School Memories.

” Some memories never fade”

How true this quote is.  And one of those memories are those of school.

Everyone remembers their school days . That fun, laughter, scoldings, Tiffin breaks, teachers, a whole lot of memories attached to them.


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I remember my mother , waking us siblings , and we cozily wrapping ourselves in our blankets and partly awake-partly sleeping and immune to all her calls. But once we’re up, its no stopping us and in a jiffy we are set to go. It all seems like yesterday. Oh how we miss those days.

Though at that time we dreaded those homeworks , exams and strictness but now ,  when I look back , yes, those were one of the best days of my life. And those are never to return.

Those infatuations , attractions towards our classmates . How very innocent. Sharing of our tiffin boxes and seeing who brought what and shamelessly gobbling away their food in exchange of ours.

And I’m sure all of us had our favorite subjects and waited anxiously for that period while feeling boring during the other classes , sometimes carefully avoiding to get caught napping! And everyone of us having one or more best friends , without whom coming to school was not less than a punishment.

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And not to forget , examination time. Studying and exchanging notes at the last minute and worried if we would make through. The worry was more to be with our best friends in the next class rather than the fear of failing exams. There’s so much to write but will stop now.


Time flies . Everyone goes their own ways  but those memories never fade from our lives.  As I stop, will leave you with this wonderful yet true quote :

School life is best life. Yeh tabhi pata chalta hai  jab hum school se nikal ke  jaate hai .



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