Erotic literature.

As the name suggests, Erotica is something we try to hush hush and shove under the carpet but in reality we all love to read about it and look at those lusty and sexy pictures which kindles and creates a flutter in our hearts and minds.

This is not something new to us. We are proud of our khajurao sculptures which depict erotica and we marvel at those creations. And speaking of that, there would be very few of us who hasn’t watched porn till date. Porn is visual display of sex while erotica literature is the written version of it.

I remember a friend of mine who had read my blog posts asking me, ‘you write quite well, have you tried writing erotica?’ I wasn’t actually expecting that from him as he does write erotica posts when he gets time from his rather busy schedule of being a businessman and having to be on his toes 24/7. I have read his posts too and I thought to myself that writing erotica isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Though I do read it as and when I come across some posts or poems depicting it and I enjoy it thoroughly and I think to myself that it’s the most difficult form of writing as one needs to express himself /herself explicitly. One needs to mention every bit of body details without actually sounding perverted but in a most beautiful and provocative manner that the reader imagines himself /herself as the character being mentioned and that which brings about a lustful feeling and makes one get an orgasm just by simply reading it! This is the power of erotica. It should touch you at places where no hand could ever reach and should stimulate your body senses in the most romantic yet seductive way.

Writing cheap things in the name of erotica is an insult to this form of literature. Some people are born with this innate quality of writing this form of art and one needs to appreciate that.

It isn’t easy at all to write such posts or stories and once again I repeat, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

In India if you have noticed, ladies who tend to write such literature are looked down upon as bold, daring and even called derogatory terms like ‘sluts’. What can be more demeaning than this. The words like sex, copulation, breasts, vagina, humping and many such terminologies are normally used in these type of literature. When a man mentions these in his work of fiction he’s called a stud, a ‘someone’ to drool over and his writings are appreciated. But sadly when a woman tries her hand on such writings or is a proficient writer in this field, she faces profanity and abuses are hurled upon her by the so called ‘moral policemen’ of the society and is called a ‘non-sanskaari lady’, a b**** and is accused of not belonging to a good family just because she excels in writing erotica ! Double standards and hypocrisy at its best!

Even if you observe on social media platforms that when a girl boldly posts anything regarding sex or masturbation, the way she’s hounded by the perverted mindset of males is astounding . Some people’s harassment goes to such an extent that she needs to finally delete that post of hers for mental peace and a way to escape from these tharkis (perverts). If a girl can’t express her inner feelings the same way as boys do then what good is one’s education for?? Is it for harassing and making the life hell for that girl? Its a shame indeed. The minute she posts the word ‘sex’ there’s a pack of wolves waiting to attack and shred her into pieces. This kind of Indian mentality has not changed for years together. They think the girls who post and talk such ‘normal’ things are easily available and can be subjected to mental torture by asking them their nudes or even the guys going to the extent of sending their d*** pictures. How gross can one be.

All type of people linger on social media and to expect sanity from all can be too much to ask for but one needs to respect the boundaries set by each gender and not harass one another.

A girl I knew who used to post such beautiful and meaningful erotica on social media was literally bombarded with cheap comments and messages that she literally stopped writing and posting for her own mental peace. This is the way that indian men behave, not generalising but this is how it is!! And sadly this still continues. Because of some weirdos, some females can’t bring out their hidden talents or a way of expressing their sexuality in the open. They are suppressed or called vulgar names by the so called male counterparts.

Writing erotica is an art which needs lots of imagination and one needs the gift of the words without being vulgar and not all possess this quality.

So next time if you come across a girl or any woman writing such explicit writings, appreciate her skills wholeheartedly cause you can’t do it so might as well applaud them for their skill.

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  1. Courage! That’s what I will say Savitha. You have beautifully touched the nerve of what exactly is ‘Erotica’. Unfortunately as you have rightly mentioned it is projected in a very bad way which leads to multiple unwanted things. Writing on erotica is writing erotic which describes the person or surroundings in such a way that it seems as if the real picture is being recreated in front of you.
    Savitha, you have written beautifully on a subject which is still considered as a taboo. Bravo my friend!

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  2. Hi Savitha,
    Your blog is very interesting and true.
    The whole genre exploded with 50 Shades (so badly written!) and, even more so, the advent of the e-reader, enabling women to feast on erotica in “innocence” – no one knowing what they are reading!
    I started writing erotic short stories a number of years ago at the bequest of my wife, having written another genres previously. I therefore write with her in mind… developing a tale as I believe she would like, that would serve to arouse her sexually. It appears to work as my stories have been relatively successful with women.
    However, I am explicit with my sexual acts and terminology. But they are part of a narrative that hopefully combines to create a whole – a teasing story with explicit sex. So not all erotica is as subtle as others, but that doesn’t make it porn so long as it is in a larger context.

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    1. Thank you for your response. And who wouldn’t get aroused reading erotica. And as I had mentioned in my post that it’s an art to write that form of literature. There’s a thin line between writing perverted content and erotica.

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