Sunshine Blogger Award.


Hi guys.

Oh no, yet another sunshine blogger award. What’s wrong with you guys , giving me this award quite frequently ??

Just kidding. I’m thrilled to be receiving this now for the ‚Ķ mmm, umm,¬† sorry I don’t recollect¬† as to how many times I got it!!¬† My memory ‚Ķ aah, the perks of growing old I guess or a severe case of bad memory. I prefer the latter cause don’t want to feel old YET.

Thank you so much for this love, motivation and recognizing me as a good blogger. I’m GLAD lovely people like you all are reading my blog and liking it.¬† I have no words to express my happiness right now. It just feels like receiving an Oscar or so ( tears flowing, my speech not prepared , no words¬† ..) Ok , now that’s done with , lets go the next part. * smiles and laughs*.

Thank you, Divya for nominating me. I’m honored to be receiving this from you.

In case you guys haven’t checked out her blogs, well, check it out right now. Here’s the link.

She writes about her experiences being¬† a mother to a 1 year old¬† toddler. I can so relate to it cause I myself am a mother to two daughters, though now they have grown¬† up to be girls of 11 and 6 but those memories of them being these cute munchkins come running to my mind as I read her blogs. Though , during those days it ¬† wasn’t so¬† much¬† an enjoyable¬† experience . I mean sacrificing one’s sleep, forever feeding 2 hungry kids,¬† diaper changing, preparing the elder one for school while the younger one is screaming, crying and tucking at your dress for attention, to be carried in your arms, hell no, that isn’t a lovely scene to watch.

But now, when I look back , I miss those days of cuddling them, baby powder smells, kissing and pulling their cheeks whenever I wanted to, their  coo-ing and gurgling noises, those cute and lovely frocks and dresses which I never wanted to give away even though they outgrew those sizes and so much more thoughts make me go back to those fun, crazy, annoying , lovable days. Those memories will always be cherished even though kids grow up to be annoying adults one day.

So, lets go to the rules and questions¬† cause I don’t want to bore you all further.

Rules of the Award
To thank the persons who nominated you and link the post back to them.
Display the Sunshine Blogger Award picture on your post.
Answer the 11 questions the nominator gave you.
Nominate 11 bloggers who motivate you.
Provide 11 questions to your nominees.

OK, that’s done.¬† Straight to the answers now.

Q: What prompted you to start writing?

A: I have always wanted to write ANYTHING. So thought why not vent out my feelings, thoughts and my point of views on certain matters. So , I came across WORDPRESS and didn’t think any further , Took the plunge and started writing posts on whatever came to my mind. I had written on another site called QUORA but unfortunately got banned there.¬† I was sad, heart broken but only for some days. Then, WORDPRESS came to my rescue, started to write here¬† and rest is history¬† and I love myself being here.

Q: How has your blog changed you as a person?

A: Nothing has changed much. I come here to this web site and my blog¬† when I want to express myself. This feels like my second home . It’s my space, my area and I feel I can speak and write whatever goes on in my mind and there’s no one to stop me from that. And that’s a kind of liberating feeling. A change I see in myself is I enjoy myself here, I feel happy reading other’s blogs and reading mine too and for me that matters.

Q: Assuming you read books, name that one book which you often quote from.

A: I don’t read books.

Q: Name that one writer whose works you keep going back to read.

A: Skipping this one cause the same reason as above.

Q: Assuming you listen to music, what is that one song that you feel was written for you.

A: Now, this is my area, MUSIC! I love music. Its therapy for me. Can’t go a day without listening to music.

Ok , never thought about this as to which song is written for me . After deep thoughts , I¬† feel this one song from the movie, LAKSHYA is definitely written for me where I can imagine myself as Preity zinta who finds fault with Hrithik’s praises of her and is a kind of pessimistic person. I find many shades of that in me.

Q: Assuming yet again that you watch movies, name that one movie that made you rethink the way you lived your life.

A: I watch movies just for the fun of it , though sadly nowadays no good movie is made. I really don’t get influenced by movies but yes, this movie, ” Tumhari Sulu”¬† was a movie which was real,¬† relatable and I thought a Sulu was there in me too.¬† I can go crazy at times, be suddenly full of life and smile over absolutely nonsensical things . I mostly do not give much thoughts to anything and yes, can break into a dance anytime. And yes can be very moody , quiet, annoying and give a damn to anyone nonsense too.

Q: Who is that one person you love so much that you hate yourself for it? (in other words that one person you cannot imagine life without?

A: There’s this friend of mine whom I just hate / dislike to the core . Actually i’m still confused if I hate him or .. we fight like cats and dogs¬† or rather I’m the one who starts the fight first and we end up not talking to each other for months and then suddenly he emerges with a ‘ hello’ and then all is well and by the time the conversation ends we kind of get into an argument and avoid each other. But , I guess we both understand each other and that’s how some relationships are , A Tom and Jerry Kind of relationship.

Q: What is your worst fear?

A: Though somewhere I feel I do not need the acceptance of others in my life and i’m happy being alone and i’m¬† cool about it ¬† , but¬† deep down I do crave for¬† attention from others and fear being alone. Humans ‚Ķ. and their weird personalities I say.

Q: What motivates you to wake up each day?

A: KIDS. And if I don’t rise, who would pack their lunch boxes, feed their empty stomachs and my best friend , the alarm helps me in doing so . The alarm never fails me and reminds me to get up or else¬† the whole family is in trouble!

Q: Given a choice, would you hike up a mountain or go diving in the ocean?

A: Though not an adventurous type, I rather go in for trekking up a mountain cause I do not know swimming at all. If given a choice, both are never going to be  tried by me.

Q: Happiness or Contentment? Why?

Contentment. If one is contented happiness comes to you naturally is what I believe. But if you are just happy , it isn’t necessary at all that you are satisfied in life. It could be that you are just happy from outside but internally you are still yearning for something and not satisfied.

So, I have reached the end to this questionnaire. Thank you for these lovely questions and I enjoyed answering every single one of them and I hope you enjoy reading them too.

As for me asking questions , I literally go blank and have no queries to ask .

And for all those reading this, consider yourself nominated  and keep writing .

Happy blogging and have a great weekend !










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