Award Nomination.

Wow! I think today is my day. Been nominated by two people , Bhavna Saurabh Sharma and DM for the Liebster award.  Don’t know how important is that but feels  great to be thought of and  the fact that somebody finds my blog and my content worth reading. Thank you so much. Means a lot to me.

I am a new blogger here and I write whatever comes to my mind.

Okay , according to the Liebster Award, I need to follow these six rules. So, here goes.

  1. Thank you Bhavna Saurabh Sharma and DM for nominating me.
  2. 11 facts about myself!! Oops this is tough , but will think of and try to write down


  1. Myself Savitha kartha. I’ m from kerala, south of India,   and now currently staying in Dubai.
  2. I’m a simple person, not difficult to decode me.
  3. I love music. Can’t go a day without listening to music.
  4. I love to write, be it anything. I need to write down my view points and love to know and read other’s point of view on that topic and Word press has given me that opportunity. So, a big thank you to Word press!
  5. I am married, have two lovely daughters and we are  a happy family on the whole.
  6. I love to draw and in my free  time I  catch up with my drawing skills.
  7. I do not like applying make up , doesn’t suit me either . I try to keep it simple always.
  8. I Love receiving feedbacks  especially on my writings if it  has appealed to anyone . please feel free to comment and give in your feedbacks.
  9.  I Love to laugh and watch funny videos . Its a stress buster for me.
  10. Love to go on long drives with good music playing on the radio. Bliss!!
  11. I love nature. The greenery, the smell of the earth, the landscapes . Just amazing.

Phew! I thought  I wouldn’t be able to go beyond 5  points.  MADE IT!

I wish I could nominate more bloggers but the rule says only 11😩. So here goes.

My Nominations:

  1. ShankySalty
  2. Shreya Sukrity
  3. Kurian
  4. Chanakya Bhardwaj
  5. Foolchund Saahil
  6. Reveuse
  7. DM
  8. Goin’ the extra…aamile
  9. yuulye
  10. Heta Gala Naidu
  11. theemilkbarr

My answers to Bhavna Saurabh sharma:

  1. when you count your life’s blessings, what do you count twice?

That I am alive and healthy. Nothing more important than that.

2. what’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?

Oh no, another day. and what do I make for breakfast!! I hate that thought.

3. what’s your biggest strength and weakness?

biggest strength- Family, weakness- again family!

4. what does blogging mean to you?

Expressing my thoughts, venting out my feelings.

5. your favorite love story?

Jack and rose of titanic.

6. Mention the most romantic thing according to you.

That you are thought of , respected and loved by your partner .

7. The quality you admire most in your life partner

His simplicity , down to earth attitude and good manners.

8. who is your hero?

No one in particular.

9. purpose of life according to you.

To be kind, not hurt anyone by your words and actions.

10. if you get a chance to be reborn again , what would you want to be?

An elephant. Majestic, gentle and a beautiful creation.

11. what’s one thing you do to practice self love?

be kind to myself. stay away from negativity. and smile as much as I can.


My answers to DM:

  1. I will just go with the answers. too lazy to type out the questions!!  I wouldn’t sell any years from my life.
  2. Perfect day would be, a butler to cook whatever I order to be made or whatever new  dish is known to them. Lazying around, shopping at the fancy stores. Going  to places away from noise and just nature and me. But wait a second, doing all this alone is a big bore so I need someone to be with me,  who enjoys all this the same way I do otherwise having so much money and being alone is the worst nightmare.
  3. Flaw-  when people try to come too  close to me and ‘try’ to be too friendly , I kind of avoid them and keep a safe distance from them.
  4. It has to be  the birth of my two kids. Couldn’t believe I became a mother and those two kids came from inside  me!!
  5. I wish I could have given chances to some good guys who really liked me and wanted to be a part of my life.
  6.  A simple, beautiful, humble person who doesn’t mind speaking her mind , though can be blunt at times.
  7. Not much friends now.  I’m more of a  person who likes my own company. No drama , no pleasing anyone.
  8. I’m honest. No pretending to like something when actually I hate it.
  9. A lion. It sleeps for most of the time. The lioness does all the hunting . but all  the grandeur  and pride of the jungle is claimed by the lion.
  10. I would create a life-like person , who isn’t judgemental that would help people come out of depression, loneliness  and always keep them company and bring happiness on their faces.
  11. Poverty. It needs to go. One cannot rise up in life if there’s poverty .


My questions to whom I have nominated

  1. What are your dreams that you are chasing?
  2. Have you ever loved anyone? if yes, how happy are you. and if no, do you want to experience that emotion or want to fall in love?
  3. Which personality, living or dead,  do you admire and why?
  4. Describe yourself.
  5. What is our favourite song?
  6. Name one person whom you want to meet in your life .
  7. What do you hate about yourself?
  8. Do you want to be rich and famous or you prefer to be poor and humble?
  9. What would you like to change from your past? and why?
  10. What is that one thing that you do not wish to lose in your life? it could be a thing, person , anything.
  11. what does happiness mean to you?

Thank you once again each and everyone for following me and happy to be following you all too.    Waiting to read lovely posts from each and every one . Keep writing and  keep spreading   smiles😊😊














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