Read this today:

“No one is busy. Everyone has their phones near them 24*7, 365 days a year.

So don’t tell me you’re busy”.

If you actually think of it, it’s quite true. Our mobiles and we are inseparable. Checking our notifications every now and then, looking out for that someone if they have messaged us when actually they have the time but doesn’t send out one unless we send a message from our side though they are seen online, checking our social networking sites every now and then, commenting on irrelevant posts, waiting for some likes and comments on our fb, Instagram posts.

Or just scrolling and browsing different sites to pass our time and sometimes checking something relevant with regards to our job, or any matter important to us.

In short, the mobile is like our lover and beloved, which we never want to let go from our reach and sight . The charger which accompanies the mobile everywhereย  reminds me of the Vodafone advertisement of the boy and the cute puppy following him everywhere with the song that plays in the background which goes like, “you and I in this wonderful world” ๐Ÿ˜.

No one is ‘actually’ busy. It’s all a matter of priority. And sooner or later you will come to know where you stand in their list of priorities.


12 thoughts on “Buzz….

  1. Harsh reality. People dont answer our messages even when seen online. Saddest part is they do get time to call whenever they ‘need’ us and expect us to be free. Strange behaviour!
    Anyways liked this article very much.

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  2. these social media people need to standardize the delays and make everyone adhere to the standard, so that we know exactly where we stand in the priority lists.
    To start with.. no delay = you are the only friend, 2 mins = high in the list, 4 mins = 2 levels down from 2 min friends..

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  3. This is very true, and I am also guilty of this. Itโ€™s more noticeable when you arenโ€™t the one in your phone. Often, Iโ€™ll enter the tea room at work and everyone at the table is lost in their phones. There is no conversation to be had! It makes me wonder what it will be like in another ten years. Will we even speak out loud to one another?
    Great post. Food for thought and I enjoyed it. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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