Marriage at 18???

While browsing the internet, read a very absurd piece of news which states that a petition was filed by a lawyer, Mr Ashok pandey stating that marriageable age of a boy/man be lowered from 21 years to 18. Right now 21 years is the current age for a boy to get married and the girl should be of 18 years while entering into a nuptial bond.

His logic was that if a boy can join the army and has voting rights at the age of 18 then why can’t he marry at that age?

But seriously speaking, is anybody ready to marry at such a young age is my question, leaving aside the absurdity in it. At 18, the boy would have just completed his 12 th boards, with no scope of getting a good job and how does he even expect to run a family??? And on top of it, imagine what would be the age of the concerned girl he would be marrying, 14-15?? , keeping in mind a decent age gap of 3-4 years between the groom and bridegroom as per Indian traditions. She would still be in school!! Then it’s not less than a child marriage.

And imagine the horror of starting a family and having babies, 2 or 3 and increasing the already exploding population.

People as mature as 28-30 yrs fear at the mere thought of marriage and so imagine if this age was further reduced to 18 you would be having young fathers of 21-22yrs holding babies without an idea of how to manage and run a family same with the case of the girl or wife. Both clueless and helpless.

In my opinion the age bar should be even further raised from 21 to 28 for boys and make it 25 for girls.

And guess what, Mr Pandey’s petition was out rightly rejected (I’m not surprised at all ) and a fine of 25000 rs was slapped on him for this frivolous kind of petition and wasting the Supreme court’s time. If I had a say the amount too should have been increased for making a mockery of this institution called marriage.

One needs to be physically, mentally and emotionally ‘ready’ to get married. It’s not a child’s play. And at 18, does one achieve this frame of mind, I seriously doubt.

So good riddance to such petitions.


15 thoughts on “Marriage at 18???

  1. I wouldn’t say that both should be married in Teenage…..But I think, they can live together in one home If they have been started to earn….At least, Relationships are NOT AT ALL bad at 18………..
    That’s my opinion…๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Marriage at any age could be risky and scary. Seriously one has to be mentally prepared to enter into completely new phase. I have seen many of my friends as soon as they completed their college, got married and some of them are still not married because they are waiting for the right guy. For legal purpose, the guyโ€™ age should be 26 and girls could be 24. But one should get married only when they are mentally prepared and not just for experiment or because of parentโ€™s pressure which is very common in India.

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