Courtesy–vanishing perhaps.

When was the last time people replied to you with a ‘Thanks’ a ‘Sorry’ or ‘Please’ ?

These basic etiquettes simply seems to be vanishing from the human system. To get things done people will be forever after you, behind you, pestering you till you literally kind of get bugged and get it done for them. And what happens after that? Some are kind enough to acknowledge your efforts with a ‘Thanks’ while others think it’s not much of an issue to appreciate others efforts. How fair is this??

It feels good when you do things for others and you definitely want a word of appreciation for it. And nothing is wrong in expecting that. It’s a different matter that you can’t go upto that person and demand those etiquettes. It should come naturally from the opposite side.

Many a times it’s seen on this site too that you write a post, expect some comments for your work or you reply to others post expecting a reply back but some do not acknowledge it. I understand there could be several reasons to this like being busy, or being flooded with comments that replying to all must be difficult but one can make time and effort to go through it all and reply. It need not be done the same day, next day too would be fine! πŸ˜ƒBut replying back definitely makes the follower and the writer’s bond pleasant and valuable.

Be it for any reason, etiquettes defines a person and a well – mannered person is always remembered as a nice and respectful person and it doesn’t cost a thing for being one!


4 thoughts on “Courtesy–vanishing perhaps.

  1. Yes, we should never leave these words “sorry” and “thank you”….sometimes our friends say that they don’t need those words in return because those are for strangers, but I say no because small words like this makes huge difference 😊

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  2. Even I feel so too. Replying back is a courtesy that one should do. Also one should be thanking people who have helped them, or done any good things for them. Also if you have done something that you realise it’s wrong, sorry won’t make you small. So say these words whenever needed and never to shy back

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