Suicide… A cowardice act?

Was startled when I read the passing away of two famous personalities in just a gap of a week or so . And the cause of their death being suicide. And they weren’t any two ordinary people. They were rich, famous, leading successful lives in their own work area. Then what made them take such an extreme step? Probably we will never know .

Can we address them as  cowards? Don’t know.

I believe everyone lives life to their best of capacity , however they can and to think of ending their life would never be on their minds until they feel they  have reached a point in life where it makes them think that their role in this world is over and they need to leave without proper goodbyes to anyone.

Nobody can read anyone’s mind. Staying under the same roof or interacting daily with the same person can never guarantee how they would behave the next minute. People are like seasons. They change with every situation, with every person they interact with,  so how can one say what goes on in each others minds??

But I always feel people who are depressed or suicidal give out subtle signals to their close ones but often those signals are ignored or not tapped at the right time. And it’s human tendency to ignore whatever our loved ones do or say as nowadays everyone’s leading busy lives, communication is dwindling day by day, responsibilities have grown ten folds. In short, no one’s got time to literally   sit down and talk !

No human being  comes with a manual or a  checklist and you tick into the boxes if you feel some part of them isn’t functioning properly. We aren’t machines. But everyone is made up of feelings, emotions and actions that give out indications that something is wrong.

I can say this by citing an incident that occured in my own family , paternal side to be precise. It happened with my father’s niece’s husband who , at the age of 45 , committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan ,which was shocking for all  because of the fact that he was a self- made man, very ambitious , successful and a man of self- respect. Now why did he take this extreme step is unknown to us all . Probably his family  knows but might never speak out of guilt and pain which would be a part of their lives forever.

But after his passing away they recollect some incidents that occured in the past one week which later on they found absurd , something which he had never  done previously. And that’s what precisely I had mentioned that subtle signs are always given away but people fail to catch them.

He was a businessman and his wife ( my father’s niece) assisted him in it . And like every wife supporting her husband and vice versa , they too shared the same goals and dreams. But during that one week before he took the extreme step, he asked her to manage the business alone though he might  not be  around. She never took it seriously thinking it’s just a statement. She’s not to be blamed either because she being a mother, wife , daughter had to tend to many other tasks  so who would remember all  such talks when you are bombarded with other responsibilities as well.

One day he decided to take them for dinner at a 5 star restaurant which was totally not expected. Generally  , people with middle class upbringing are not used to such  fancies. And all these were happenings in that last one week prior to his death. Nevertheless , they went and had the time of their lives. All happy and like a dream come true.

His children recollect him watching  videos of people dying and remember him saying, ‘  what a peaceful experience death must be’ . But they used to just shrug it off , not taking his words  seriously or just  taking the TV remote from him and  changing the channel.

Now when they look back and think about  all these incidents and feel helpless  , not that they could have done anything to change it but a hope that maybe or but or what if….. the possibilities are never ending. but there’s something called fate and that cannot be changed!

Not getting into too much details here but he’s no more . Leaving a family to fight their battles alone , he found his salvation and left this world . Was it for  good or bad , no one knows. People learn to live and move on with  their lives without their dear one with them  cos life doesn’t end there. But the pain of missing a loved one can never be expressed in words and needs no explanation either. Its devastating. But as they say , life goes on.

Everyone’s days are numbered in this world but how you would  depart would always  be   a mystery. We must not blame people for ending their own lives . They have a story of their own with whom they could never share it with. Not even your own people can read or know what goes on in  your mind. So, always pray  that wherever these departed souls  are , hope they are happy and have found peace.









5 thoughts on “Suicide… A cowardice act?

  1. What a post Savitha! Loved it. People who take such extreme steps in their life have a story we can never know. I don’t support suicides or any such but yes for sure they are not cowards! There is a reason behind such acts. Literally could feel you were writing the exact feeling or my point of view that I totally feel about on this issue.

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  2. I don’t support suicides but I do believe that mental health is a much neglected issue in our country. Mere realisations that suicidal thoughts can be a result of your physiology on which you don’t have much control on would be so helpful. When a person contemplates self-harm, it never crosses him/her that it’s their lack of mental health that is doing the thinking here. I really like the honesty with which you have written this post.

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