Feelings, thoughts…. touches.. Sexual…

Humans and sex go together. Physical intimacy is important in any relationship.

We get attracted by the opposite sex, no doubts on that. I often wonder how do the film celebrities control their urge when they come across their handsome co-star or gorgeous actress in front of them. We sometime aren’t able to control ourselves when a good looking person passes by or glances at us. We start building castles in air and imagine all sort of things. It’s natural and that’s why we are termed homo sapiens.

How do the heroes manage their boner when they see a seductress actress like a Namitha or an angel like Aishwarya in front of them???! Same goes for heroines when an actor like Hrithik Roshan or a Prabhas appears in front of them? The dance scenes, the romantic scenes which involves smooching, touching, jumping around, or just staring at each other which can just want anyone to jump into bed and make out with each other. This can itself make anyone drool, wet and passionate for each other.

It doesn’t look that romantic in real life as portrayed in reel life. I mean they are surrounded by hundreds of people on the shooting site with lights and camera focussed on them and lots of hard work go into each scene with lots of takes and retakes but still they are humans too. Touches at sensitive places , a look, a smile and kisses and smooches can result in wanting to have sex and to exactly stop enacting those scenes the minute the director says, ‘cut’ isnt easy. Some of them do use body doubles but nowadays every actor/actress do these scenes openly and boldly.

They are actors and they are doing their jobs as it’s a part of their profession but above all of these they are humans first. How does one control those sexual urges???

Sometimes just thinking of someone can lead you to think of having sex with them. And these guys are acting with each other wearing the skimpiest of clothes, doing rain dances, seductive moves and what not.

I’m sure they do have feelings and sexual feelings cannot be supressed. Some of them do get into flings, long time affairs, and it’s not a surprise.

And once their movie is done the same things are done with other co-actors in the next movie. Is it like a drill for them with only money as the motive and reward at the end of the day or they do have feelings, emotions and sexual feelings to be precise?!

No interviewer asks such questions to them, hehe but isn’t it just natural to have and feel those as humans?

15 thoughts on “Feelings, thoughts…. touches.. Sexual…

  1. Celebrities aren’t special, they’re individuals that by grace of pleasant appearance, luck, marketing, social connection or occasionally true talent affords a life of tabloid entitlement and adoration. They’re human, obviously scripted intimacy sometimes evokes sexual desire. So what? Interviewers don’t ask the question because human nature under a microscope of public opinion is pointless. It’s like asking a gynecologist if female genitalia arouses them – point being, barking up a pointless tree. Sigh.

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    1. My personal thoughts i posted. You seem bugged up. As a layman, i think anyone would be wanting to know if they experience a boner, ejaculates on seeing a sexy female star or not a d a female’s panties get wet or not . And no Indian actor would talk about it either .

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      1. I’m not “bugged up”. My opinion is that the cult of celebrity wants to know more than is reasonable to ask. They’re human! Obviously intimate contact evokes sexual reaction. I repeat – so what.

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      1. The people is very dangerous to society. Sex is also basic instinct of all living being.. we human being gave moral side.

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