Hello all. Hope all my followers are enjoying their Sunday.😊 Today I felt to write on the topic of the  fading art of writing letters!

A  long forgotten piece of   paper! How long has it been since you all received a letter ? Now that everything is digitalized and  we all living in  the era of e-mails and internet, the usage of paper is no longer existent.

But frankly speaking, I miss the very smell of letters. The joy of receiving and sending letters is undescribable. The postman is so very missed😔. His arrival with letters to our houses , or even though no letters but the sight of him/ her used to bring a smile on our faces. I still remember the colony where I used to stay during childhood days and the postman, Mr Kadam, who has seen us kids  right from our young days and the visit by the postman to our houses  during Diwali for their bakshish  ( a contribution that they receive from every house ) is still so fresh in my mind😊. And he was the most important person after our final exams of school as the   exam  results used to come by post and he was the most awaited person on the surface on this planet 😂😂.

Then came the installation of post boxes in every society and the postman need not climb floors to deliver and could instead drop the letters into these boxes thus making them less visible to the residents .

There was a time when greeting cards were sent and received  during birthdays , anniversaries and the happiness was ten folds on everyone’s faces😀 but now all these are near to extinction and it’s all limited to wishing friends on  social media like WhatsApp and Facebook and  that too  only if we remember or vice versa. The happiness is short lived this way.

It’s true we need to move ahead with time but some things which aren’t big in terms of nature matter a lot and its these things which makes one happy and worth living.

So , followers, once in a while , do send letters or a greeting card to your near and dear ones and experience the joy you get out of it. And if you are at the receiving end its definitely a priceless moment and I can assure you that it’s something to be cherished all your life especially in this fast and instant era!


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