Original vs Re-make

Hearing a lot about this movie,’ Dhadak’ which happens to be a remake of the Marathi movie,’ Sairat’. Dhadak stars late actress sridevi’s daughter , Jhanvi and  Ishaan , Shahid Kapoor’s brother and it’s directed by Karan johar.

It’s been a long time since I have seen a good  and meaningful Bollywood movie. I think that’s asking for an unrealistic thing to happen- good and meaningful!  However the marathi version was a runaway super-duper hit with not-so-famous , simple looking people starring in it. The movies made there are never high budget ones so one need not expect designer wear, fancy locations or even good looking people  , to be honest! But the storyline, fresh new faces did the trick and it was loved by the Maharashtrian crowd and also by those who followed the language. No, I didn’t watch the film but read about it .

Now comes the remake version. The problem with remakes are that if one  has seen the original  , one tends to   compare it with the  original. And it’s done knowingly. And if the original has made a great impression on the viewer then , according to me , the remake version is in trouble!

Karan johar is known for his flamboyant style of film making. There’s no scarcity of show-off in his movies. His movies boast of grand settings, designer wears,  latest gadgets . The star cast would be huge, by way of name and fame . Even if the hero belongs to the middle class or the poorer section of the society , he will be seen donning cool costumes, looking all dashing and having a six pack body , using modern gadgets. But then ,why not? It’s Bollywood and to top it all , a karan johar movie . So , it needs to be GRAND!!

Psst… Frankly speaking, I love his movies cos they give you a feeling of  having visited a fairyland, beautiful people, out of this world costumes and the hero and heroine not less than a  prince and princess!😍

So, this film would not be a disappointment in terms of  all the beautiful things one wants to see in a typical Bollywood movie but I doubt if their acting and dialogue delivery would be up to the mark to those of the Marathi couple who are being adored more. Jhanvi and Ishaan look beautiful together  with he being more spontaneous and charming. While she too shines in the looks department which doesn’t seem to be a wonder being sridevi’s daughter but still , personally speaking, for me, Sridevi is and will always be the most gorgeous actress.

But I fail to understand why Bollywood is lacking good scripts , creativity  and are relying on remakes . And  watching the trailer with people already criticising scenes and a particular song in this movie , chances of it making any impact on the audience seems bleak though the two youngsters are getting a chance to prove their talent and acting skills from the star son-daughter  launching guru  himself , KJ.

Wishing them the best of luck in their bollywood debut and hope Bollywood comes up with good scripts in future rather than flicking and copying stories from other film industries!

Ending it by saying ,” An original is always an original , be it a person, thing or even movies.”

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