Understanding yourself.

First and foremost question , ” How well do you know yourself?”.  Do you know yourself well enough to really talk about your shortcomings and positive points.

I don’t know about others but I know myself and thats what matters. Do you ever feel that people’s expectations from you are  too much? They want you to be available for them as  and when they want . Friendships are sometimes suffocating. Everyone is obsessed about themselves rather than understanding what is your point of view!

Be it social media , real life, between friends, people wanting your attention and wanting you to tend to them. If you aren’t interested then you are termed  “arrogant ” or the famous line,” you’re ignoring me”. Don’t we too have a private life? Aren’t we entitled to some peace of mind? Sorry for the ranting but that’s what’s happening.

I’m a person who likes ” me” time more than hanging around with people all the time. I try my maximum to be kind, polite and good to people but when they get on my nerves  ,I become  more aloof, blunt and stay away from them. That’s my nature. Everyone is different and I can’t fake things neither can I sugarcoat matters because then you are sending them the wrong signals. If you are frank about things there’s less drama and no need for any acting .

I don’t normally ping people thinking they might get disturbed so I keep to myself . But when I’m pinged and if I am not busy I do talk with them. But unnecessarily pinging just for the sake of talking without any topic to talk about is  real annoying and i normally do  tell them ( as polite as i can be) so that they get the signal that ,’ yes, you are annoying me and yes I avoided you for the same reason’. Is that wrong??

But how they take it is another matter altogether . Some avoid thereafter thinking I’m the egoistic person and the arrogant one here and some again , inspite of being told repeatedly , do the same thing again. They are so loyal to you !😂😂😒

So now I have reached a point that explaining to them is just a waste of time and energy from my part so i have become a ” professional ignorer” . This way I’m at peace and they get the signal without any inconveniences caused from either sides!

Being alone is the best!! No drama, no pleasing others. Once in a while talk to people . This is my mantra now.

What’s yours? Love to hear your take on people.


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