Came across this quote some days back and found it so true, real and beautiful.

When one comes across roses in the garden or at home, we admire its beauty, color, texture and scent. We fall in love with it instantly and shower praises on it. But do we admire its leaves? That too is a part of it. We only concentrate on the flower, be it rose or any other for that matter.

Leaves are just plain green and ordinary and nothing beautiful as such compared to the flower. Most of us (almost all ) are more engrossed in looking at the bloomed flower.

The quote above exactly points out that. We ignore the ordinary things in life and praise the extraordinary. Our eyes look out for the most beautiful things around us and we conveniently choose to keep aside things which are normal and which aren’t attractive to us.

Simple things in life like the rising sun, a cup of tea/coffee, a simple message or a call from people who love us, eating together as a family, the memories of a place we travelled , an ordinary attire which may not be rich looking but a simple dress, a hug, reading our favorite book, a chat with someone who adores us and so on are not given much importance by us. We like to concentrate on the bigger things in life like money, expensive clothes, going on holiday to exotic locations, wanting to possess the latest gadgets, spending on unnecessary dine outs and so on.

Not everyone accepts and appreciate the simple and ordinary things in life. We all have become so materialistic nowadays that nothing simple catches our eye! We want the best of everything and to achieve that we waste our efforts, time and money to possess those ‘things’.

In short, we have become complex human beings. We are losing the ability to appreciate, to compliment, to talk, to just be ourself in this maddening world.

People who can love the simple things in life are becoming rare amongst us. Everyone seems to be in a rat race to achieve and grasp as much as possible in a short period of time, failing to notice the simple beauties of life.

We are miserably failing in maintaining relationships and friendships. We want to be in the company of modern and wealthy people who have strong connections so that it helps in getting our work done through them. We are failing to notice that simple friend who doesn’t expect anything from us but just our company but we rather believe in hanging out with friends who splurge on us and talk sweet things to us but are ready to ditch us anytime when they feel like!

To love the ordinary, one must be ordinary themselves. We need to be humble, grounded and down to earth else we cannot appreciate others for being themselves. We need to keep aside our egos and accept them as they are. We need to see their inner beauty and try not judge them. And all this takes lots of efforts and a clean and pure mind and heart. One cannot fake all this.

To accept and love the ordinary has become a tough task nowadays . But in doing so we will only achieve peace of mind and be away from fake ones.

Find beauty in ordinary, it’s priceless!

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  1. Well articulated Savitha.
    Yes .Most of us love and adore glamour forgetting the simple things around us.We are always unhappy because we always think that gross is greener on the other side.To be frank,social media/selfie addiction etc.completing the self destruction.
    Thank you

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