Hate it , curse it or love it, this one dish is a part and parcel of every malayalee cuisine. I believe it’s made in every south Indian household, only difference being the vegetables that goes into its preparation.

We, malayalees can have it for breakfast along with the deadly combination of dosa and idli.  Then the same curry is carried forward as lunch along with rice, which is another trademark of us keralites. And if it still survives after the rounds of  breakfast and lunch then it reaches its final journey upto the dinner table . I always wonder if it’s a well formulated plan  devised by our mothers to make that one single gravy that caters to all the members of the family and which blends well  with rice and is undisputedly loved by all.

I personally love sambhar and wouldn’t mind if its prepared 1-2 times a week but the only condition is it must be well- prepared 😁. But the way it’s prepared among all the  south indian states  varies. If you talk about Kerala cuisine, it’s more of a thick preparation , adding coconut or no coconut  to it , a good fusion of spices, proper combination of tamarind and other fine  details  to it. The kannada version is more spicier and the vegetables put into it is totally different from the keralite version. So as I said , every state differs in it’s preparation but ultimately its loved by all.

Now, even the north Indians have begun to love it and started preparing it in their own households. A very interesting thing I have noticed while visiting any south Indian restaurants is that the number of customers  visiting are more of north indians and they literally relish their sambhar by drinking it with  their spoons from the bowls in which its served! So much of love for our ‘trademark’ curry. 😊

At in- laws home, my mother in law has a habit of watching all cookery related shows and she even notes down recipes from all over the world in the promise to prepare  and feed us one day but that day  never seems to  come into existence!

Then she would go into her lab ( kitchen) and we would think something new would emerge from there and then viola , here comes, “SAMBHAR” , the evergreen , never out of trend , traditional yet classic dish of all times.

And then , yet again, we go by  relishing it , with no complaints from anyone and slurp it as though eating it for the first time . That much is the love we have for sambhar 💓💓.


Oh,  by the way , today was sambhar, right from breakfast and now going to end the day with the staple rice 🍚 and yet again the king of all gravies, the SAMBHAR!😁😁


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