The vacations are on for my kids now. A full 2 months. So that means 24×7 on their call, cooking whatever they like so that their hunger is kept under control.  Stocking up the house with eatables so that they munch on and off whenever they feel the need to do so . And me ,  on my part,   ignoring their runs and tip toe walks to the kitchen every now and then to check out if anything new they can lay their hands on.

Welcome to parenting!!  It’s  tough,  annoying , irritating and mind -boggling  at the same time.  I’m not believing you if you tell me it isn’t. Parenting is all about, ” get up”, ” did you brush?” , ” eat your food” , ” is your homework done yet?”, ” take your bath” ,” have your dinner”, ” go to sleep”,” don’t stay up late” and so on and on …. Even the kids know what’s coming next! So predictable parents become.

Vacations nowadays are just name- sake  holidays . Lots of homework to be done , exam portions would be sent during these holidays so that the kids prepare themselves for  the upcoming exams when the school re-opens , then where’s the fun of vacations??? And if you ever having a younger kid  in the age group of 4-6 yrs , then the whole house looks like a crafts shop with paper cuttings, colors, crayons, things like leaves, ice cream popsicles , and other things which you thought are waste suddenly becomes precious and are   all needed to make a project as a part of the homework , where in the child only helps in being grumpy and wanting to do it his/her way , making it a  total mess and throwing tantrums  and the parent ( mother of course) trying to be good and lovable , at the same time  grinding her teeth yet keeping herself in full control so that the damn project is done peacefully!! And oh yes, with numerous taunts in between from the kid to mother reminding them ,” you’re mean”  , ” you always scold” , ” you’re always getting angry” , AND and you accept all those complaints telling the child   you didn’t  mean to be that way when  actually you did behave that way .  Kids don’t lie , you see.

I remember our days when we anxiously waited for those days of total freedom from studies, from that daily wear of uniforms and tying up of hair in a particular fashion to school with mother , in the mornings, struggling with it  while you , in half sleep, tend to tilt  your head in one side while your mother pulls it to her side and there’s a war going on between you both! Ha ha. Freedom from that torture. Hair issues!

Homeworks were very less compared to now what is given. Even if there would be , the excitement to get it all done before leaving for holidays motivated us to finish it off . The happiness and joy of meeting our grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles were so interesting and gobbling up all those delicacies prepared by grandmother was beyond description. And playing favorite grandchildren to  grandfather  just to receive some gift like an ink pen, some extra coins from his money box was just an experience which the kids of today don’t seem to understand nor do they want to.  And  not to forget those teary situations , group crying at the  time of  farewell , those were just moments of  pure love we had for each other , those moments spent together having  fun and excitement and when everything comes to an end and it’s time to go  , it’s always sad but yet again come back next vacation with the same vigour, happiness  and love for all.

Now when I tell my kids  we leaving for vacations to grandparents place , the first question they ask is, ” is there internet at their place?” ” Do they have cartoon channels at their home?” Else it’s going to be so boring and what do we do there?? Somewhere it’s a reality now. Can’t blame them either when they are the generation born into the digital era. And their happiness lies in these gadgets.

Oh well, before that I   need to  make them finish off their homework so that I don’t drag all this  work as a part and parcel of  the vacation and  make  it more cumbersome for me and them and don’t want myself worrying for the work not completed!




3 thoughts on “Vacations.

  1. Thank you Nita for your response. I’m living this at present and in some few years from now this too will become nostalgia for me till then gong with the flow, sometimes maddening yet fun😊


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