This is becoming a major and rising problem among people , be it any group, the young , the middle-aged and the old. THIS IS REAL! Every one faces this at some given point of time.

We feel even though we are surrounded by people , we are incomplete , some void , a vacuum is felt within us. We crave for something, someone to understand us, to feel us, if not fully ,but at least someone to share our worries, excitement, feelings. But we fail to acquire anyone like that.

We hear umpteen cases everyday of people taking up their lives , which when investigated ends up with the conclusion that they were depressed and loneliness too being a prime factor. It’s scary if you think about it. You open up social media and you will encounter many people , especially the younger generation , asking for friendships stating the reason as being and feeling lonely.Ā  It could be true or they could be lying as to garner the females attention and have a gala time with them hoping for a time pass or start up a relationship just for the sake of it or under peer pressure. One can never come to know and on what basis can they be believed when everything you hear and identities of peopleĀ  on the internet are fake, if not everyone but there are people posing as fake identities and being active on the media!

However, ” I’m feeling lonely” has become a reality now. People are in search of some unseen instant gratification and happiness from others. Some become so desperate that they openly share their contact numbers with their opposite sex in the hope that their loneliness would ward off! And that is a dangerous thing to do cos it could lead to unwanted dangers. AndĀ  how canĀ  one evenĀ  do that in the first place??

Then when they are rejected, they start hounding them, stalking them on all social networking sites and make their life a living hell!

If one feels lonely then there are many ways to overcome it. You could join some social clubs, be friends with ” real” people and not virtual onesĀ  whom you haven’t even seen nor ever going to see in your life! Social media is just a way to pass your time ,interact with few people whom you feel are people with some ethics and seem to generate good vibes.Ā  For some, music is their way out of feeling alone, for some othersĀ  it may be jogging or walking or even eating! Everyone deals with it their own way and some are experts at identifying their way out of it. And that’s how it should be rather than depending on others to make you feel good.Ā  Sorry to disappoint but people aren’t santa clauses coming with gifts alongĀ  Ā to make you happy all the time, nopes, doesn’t happen that way.

You have to yourself combat with the feeling of loneliness. No one can bring you happiness , it’s just a myth! It’s only youĀ  who is your best friend and a good judge about yourself.Ā  People will comeĀ  and go in your life. That’s a natural process.

It’s tough being and feelingĀ  lonely but once you suffer some heartbreaks , being avoided, and rejections from othersĀ  , you will love your own company and as the saying goes,

” Loneliness is dangerous. It’s addicting. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t want to deal with people.”

Feedbacks areĀ  always welcome .Ā  Do share your views . Would love to hear.


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