Finally I managed to watch the hindi movie, Andhadhun after hearing and reading good reviews about it.

Now my personal opinion regarding this movie.

It’s a one time watch. But I really felt a good hindi movie was made after a long time only to know later that it’s an adaptation of a French short movie. When will bollywood ever make films without copying??

Ayushmann khurana was good and is an underrated actor. Tabu was excellent and at times I felt some shades of late actress sridevi in her, maybe in looks and expressions perhaps. Radhika apte, nothing much to do in this film and I think she was just sidelined and a waste in this movie. Overall the movie belonged to Ayushmann and Tabu.

Manav vij who played the role of the inspector and tabu’s lover in the movie seemed a new face and looked apt for a villainous look. As such there wasn’t a dull moment throughtout the film and no mystery either as everything was revealed in the beginning itself regarding the murder of both the husband and the old neighbor lady so there wasn’t any scope to become a Sherlock Holmes and try to work out in our heads and minds as to who could be behind both the killings. Missed being a murder solver! Sigh.

So, all in all a movie that can be watched once and way better than the crappy movies being made nowadays but to call it a great and splendid movie, well, NO would be my opinion.

In short, I enjoyed the movie.

Have you all watched it? Do give me your opinions in comments.


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