Motivational quotes and talks… How much does it work??

How many of you all find these motivational quotes and talks spread all over the internet relatable ?? Well, for one, I don’t .

Though I love reading all these quotes, I really think and I’m hoping many would agree with me that it doesn’t work that way in real life. If you’re sad, then your are sad, that’s it. No amount of motivational speeches is going to make you come out of it. You’re going to sulk, brood, cry, want to sit and be alone at times of sadness and talks of “stay strong” “everything’s going to be alright, you just need the will power and strength to overcome it” and blah blah isn’t going to work, for sure. And if someone was to come in front of me and tell me such things on my face, beleive me, I would just leave that spot then and there cos I do not want to hurt the person by saying, ‘keep quiet, your talks are irritating me more and it isn’t doing anything good for me nor to my situation’. This is how it works for me. I can only speak for myself and not others.

Everyone has their own ways to deal with things thrown at us. Some people heal sooner and some might take months or years, depending on the issue faced by them. Rules are different forย  each and every one of us. And it’s absolutely fine and OK to deal with your problems at your own pace but once you’re out of it, the memories of it shouldn’t bring you down again.

Being positive or delivering positive talks has become a trend now. When you watch such shows or get to listen from friends, people known and close to you, you tend to think sometimes as to how are they so calm, how are they not affected by things not going their way in their lives and how do they handle their erratic emotions. Oh yes, I forget, that’s why they are motivational speakers and nothing affects them. Alpha man, perhaps. And for friends who act as strong pillars and talk big, beleive me, they are faking it. And next moment you would find these “motivation lecturers” (friends) coming to you crying with their problems. Such is life and fakeness around!

It’s a type of business now. And hoards of people flocking to them to derive that desired motivation which they feel is lacking in them and their surroundings. And do you think they get what they want by listening to these gurus? I doubt. It only makes them dependent on such corporate motivational ‘saints’ but the lives of these people attending their talks might just remain the same with little or no effect at all. Their dependency rate on these gurus increases within no time.

You are your own motivation. No one can tell you what to do or what not to do. You are not anyone’s slave. If you feel to just simply sit, laze around, eat that packet of chips, putting your legs up on that couch and you hear a talk on your laptop which says, ‘go, get up, make your life, dream big, make your dreams come true’. Well, SORRY , that ain’t happening. You will close that particular browser window on your laptop, and do exactly what you love doing – – eating that chips and in some time, doze off! And that’s the reality of life which is more beautiful than an illogical speech.

You must do things that suits you and stay happy. Watching too much of those motivational talks would only depress you ahead and by the way, who stays that much positive in life??? Yet to see one such person.

Too much positiveness can be poison sometimes. Life is a balance of both, positives and negatives and both are equally important to lead a normal life. So, if you feel negative during some situations, its ok and not a big deal cos that’s how our minds are conditioned to be but to see that it doesn’t adversely affect you in any way is completely in your hands. How one handles and comes out of the situation is your true victory and no amount of motivational talks are going to help. You deal with it yourself.

And for me, I stopped watching these talks long back cos it didn’t help me in any way. For those people whose life took a U-turn by watching, hearing and implementing these too much positivity talks on their lives– great going, and hope you all are happy in your lives doing so.

And let me end by saying what i said earlier, do things that make you happy and what suits you. The rest would fall into place automatically.

Sorry if this post sounded motivational by any means. Didn’t intend to do so๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.


16 thoughts on “Motivational quotes and talks… How much does it work??

  1. You believe it or not, but it does work for a few people. I have done some voluntary work where I have talked to people who are dealing with depression or are dealing with some problems and would want to share their feelings. Just motivating them on positive note, makes a good difference for a few in their life. For me, sometimes it works and sometimes I too would love to not hear people advising me to do this or that on my problems. So it depends on people to people and situation to situation.

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    1. Agree with you Heta. But don’t you think those people will always be emotionally dependent on other people who offer them motivation every now and then? They wouldn’t be able to think and decide on their own what works for them and what doesn’t. And depressed people do not need motivation, they need proper medication from a doctor specialized in this field. And overdose of too much positivity can also be dangerous.


      1. Some depressed people are not actually depressed. They were sad in their life. Depression is a strong word they used it casually, but who were really depressed, we advised them to go to doctor and not to be afraid. And exceptions cases are there always, some do get dependent and some just have a phase in their life which they think they need someone to talk to. Itโ€™s fine to be for someone who needs us.

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