Simple things in life……

The other day wrote a post on some annoying things in life which we all face in our everyday lives. Well, today , it’s the simple and fun things in life that we all love to do or rather enjoy doing that brings a smile on our faces.

This is my list .

Here goes:

1) Climbing into a bed with freshly washed and good smelling bed-sheets and blankets.

2) Popping a bubble- wrap! I still do this..

3) Cooking up a delicious meal and being appreciated for the same.

4) Watching a child smile and making goofy faces  back to see them giggle more.

5) Finding something from somewhere  that you thought had been lost . Priceless!

6) The smell of the first rain on dry soil.

7) Sipping tea/coffee first thing in the morning.

8) Smell of old books, nail polish, petrol, kerosene, phenyl. ( I love these odours)

9) Getting an unexpected reply/ message / call  from an acquaintance after many years.

10) When you’re dead tired and drop  on to the  bed . That sleep is the best , uninterrupted and deep .

11) Listening to songs . Mostly the same ones which are my favorite. The more I listen , the more I fall in love with it.

12) Drawing a picture and when it comes out perfect , THAT satisfaction and happiness can never be expressed and described in words!

13) When damn hungry and I  know my  mother has prepared my most favorite dish , nothing like it and I  just hog without minding who’s watching .

14)  I just love the fragrance of Jasmine flowers . So enchanting.

15) Having a good laugh.

16) Lighting scented candles in the house . It’s so therapeutic.

17) Receiving an unexpected compliment.

18) A relaxing shower.

19) When a favorite song plays on the radio.

20) A walk in beautiful weather. Refreshing!

21) Sitting by the beach, with not much crowd around , and watching the sunset.

And many more….


What’s yours??



8 thoughts on “Simple things in life……

  1. I think if we order all these good points listed as per individual taste and in a chronological order, every day should be a good day or at least should act as buffer for the bad annoying ones. Great post as usual, Savitha.

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  2. Thank you Sunith . But I think everyone has their own list of fun and simple things that they tend to enjoy and might not match with whatever I mentioned. But , at the end of the day, being at peace and happy is what matters.😊


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