Man In woman’s body. Easy or tough?!

I consider myself an over-thinker . Many ideas, thoughts come into my mind when I’m all by myself and in my own world. I think those are the best times when you are free to think and visualise the what-if’s , how come, whether, but…

You’re searching for  answers to questions which are unexplainable. You Google them but still you aren’t satisfied or it doesn’t match your type of thinking.

In the same way, today, while reading and scrolling through  some post on a social site , a comment made by a female kept me wondering and I thought I would post it here. She asked , “How would males react  if they  underwent  cramps , period pains and the discomfort following it and also if they became pregnant and  had to bear the unedurable pain of child birth”?

It made me thinking too. Yes, so how would males accept and undergo those irritable moments. Though a hypothetical situation but just a thought. If you ask me , I think they wouldn’t be able to bear it.  The monthly woes of 5 /7 days of bleeding, of having to change the  sanitary napkin every 5/ 6 hours, checking on yourself if you have stained your outfit. The sudden flow when you get up from bed in the morning which makes you feel as though a volcano has erupted! Those itchy moments plus the need to keep yourself hygienic at the same time and also the pain that follows which doesn’t allow you to do anything other than rolling yourself into a   ball and yes , crying through it.( And no, it’s not over reacting)

Aah, not easy guys and men!! Then the blessing or discomforts of pregnancy.  Yes, it’s a blessing then that you aren’t bleeding so good riddance to periods at least for a good 9 months!! But to carry a baby full term , with a bulging belly isn’t a joke. The problems of moving yourself , sitting, tossing and turning on the bed is cumbersome. And when you think you’ve made it till end then comes the  final stage of pushing through that small opening ( vagina)  which otherwise is just an organ for pleasure! Can you even believe that you need to push a baby through that ,ie, in case of normal delivery. And better not to talk about the pain , you really don’t want to know cos it’s “EXCRUCIATING”  and the amount of labor hours that go into it. Uff ! Never mind, you would never know!

Some things are just meant for “a” particular gender of sex so we are the previliged ones here and the least you can do is respect, treat us well and accept us with all our flaws and shortcomings.  And it works both ways . So, yes, we too love/ like  you all . The feeling is mutual .

Man and woman are like  two sides of the same coin. One cannot be without the other and that’s how it should be . Respect for each other , love and kindness towards each other should  not be asked for. It should be given freely cos we need to co-exist with one another.

Feedback and replies would be welcomed 😊 . Please take your time out to do so.


15 thoughts on “Man In woman’s body. Easy or tough?!

  1. I’m just gonna use the same line you did “…some things are just meant for “a” particular gender of sex so we are the privileged ones here” Men and women have their own set of responsibilities, if we can fulfill those to our full potential, I think we should be pretty happy 🙂

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      1. I can see my girlfriend painful face when she is suffering from menstruation. But I can’t do anything, except doing her a hot cup of milk mix with turmeric & massaging her waist. Really it’s a very uncomfortable.

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