Show -off’s!

Hello. Wish you all a happy Sunday. How are you all doing?

Came here thinking  absolutely of no topic at all  to write on. But then , while browsing my social networking site,  I found a person who is based at Delhi and supposed to be doing charity work , a real fake and thought I would share my views on that.

I have seen his videos before  but after repeatedly watching  it I just felt he’s just doing it  all for publicity. I’m not taking his name cos maybe many of you are following him or adoring him for his work .

He’s always well dressed, his hair all gelled up, wearing those tight fit t-shirts and walking around the city as though looking around  for some poor and needy people and offering them huge amounts of money and asking for their blessings. I’m not against charity . It’s the best service you can do to humankind but to garner followers and likes on your social network through charity isn’t a cool idea.

If you are kind hearted and really want to help some needy do you capture it on camera?? You would quietly do your work and walk away. Is there a need to show the world that you’re kind and making a difference in someone’s life by making a video of it and uploading it on your site? In my humble opinion you don’t need to do that. One need not prove or show to the world  that one is  doing a good deed! It’s in your heart and mind and not to get likes of lakhs of people!

I stopped following and discontinued watching his videos because it doesn’t match my ideology of charity. I also went through many comments on his video which also stated that he does this for popularity. I’m not being negative here or discouraging people from doing good things.

I admit that whenever people do something good, there will be supporters and criticisers but why show off to the world when it can be kept low-key , without any fanfare.

When he does this offering of help, people crowd in from all sides  and this adds to his screen presence! I’m sorry if you find me being negative here on this issue but frankly speaking , I just can’t approve of his doings!

A quote I want to share and what I believe exactly the meaning of  charity  is goes like this:

” Charity is only charity when you give goods, services, or money without personal gain, benefit or recognition of any kind. True charity is anonymous. It begins and ends within your self”.

Please share your views and a feedback would be welcomed on this topic.


10 thoughts on “Show -off’s!

  1. Yes even I believe so, but even I have done a blood donation earlier and I have shared about it on my blog. Not to get likes, but at that time, all my idea was to spread awareness. Who knows why that guy must be doing those videos and sharing. I have mixed feeling about that guy and I know very well of whom you are talking about 😛

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Heta. Didn’t you too feel he isn’t doing this for charity purpose and more for publicity sake. Well, let’s just keep it a secret among ourselves 😛


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