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What’s beauty for you? Is it a good face? A good heart? A good figure?

Nowadays the definition of beauty has changed.  Everyone’s looking out for good faces See the source image

and sadly not much are interested in other’s behaviour, the way they treat you, the way they make you feel.

A beautiful face does attract people but if they have an ugly heart then that beauty is  of no good.

Beauty should flow in  your words . It’s the way you speak to others that melts them. If one has the ability to win people by their behaviour then nothing like it.

Image result for beauty through words, behaviour images

People would love to talk to you if you’re honest, have no attitude about yourself, down to earth, humble and then your physical beauty takes a backseat. Beauty comes in many forms. It  need not be physical beauty always. Reminds me of some beautiful quotes I read a while ago…

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