simply at home didn’t suit him and more important was  the money factor .  But later , due to the old age problems of aches and pains , he gave up the job but became a victim of persistent coughs and other problems. And that irritated the family members and they started taunting him for his coughs and one thing lead to another and sons and mother told him to leave the house and he started living with his brother who later on couldn’t keep up and later admitted him to an old age home! The sons got married and started leading their own lives and they too had their share of problems with their parents.

Cutting the long story short, the lady became all alone in her flat and one day she passed away due to cardiac attack and no one knew of this incident.It was only after a week and that too due to the foul smell emanating from the flat that people informed the police and her house had to be broke open . Her family was informed and all had arrived and last rites done. Later , after a month or so, her husband too passed away .

Coming to say, that after all this she died like an orphan. She was of  a peculiar character and in the end  no one was there for her. Her pride, ego destroyed her . She didn’t value her husband and always showed partiality towards her younger child and due to that her elder son had bitter relations with her.  Anyways , it was a sad tragedy . She did not deserve to die a death like that. But then, that was her fate.

So people, you never know when you would leave this world so be humble, love all,  try not to hurt people with your words and actions. And value people who love you .




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