I love observing people though not necessarily talking  to them. It’s as  though a live drama is unfolding right  in front of you.  Many people, many emotions , different locales , and lots to ponder, smile and sometimes burst out loud but can’t due to public reaction.

The venues are  many . An airport, railway station, bus, metro, shopping malls, or even your  own homes!

Scene: shopping malls.

Families, singles, couples, boyfriends girlfriends. People come in all  forms . Try observing them.

Families generally are loud . Thanks to the kids accompanying them.  There’s complete  chaos with what needs to be purchased, how much time would it take to get the shopping done and run back home , and with the kid sometimes getting lost in the crowd . The husband being grumpy and the wife walking a mile behind avoiding  his treacherous looks and talks. If all is good then they would be walking together with hands entwined like lovers in their sweet 16’s. Kids demanding stuffs   which are politely refused by some  mature parents and some ending  up spanking the poor child showing absolutely no civility.

The husbands wander off to some sections of the mall doing their shopping alone and  checking out some other ladies in the absence of  their  wives  and the wives trying to catch attention of some others when husband isn’t watching and  aren’t around them  and all that effort  goes down the drain when the kids come running to them saying  papa , mamma and they are drawn  back to reality. Sigh!

The singles are more focused . They come with the idea  of what they want and execute  their aim and purpose  of their visit . One can see them sitting by themselves at some coffee shops with their laptops , immersed in their work , oblivious to anything around them or reading a book amidst all that chaos  but peace within themselves.

Next comes the love birds. They seem to be in a world of their own , holding hands , smiling and occasionally glancing towards each other as though the world has come to a stand still and only they exist. *Heart beats and guitar playing in the background* type situation.

The female would be endlessly  chattering  and her lover is  bound to listen to her banter  without complaining as he checks out other girls who walk by and might be  thinking to himself,” what have I done to deserve this!!” And then they enter some cafe or restaurant where things suddenly  escalate between them and he’s seen trying to pacify and make her happy while she intentionally plays hard to be comforted and the poor guy is at his wit’s end as to what to do next!

And how can anyone miss those annoying sales persons who try to lure the people who walk by to try out their marketed  perfume or  try out an experience on the massage chair explaining for  a good half an hour how  it would turn out to be an heavenly ordeal!

And some of them yelling and creating a ruckus with some service which wasn’t given to them in their expected ways and they experiencing a rise in their dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin levels and feeling good while everyone else  thinks what a moronic person that was!!!

And when you’re done with all  your shopping  having observed  all these people and heading towards home , you think to yourself , ” Am I   better or worse”  and with  no  definite answers  to it and  once again  get prepared  to observe and marvel  at human nature while it takes us to yet another destination with something interesting which tends  to shake, rattle and giggle us humans and that’s called  journey of life!  Enjoy.



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