So , it’s that time of the year when I travel with kids back home  for  summer vacations minus the hubby and every single time I travel  I get those butterflies in the stomach and at the same time  a feeling of a much awaited break from routine , a change of place , a feel of relaxation and a good feeling of coming back to my own country and that is undescribable.

Yesterday was watching an interview of the famous monk, Gopal das Gaur. And how he explained how necessary it is to take a break from whatever you are doing and reflect on your own self and do things that you like and enjoy  doing  most , be it reading, painting, photography, eating good food or even sleeping! Just do it. By doing these , one finds themselves more at ease and calmer.

Now, some may ask how can you take a break when one is  continously bombarded with travelling for official purpose, meetings, or some other issues. To this , the  monk replied that he too travels 250 flights a year but during those flights , he mastered the art of disassociating  himself with people and concentrating on self, catching up on reading good books , carrying a writing pad and pen/ pencil always  and noting down the smallest things around him that makes him happy or something about his life that needed to be written down and be beneficial for others to follow. So that way , your travel time goes in introspection into your own life and how you can do something to change yourself , not for others but for your own good.  These things can be followed by every one of us I’m sure , not a difficult task.

He says the most beautiful things can be found in the most simplest  of things . And the task lies within you to look around and find out those and for that you need not be a monk  to analyse and understand it.

Personally. I’m not a follower of any of the spiritual gurus or  babas or Mata’s but nothing wrong to bring into practice some of the things they preach rather than  blindly following them as a person. If those words they say bring a difference in your life and  you feel calm, good ,  at ease and has made you a better person in any way  then why not adopt those good things in your life and be happy.

The choice is yours entirely.



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