Statue of Unity.

This statue is making the news today all over the media. The statue of the ‘Iron man’ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was inaugurated today in kevadia, Gujrat by our honorable prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi. It’s the tallest statue in the world as of now.

3000 crores went in the making of this statue. In my personal opinion, what good is a statue for any kind of development in a country when it’s dealing with a whole lot of other crucial problems which needs immediate attention. I’m not biased to any particular political party, I’m neutral in my outlook and appreciate any work done by any party in favor of the country and its people.

This 3000 crores could have been used for many other works like introducing a scheme in the name of sardar patel for the upliftment of farmers, women education, cleaning of rivers, development and repair works of roads, opening up of more schools, hospitals, creation of more jobs and so much more.

It’s great that Sardar Patel is getting his due recognisition but personally I feel spending time and crores of rupees on statues are of not much use. Now if you say tourism will increase then why didn’t the bjp government not construct this statue in a lesser developed state so that tourism boosts and revenue is created in that particular state than already developed and hi-tech state of Gujrat? It’s like developing their state (PM modi and Amit shah’s gujarat) into the best with all the hi-tech amenities like the bullet train which is due to start in some years and now the world’s tallest statue which would generate more revenue to this state due to more inflow of tourists who would come from all over the country and also visits from foreign tourists who would visit India to get a glimpse of this magnificence!

All this just looks like a propaganda by the bjp government for the upcoming 2019 elections. The country is reeling under several other issues like pollution, lack of jobs, casteism and racial issues, the Ayodha ram Mandir issue of which the hearing for now has been postponed till January 2019 and which, in my opinion will be extended further till the elections and only after knowing which party would come into power would the verdict be out.

And as I said earlier, statues would be talked about only for a limited time period then the fate of these metal and iron structures are pitiable. . They just stand there and become a cosy place for the birds to come and poop (sorry for this usage but that’s exactly what happens) and maintenance of them are never considered of any importance. And it’s only during ‘that’ specific day of that particular leader on whom the statue is made that its visited, floral contributions are offered and the rest of the year its forgotten. And some of them are badly maintained and neglected too.

With the enormous amount of money that goes into making statues are the taxpayer’s amount and it’s absolutely a waste and are of no use to the public in any way.

Anything done for the welfare of the general public should be appreciated and applauded rather than pumping all that money into making statues which serves no purpose to anyone and it just remains a case of all money gone into the drain!


15 thoughts on “Statue of Unity.

  1. These all are the strategy of corruption. In ₹3000crores, ₹1000crores goes to party fund, ₹500crores goes to different ministers, bureaucrats, media’s and many more. I personally hate this type of functions😡😡😡
    BTW the you have written very well. Such an amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing🙏😊

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  2. Seriously Savitha! I’m yet to find a person who is in agreement with the installation of this statue using up such a huge amount! Why why why are we doing this? This is not a necessity! We are in dire need of so many other things! When will political parties stop being so selfish?!


  3. Even I don’t stand for it, but is it only the political parties doing these things? What about the money we pay in different temples? I am not atheist, but seriously there are a few temples around who earn so much in name of God and those money are also not use for the welfare of society. These are the people who too can work for betterment of society. It’s we as society who supports different things in different ways and only blame government for all wrong doings. I don’t in any manner still support this huge amount of money being wasted. But there are plenty of things going wrong around and even we are involve in that in some or other manner.

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  4. Many people thinks same as you think and achievement became sadness that why you spent such a large amount invested here….

    But I want to share with all people who are thinking sadness of wasting money instead of feeling of Proud..

    Don’t anyone feel proud that tallest statue built in India?

    How many Indian spent 100$+ to see statue of liberty (USA)?

    Government has done lot more things for welfare of Poor’s, education, housing, employment so what is wrong to make the things which give proud feeling.

    I personally feeling that since I borned I felt Proud only when India became sports winner but it is temporary. But this is such a thing which gives the proud moments. So me , you and everyone should appreciate this.

    Note : all things which are mentioned above are personal opinion without any political bias

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